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  1. A HUGE +1 on this one... This is my biggest issue with open seating dining. In the days when single seating dining was still a thing in luxury travel this was not an issue, because you just showed up at your table whenever you felt like it, but I don't value the flexibility to be able to show up when/with whom I want enough (or at ALL) that it offsets the inconvenience of having to wait to be seated during peak times.




    Me 3 , is my biggest gripe with the folks that won't sail with Crystal because of their dining times. Hope they don't force us to arrive when the dining room opens or stand in line with the new ship!

  2. On the 2015WC cruise, 2 ports were canceled. 1 had a replacement port. No mention was made about a refund, and I never thought to ask for it. None appeared on my statement other than for canceled shore excursions.


    The tender port we missed in French Polynesia probably had not imposed port charges since we weren't docked. At least I don't recall a refund. The port in South Africa I had port charges posted back to my ship board acct.

  3. Not that I've ever seen or heard of. Jazz brunch is usually a Grand Buffet in the Crystal Cove. As I recall, grand buffets are only scheduled for cruises with 4 or more sea days. Crystal stopped doing any out of doors buffets several years ago with a stated reason of health concerns.

  4. Glad you were able to book Symphony, I did a 42 night Tahiti to NYC on the Marina and was not thrilled with the experience. Announcements for bingo, etc were never ending. At 9 AM they were standing in the aisles of the lounge before a cooking demo pressuring you to buy a Bloody Mary. The Steak and Italian restaurants were mediocre at best, Jacques was very good and Red Ginger was good, but certainly not Nobu quality. The main dining room was crowded, noisy and extremely slow. Food quality was generally good. Room service morning coffee required you to get up to answer the phone call that it was coming and then get up to answer the door. So much nicer to have it just appear. Library was very nice, internet was terrible and expensive, wine and drinks were dramatically overpriced. Castello Banfi Chianti which Crystal regularly has on AI was being sold for $64/bottle plus 18%. I buy it by the case for $8.64 on sale. Profit OK but that is usury. Any cruise is better than staying home but IMHO Celebrity is far better than Oceania.

  5. If you want thrifty accommodations for 5 the only option is 7054/6. Hopefully you can still reserve it. I think they hold it for a group really needing the connecting 3/2 but I have been disappointed when trying to book it. You say your kids are older, do you know that the third berth is a short, cot width pull out? Maybe slightly bigger than a crib but not by much. I travel with my grandkids on Crystal and they adore it, good luck


  6. I will be traveling in the stateroom next to my daughter to Alaska in 2016. I searched the site but didn't find if we can open the divider between our balconies on Serenity deck 8. Possible?





    The balcony doors are hinged and as I recall they can be secured in the open position. This does not mean the powers that be will allow it. Seems to be one of their bug-a-boos. On another line we found a metal nail file to be a good substitute key.

  7. I wasn't there either, but it strikes me as odd that she neglected to mention the handicapped-designated rooms also.


    When I was last on Serenity, at least 1 of the C handicapped staterooms was being occupied by a permanent resident. Whether or not this is warranted or a perk I cannot judge. Are the rest of the handicapped rooms also reserved or are they available as intended?

  8. When are luggage tags sent out? I have a cruise at the end of May ( May 31st) and mail here to Brazil is very slow and unreliable. My mother , who lives in CA , will be coming to visit March 19th. Thinking of having my TA send her the documents . Any idea if that time frame will work?



    Crystal tags are not preprinted so I can't see any reason for them to refuse to send your mother a few before she leaves. Of course my not seeing a reason for them refusing has no impact on what they decide to do! Good luck. If all else fails there is usually plenty of Crystal staff on the dock and I am sure they can supply luggage tags.

  9. I hear you. But we have used Pinnacle since forever and been surprised how fast visas have come back. I hang this totally on Brazil and their consulate. Sitting on a desk now for three weeks waiting for a signature is ridiculous.


    I went to the Brazilian Consulate in Hartford, Ct. and they were delightful. 15 minutes to drop off documentation, come back in 1 week and it will be ready, and it was. No problems! I think someone at Pinacle has ticked off someone at the Brazilian Consulate they deal with and their customers are being punished. Take a road trip to Hartford, see a few Broadway shows, maybe see Boston, getting your passport back in a week is a relief!

  10. Babysitter grandma,

    Until you get to Penthouse level, all cabins on Crystal are identical. On Serenity that is 226 sq.ft., on Symphony 202 sq ft.all have a bathroom with 2 sinks, tub shower combination and lots of storage space. The cabin proper has a double closet, sofa, desk with chair, and vertical unit that contains drawer space, the mini fridge, safe and TV. The verandas add about 50 sq ft and are very nice but only you can say if it is worth the added expense. On your cruise it is about $1000 per person and I would look at that as halfway to another cruise and pass on the balcony. The only cabins I would not book are the extremely limited ones on Symphony deck 8. The one squeeze point I have found is on the Symphony when you have the beds separated between the end of the bed and the desk. Not a big problem. Since my husband passed away, I typically travel with a friend (another widow) and when I say we have enough room for us I'm sure most couples will be fine. I too sailed HAL previously and think Crystal's cabins are both bigger and better organized than the standard HAL cabin. I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of your trip and emerge fully crystalized. Any questions, I'll be glad to try to help.


  11. This was our first Crystal cruise (Symphony from Miami to San Diego). While there were many wonderful aspects (including superb food, great staff, smoke free casino), there were some significant aspects I didn't like at all.


    1. Cabins smaller than any other cruise line we have been on. This was our 16th cruise but the balconies on all others-Regent, Royal, Celebrity- were larger with more storage space.


    2. The bathroom was also tiny but with a tub shower. The tub was deep-so deep that getting in and out was difficult (esp for those, like me, with a bad knee)


    3. The internet was just plain lousy. I expected it to be slow but this was slower than any we have ever encountered. It was unreliable-it would drop you without warning. Even at the dock in San Diego at 6am it was slow and unreliable.


    You needed to do some basic fact checking before stating that Crystal staterooms are smaller than Royal or Celebrity. I checked 2 random ships from each line and found Summit 170/38; Equinox,194/54; Quantum, 198/55; Navigator, 184/46; Symphony 202/44. Looks to me like Crystal's cabins are really larger! We can disagree on food, service, storage layout, etc. but square footage in a number.

  12. I'm in Maine so I can testify that NE did have a big storm but Boston and south wasn't too bad with snow but the winds in all of the NE were bad - we had about a foot of snow with 50 mpg gusts.

    A good decision not to try and dock in Newport which is as I remember a very exposed area.

    Newport is a tendering port IIRC and that was probably impossible due to weather conditions.

  13. Any of the deck 7 cabins will be fine. Easy access to both sides of Promenade deck is crucial. Obstruction will be limited to upper edge of window only, on 8 obstruction is right in front of window. 7067/9 are perfect, low and midship in case of heavy seas, easy access to deck and elevators, over library so silent.


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