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  1. When I boarded Crystal Serenity in Miami for WC2015, I was asked for my YellowCard to prove Yellow Fever inoculation, why has this become an issue? Why politicize public health? I'm booked on the August 5 cruise out of Antigua. If Crystal changes to voluntary inoculation I would consider it a breach of contract and demand my money back along with incidental expenses.

  2. 3 hours ago, parallax said:

    We booked a cruise on Silversea last week because how can one have any trust with Crystal?  There was a comprable itinerary on Crystal but there was no way we were going to book it. Their refund process has become a horrible joke.  We are still owed a nominal amount of money from a trip cancelled last May because we put a small deposit down on a card we cancelled. 

    Are you sure your refund isn't sitting on the cancelled card waiting for you? I would check on line or call the issuer. Had it happen.

  3. Crystal cancelled my July St. Petersburg cruise in late May. I opted for a refund and received it yesterday in full. I did not contact them or my credit card along the way. I always expected Crystal to honor the refund but am relieved  to see it.

  4. 17 hours ago, saminina said:

    Oct 1 for two weeks.  December 2 for two weeks.  Expires February 2021.


    Checked renewal website three days ago and they said only renewals for life and death situations.    Am not in panic mode, but would like for Crystal to lift the lock on their demand for six months before expiration date, given current situation. 

    Just put a phony date in the the PCPC, go about making your reservations and correct it when you get your renewed numbers. 

  5. A friend and I shared a C cabin on Serenity on the 2015 WC after our husbands had passed away, so we not only had 2 people's clothes in the the closet, it was 2 women's fancy clothes. There were some useful hacks to maximizing closet space. Most important was removing the huge wooden hangers Crystal gives us. We brought our own thin flocked hangers which made a huge difference. We also brought skirt and slack hangers to take advantage of multiple hangers in one. The other thing I found indispensable was a soft sided shoe holder that hung on the closet rack. The loss of shoes rattling around the closet was wonderful. I find the bathroom storage more than adequate so we didn't look for storage hacks there. A delightful experience, wouldn't have missed it and couldn't have afforded it if we had had to upgrade to a PH.

  6. We disembarked in Vancouver from Symphony in August. There were 3 other ships in port. We walked off with luggage at 8AM and were in the airport at our gate at 9:15. We had been in Victoria the previous day and cleared Canadian customs there.We do not have the line skipping global entry tool but there were many automated machines that worked very well.  I was a little nervous but the alternative to the 11:50 flight were terrible.

  7. 5 hours ago, bronbeth said:

    Just a quick question:


    Is brown rice available in Umi Uma for sushi?  Also is it available for a side dish or in Silk?




    I've never seen brown rice used in sushi in Umi Uma, you might be able to make a special request. They do offer it as a side dish. No clue as to silk. 

    Second on the Black Cod recommendation and the New Style Sashimi Scallops are my new favoritest.

  8. With something like 47 legs on Crystal, mostly on my favorite Symphony, you can't go wrong with an E1 on deck 7. Personally I try to get as close to a door to the promenade as possible to run outside and see passing sights. You should definitely avoid the staterooms directly over the midships area of the Starlight Lounge but I think these are now "entertainer" cabins. Obstruction amounts to not being able to look up to the sky. The top few inches of your windows will be covered by the bottoms of life boats. 

    PLEASE do NOT book one of these cabins, if nobody else learns the secret they will remain affordable for me!

  9. I don't know, but would guess that Crystal has relationships with tour providers in the other ports and have an idea what is available. They probably haven't called at the ports you mention as often recently. Nothing is firmed up until about 6 months before embarkation, then you should see prices and have the ability to reserve.

  10. I have never printed tickets on line or heard of anyone else doing it. Crystal sends out tickets and various informational material to TA's about 4-6 weeks before your cruise. The travel agent should have them unless you have not completed you PCPC forms.

  11. 14 hours ago, Cruise-y said:

    Wow, I'm shocked at this photo.  The Crystal fanclub can flame me and go right ahead, but it looks like there are mere inches between the chair, the bed and the door to the deck.  Not to mention there is no legroom between the sofa and the sofa table. And the carpet looks worn.  The Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean are way, way roomier than this.  For the premium price this Penthouse entails, I'm really disappointed.  And go ahead, hit me.

    Not planning on flaming you but you are ill informed. The Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas are listed as 348 sq.ft. (267 + 81) where Crystal Symphony Penthouse is 412 sq. ft (340 + 70). It's fine to prefer one line over another, although I doubt you've ever experienced Crystal or you wouldn't be making this comparison, but facts are not optional so let's get them right. 












  12. Crystal's runs right around 10% and I was told didn't vary by age when my companion and I insured our WC. At 68 (at the time) I could have gotten very slightly less expensive coverage but my friends (at 83) would have been astronomical. 

  13. 30 minutes ago, Stickman1990 said:


    Good luck with that 


    The trick is to coordinate a visit to the Bistro with the time they put them out - some kind soul will share the approximate time I’m sure - I can’t recall when it is but from memory it’s mid morning and they typically don’t last long

    Portuguese tarts used to go out at 10:00 but as of early August on Symphony they must be baking more. I had one for tea several afternoons in the Bistro. 

  14. After all the various threads about dress codes, I think what has changed the most since I started sailing Crystal (1996) is the required attire for tea. Gentlemen were expected to wear shirts and jackets; ladies, what would now qualify as Crystal Casual. Of course this leaves out the trash can doilies, pillow chocolates, slipper mats aka tripping hazards, etc. 😀

  15. 1 hour ago, captjohn said:


    Well I guess that eliminates the use I had in mind. We have cruised on the Regent Mariner and this ship has the same situation so I have an extension cord that goes around the corner to solve the problem .

    Hopping there is a outlet close enough. Saving that I will wake up my wife so she can hold my hand  on the way to the bathroom !!

    There is a great night lite on Crystal ships. In standard cabins it's under the mirror so doesn't shine up, only down. It's very close to the bathroom door and once your eyes are night adjusted provides just enough glow to see your way. Now truth be told, I'm female so I don't have to see what I'm doing. LOL.  

  16. 4 hours ago, captjohn said:

    Is there a " razor" outlet in the bathroom ? We use them for an LED night light. Thanks.

    There is a razor outlet we used to recharge our electric toothbrush. After a few days it died. The electrician told us it only worked when the light was on. 

  17. 38 minutes ago, LHT28 said:

    one more question  for now 🙂


    Is there  a night light in the w/c  for the C  cabins ?



    Not in the bathroom unless you leave the light on but the night light is in the hall just outside the w/c and provides enough light to see IMHO.

  18. 2 minutes ago, fyree39 said:

    In the grand scheme of things, this is piddly. I was just wondering if the available diet soft drinks on board Symphony went beyond Diet Coke and Diet Sprite. I'll drink sugary goodness if those are my only choices. I don't drink alcohol (sober 21 years) and I've gotten used to pounding down a few diet A&W root beers when the mood strikes. I've never learned to like diet colas or lemon-lime soft drinks. Again, I'll enjoy to sugared soft drinks if need be. I'll be the lady with the Shirley Temple in hand. 😛

    They also have diet tonic and I think diet ginger ale. I've never seen root beer, etc. They do have a list of alcohol free cocktails in addition to the ordering "virgin" this and that. The alcohol free white wine was drinkable and there were at least 2 alcohol free beers on board in early August. 

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