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  1. Post on John Healds Facebook page. Things seem to get taken care of very quickly when someone does this. I will be in the Sunshine next week.
  2. I seriously doubt that any Hotel will let you stay in a room until 2:30 without charging you another day.
  3. A hotel would let you sit in their lobby or bar, use their pool not tell you to wait outside in the hot Florida sun. I also am concerned if this will impact hotel shuttles. Several I have used in the past did not run all day.
  4. I hope they start building some covered,heated and cooled with seating areas for people that stayed in hotels and had to check out and have no cars.
  5. So what should one do if they are flying to the port and stay overnight in a hotel. Check out time is usually 11am. I usually use the hotel shuttle to the port. What am I supposed to do for a few hours if I have a late check-in time? I have luggage to deal with, no car and am not allowed in the terminal. I guess I sit on top my luggage in the hot sun or rain for a few hours guarding my luggage until my check-in time comes. This doesn't work for me at all! I would be one very unhappy cruiser.
  6. I agree on the roast beef and potatoes. They are awesome along with the creamy mac and cheese. Have always found this at the rotisserie on embarkation day. Also love the Deli. Be afraid of the scrambled eggs on the buffet and the instant ice tea. Love the lemonade.
  7. I did too until I found a pair of gold sandals for dinners and formal and light tan sandals for everyday. Goes with anything.
  8. What do you use to get back on the ship? I always take my passport with me when in ports.
  9. Log in and try looking at the the cruises under "your Cruise Deals" listed in small red letters at the top of the home page. You might find discounted ones there. If you dont find anything you like if you have time just wait they will have more sales with Holiday season starting. I have found that once you see a price under a listed sale it rarely goes down anymore until about a month before it sails unless it is sold out. I used to get lots of price drops but not in the past year.
  10. Hampton Inn pillows are awesome. I have had neck surgery and love theirs and Carnivals. Have not bought Carnivals yet. Towels are the same though. I would love to buy and would if I knew the mattresses would be the same. The last 3 cruises the were very hard. Woke up with a back ache every morning. They put a extra comforter under the sheet and it helped some. My husband had the same problem. This was on the Sunshine(twice) and Elation. Room Steward told me they have changed and they are replacing the old ones with the new firmer ones. JH denies this. Not sure what to believe other than my pain.
  11. IMO they should not charge a fee for babies under 18 months. Unless I am not thinking of something what could they possibly cost Carnival other than Milk which most are still on mommy milk or formula which the parents bring. The parents bring baby food anyway. Maybe a small gratuity for laundry and a crib fee.
  12. I booked a 4J HC room 2 months ago and don't sail until January. I did so knowing I could be changed if it is needed and am ok with that. So far I still have it and was never asked if I actually needed a HC room. It and one other end HC was the only 2 4J's left. This is on deck 6 on the Sunshine. My PVP booked it for us.
  13. You will want to be on Maho Beach in the early afternoon. Most of the really big planes come in between 12 to 4 Island time. Around 2 seemed to be the best time.
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