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  1. I bring a small dental repair kit. It helps if you lose a filling!
  2. I am thinking of booking this cruise. Have friends going on it. Haven't been on RCL in years. Usually book Carnival.
  3. Has anyone stayed here? Looking at renting a car and driving from Orlando to this hotel and leaving car there for cruise. Just want to be sure the hotel is a good one.
  4. leno

    Pearl Farm

    Did anyone ever do the Pearl Farm tour? Sounds good but a bit nervous about the time frame. We arrive in Cozumel at 9am and leave at 4pm. The tour takes approx 6 hrs..
  5. How do you know which tours are on a Catamaran?
  6. Thanks everyone.. I will post to John 4 days prior!
  7. Will hope for the best. Wondered what priority main dining room reservations mean with FTTF.
  8. We are wait listed for early seating on the Magic. Has anyone ever had luck? We have FTTF and wondered if that will help.
  9. Thanks.. Leaving Thursday.
  10. Does anyone know if they serve lobster in the dining room on the 4 day cruise on Triumph
  11. Sorry to hear the service was slow..We are leaving next Thursday on the four day. Was lobster on the menu at all?
  12. They must be in the process of upgrading the beds. Wish we were one of the lucky ones for that!
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