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  1. We’ve been on this same cruise the last two years. Like all internet on cruises, it has to bounce off of a satellite instead of a cell phone or WiFi tower. No way around it. Holland America has started selling Megabites” instead of “minutes” like many cruise lines. I was able to send pictures only by purchasing a higher MB (1GB). I don’t use my cell phone so can’t address that issue. I do know, if you’re “out at sea” on a sea day, your reception for the WiFi is slower. If the ship loses the direct signal up to the satellite, (which I noticed recently while in fjords of Norway), then NO WiFi or TV channels. As far as I know, Princess still sells “minutes” not “speed”. You may have to wait until you’re in the ports for a decent connection to “receive” calls in a timely manner. Many bars and restaurants will offer free WiFi if you purchase a drink or bite to eat when you are in port.
  2. Skrufy, you are right. Our current mailman, Marty, has been doing just that for years, but now he is retiring so we are in limbo. Hopefully, our “new” mail person will be as kind as our current mailman but we are planning ahead in the event that this new person follows all the rules. Some great ideas coming on this post...thank you!
  3. Thank you all for your input. Yes, we have wonderful neighbors but are considerate not to impose too much on them, although I know they would not see it as such. Our issue with stopping and restarting is a problem because our post office will not hold mail beyond the 30 days, so to mail in another card for the last 18 days won’t work unless we have the mail from the first 30 days picked up or delivered. They said they will “return to sender” if we don’t pick it up as they don’t have the storage space. We have a wonderful mailman who has covered us for trips up to 38 days but he is retiring this year and we have no idea who will replace him so can’t depend on that at this point. We do have a couple of friends who are willing to place the boxes of 30 day accumulation (we get a lot of mail) into our house and then resend another card for the last 18 days but they do not live nearby and is a major inconvenience for them. Plus, our postal service isn’t always the best and has been lax on delivering all of the mail on the return date requested; I would hate to have a friend drive several miles, paying a bridge toll, to find no mail on our porch. To leave so much mail on the porch for even one day is not an option in our neighborhood. The posting above, by rkacruiser, is the best suggestion for us so far and I plan on certainly looking into that option. I truly appreciate all of the input from each and every one of you; keep the ideas coming!
  4. My husband and I are planning to take a 48 day cruise in 2020. Our post office will only hold our mail for 30 days. I have searched for options (PO box, private mail services, etc) and haven’t found a way to handle this without asking friends or neighbors to pick up the mail before 31 days or have the mail delivered to their address. Any ideas?
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