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  1. Not for our last 2 transatlantic cruises, which was a disappointment. On the last one, so many passengers asked about it, that the CD kindly dug out whatever watercolour class supplies they had on board and arranged it all in the Sky Lounge every morning. We were left to our own devices. It was obviously different from having an instructor, but it was a nice social gathering. I always bring my own small pad of watercolour paper and and a travel paint set. I carry water in a paper coffee cup with cover.
  2. Although we take every practical precaution on the flight and on the cruise, DH and I often come down with a cold near the end or in the days after returning from a cruise. I actually now stock the freezer with homemade chicken soup before we leave, so it's ready and waiting for us if we come home with colds.
  3. Yes, as a Celebrity cruiser for 25 years, the dining experience in the MDR is not what it once was, but we still find it enjoyable. Also, the food options have multiplied since our first Cruise on Zenith. I don’t understand the relevance of comparing, for instance, the MDR on Viking or Oceania. It’s been my experience that generally, the cost of a Veranda cabin on those lines are 2 to 3 times the cost of Celebrity.
  4. It appears to me that too many Oceanview desserts rely on gelatin instead of heavy cream and eggs for their structure.
  5. The Smartscoot has a full seat back and good sized padded seat.
  6. My Smartscoot weighs 39 pounds. The seat can easily be removed and then the heaviest piece is 27 pounds. This works well for putting the scooter in the trunk of a sedan or small car. I have an SUV, and that allowed me to install a Bruno scooter lift, which I operate with a remote control when DH is not around to lift it into the car.
  7. I've had a Smartscoot for almost 3 years and I love it! There are a few things that I can do to discourage a theft if I'm in a situation where I cannot have the scooter next to me or within eyesight. I keep a Tile tracking device attached to the underside of my battery stand. I use a bicycle lock. I engage the brake, and switch off the power to the battery. If I feel it is necessary, I can take the battery with me (4 lb.). The scooter can't be ridden and is useless without it. You can even go so far as removing the seat, which is easily done. There are no 100% guarantees, but I take all the precautions I can when needed.
  8. I just saw for the first time, a new internet package option called the Surf Internet Package. Slower speed, surfing the net, texting, email, but no streaming. Not planning to stream, or Skype of Facetime, etc. So this looks cost efficient especially with Elite + discount. I'm thinking about it for our upcoming Transatlantic. Wondering how slow is slow especially on sea days in the middle of the Atlantic?
  9. I don't drink, other than an occasional glass of wine from my Captain's Club perk. DH may have a nice glass of wine and/or a scotch which he pays for as they are not on the CC drink menu. He might have one of those at dinner. So the drink packages are of no use to us. When I look at the upcharge for the other 'included' perks options, such as OBC, Wifi or Grats, it makes more sense to purchase them a la carte if I want them. Am I missing something?
  10. If you are in the market to purchase a scooter, I would highly recommend a Smartscoot. I have used it for 3 years now. It is 39 pounds, 27 + 12 if you remove the seat. It will even fit in a Smart car. It has been invaluable for travel, especially cruising. You take it right up to the plane door and it’s brought to the plane door immediately upon arrival. No waiting for wheelchair assistance. And if you can’t get an accessible room, it fits under the desk in most cabins. Have a look at their website Smartscoot.com. And get the basket! If you give them the code 6857 you will get $100 off. I also like it cuz it’s small and fast and doesn’t make me feel so old and decrepit. 😁 If you cannot get an accessible room, go to guest services and they can often provide a shower seat and hand held shower head.
  11. Anyone have the latest information on Captain, CD and GRM on the Reflection Transatlantic November 5, 2019?
  12. Haven't read through all the pages, so forgive me if this has already been suggested. A form of silent protest might be made by everyone boarding with their inflatable footstool already inflated. That might get Celebrity's attention. 🙂
  13. Thank you. Certainly I will be asking my doctor if I am fit to travel. I just want to know what Celebrity’s policy is in case my doctor says go ahead but Celebrity’s policy is different.
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