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  1. I received an email indicating someone commented on a topic.. After going to the post, I received this error code, saying I wasn’t authorized to view the content. And I WAS logged in.
  2. harryw

    Flight Ease concern

    Just to clarify, is it true that Flight Ease flex fares are not locked in and may increase before final payment?
  3. My understanding is that policies are rare and expensive that reimburse full cruise fare if a flight is delayed or canceled and there is no way to get to the sailing or catch up at another port. Is this true?
  4. harryw

    Pre-cruise hotel: FLL

    This is good to know. I never tried the airline discount either pre-cruise.
  5. harryw

    Pre-cruise hotel: FLL

    We were happy with the Renaissance 2 weeks ago. A minor complaint was low water pressure in the shower. I did note airline personnel staying there,
  6. I have another question. Let’s say my flight is cancelled and there is no way to make alternate flight arrangements to get to the ship on time or pick up the ship at a later port. Which dollar limit category should I be searching the insurance policy for to see if the entire cruise fare would be reimbursed?
  7. harryw

    Suggestions for last minute activity

    We were there 2 weeks ago. We took a short taxi ride to Solorbon Beach. Umbrellas, chairs and food..very relaxing.
  8. harryw

    Pre-cruise hotel: FLL

    We stayed two weeks ago at the Renaissance Cruiseport Hotel. Very close to ships, good restaurant and comfortable room.
  9. We discovered 2 weeks ago that Terminal 2 at FLL is a food desert. So if you arrive there, consider what may be a short walk to an adjacent terminal for food,
  10. I was recently on the Nieuw Statendam and with so many dessert choices at the Lido Market, time slipped away and I didn’t try the cupcakes, which are a favorite dessert. How are they?
  11. harryw

    What has happened to Cruise Critic?

    While much truth has been posted about the shortcomings of CC, I love the fact that if I post any cruise related question, I more often than not receive helpful responses. And God Bless CC for helping me find some wonderful pre-cruise hotels! And connecting me in Roll Calls with many who have become friends.
  12. I’m buying comprehensive cruise insurance and will purchase nonrefundable air tickets. Is it necessary to purchase flight insurance from the airline?
  13. harryw

    Poor Quality of Cruise Workers’ Food

    On a Celebrity kitchen tour many years ago I was told that foreign crew often cooked their native dishes onboard...
  14. harryw

    FlightEase vs. AirPlus Fares

    I found this online about AirPlus with no other details. Could it be a defunct program? http://book.hollandamerica.com/contacts/airArrangement.do?method=airPlusForm&fn=
  15. I’m considering booking air through HAL for the first time. Is there any common wisdom as to which of these optiins yield lower fares?