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  1. Also, unless you are not planning on flying again for a long time, most of the airlines no longer have change fees and, if you couldn't fly, you would get a credit to use later. Kind of like how Southwest was doing it before, only now most of the majors are doing it.
  2. You will always get the fare back, however, you would not get any help from NCL for any quarantine expenses.
  3. On Delta.com for flights, select multi-city and enter DTW-FLL and the date you are going and then enter FLL-DTW and the date you are returning. In the results, you will be able to select each direction separately, so you can select coach one direction and first class the other.
  4. Spain, unlike Italy, does NOT have a requirement to be on a ship excursion. I'm not sure where RC is getting that info.
  5. They weren't on NCL a few weeks ago. Italy was; in Spain we could do whatever we wanted.
  6. NCL required it of us a few weeks ago. Not sure why it wouldn't be the same.
  7. I used Civitivecchia Shuttle Express both ways. Was 65 Euro for two of us. Supposed to be a shared ride, but we had a Mercedes to ourselves going and a van to ourselves on the return. I highly recommend them.
  8. We were there last month for the first time. We stayed at Hotel Smeraldo and I would highly recommend it. We checked in around 10 AM as our room was ready. Free full breakfast buffet in the morning and about a 20 minute walk to both Vatican City and the Colosseum area. It also about a five minute walk to Piazza Navona, which is a max ten minute walk from there to Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. They will also store your luggage if your room isn't ready yet. Our rate was around $150/night for a standard room.
  9. On our Epic sailing, we needed to stay in the group except for the Amalfi tour, we had a few hours on our own there. In Florence and Sardinia, they were strict about staying in the group. While onboard, we got notified of our Sardinia tour being 90 minutes shorter due to no more free time. So they are changing it for some tours. I'm not sure if free time was advertised on our Florence/Pisa tour.
  10. Yes, did two days before and two days after with no restrictions. Just needed to show our vaccine cards at some places. At the Vatican and Colosseum, I saw ship "bubble" tours going on while we were on our own. As for the test, they gave us one on the ship the day before (Tuesday) we disembarked. Even with two more nights in Rome, it was still within the time to use the results for the return to the US.
  11. Not if they have any current cruises visiting Italy.
  12. That is what we did, i.e. two days in Rome before the cruise and two days after. Funny thing is when we were on our own at the Vatican and the Colloseum, we saw the ships tours come through in their "bubble"!!
  13. Based on the prices that NCL was charging for captive Italy tours, I am sure that they are in no hurry to get the rule changed.
  14. We had the free Platinum laundry, but I do not recall ever seeing anything for a laundry special.
  15. I'm not sure. However, I wouldn't think that they would have given us one if it wasn't required. They are not responsible for a test that I need to get home.
  16. Had them booked for Florence and Naples, but eneded up cancelling with them as we needed to do a ship's tour. Planning on using them if things are "normal" next time.
  17. I actually gave the bartender dollars some times and Euros others. It depended on whatever I brought with me.
  18. No, I live in San Antonio, but tested in Houston, as we were flying out of there. The CVS did have a Minute Clinic, which I believe is where we went for the test. Not sure when you need the test, but it looks like there are two in Ft. Lauderdale that aren't drive-thru.
  19. We were on the Norwegian Epic. The first sailing since it restarted. It was pretty good under the circumstances. The worst thing was the requirement to do a ship's tour while in Italy. That did not apply in Spain. Glad we did Rome both before and after the cruise.
  20. We cruised out of there a few weeks ago and we are from Texas. I used Civitavecchia Shuttle Express both from Rome to the port and then again from the port to Rome. I was going to take the train back, but the service was so good going, I just rebooked with them again. The cost was 65 Euro for two people.
  21. I had a CVS done a few weeks ago and it was sufficient for flying to Europe. It was proctored, we had to go into the store and someone administered it in there and then the results were emailed and also on the CVS app. Not sure why that wouldn't be good enough.
  22. I have not done it, but I can verify that it is still running. I saw it waiting in the parking lot at the cruise terminal. I never saw anyone get on it.
  23. You could try CVS or Walgreens, looks like a few of each are within a reasonable distance to the port. They both do rapid tests with results between 30 minutes and a few hours. They both allow scheduling on-line.
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