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  1. Any of the deck 7 cabins will be fine. Easy access to both sides of Promenade deck is crucial. Obstruction will be limited to upper edge of window only, on 8 obstruction is right in front of window. 7067/9 are perfect, low and midship in case of heavy seas, easy access to deck and elevators, over library so silent.


  2. May, no problem on spelling. I understand smart technology that isn't. I can't explain why you didn't find lines. Was the cruise full? As to spacing, my travel companion uses a walker type thing about 18" wide. With all of the chairs pushed in under the table, she was unable to get between tables. The head waiters stepped in immediately and we were always seated on an edge after that. Breakfast and lunch were never a problem. We had dinner the first night in the buffet and the lobster was like rubber. Never tried after that. I never said the food was poor on Marina, the always available roast chicken was very good. I think you will enjoy Silk Road and Prego on Crystal. Have a good cruise, looking forward to hearing your opinion.


  3. I don't think so.


    I don't see where any cruise line can do each and everything that someone wants. Same is true of any business.


    Should everyone get to dress as they want to do in the evening or do precisely what they want. When does that end. Does that mean that I come back from a tour and I am in shorts and I walk into the dining room on a formal night?


    When I sailed two other luxury lines, there was no place to have a hamburger at night at any venue.




    Where is that "like button" Cruise Critic?

  4. I am convinced there is no easy answer to the dining controversy. I enjoy the shows, and especially appreciate the pre late dinner headliner shows which allow for time at the Avenue after dinner. Having spent 6 weeks last year on the Marina (Oceania), I found several flaws with anytime dining:

    1) Lines, not long but definitely there

    2) Crowding of tables in the dining room. Tighter than NYC restaurant floor plans!

    3) Long wait between being seated, ordering, and getting appetizers. Minimum half hour, usually longer

    4) Explaining preferences to different servers every night

    Given that space to passenger ratio drives price and for me at least Crystal is pushing my limit, I'm not sure that devoting more space to a larger dining room and galley so everyone can be accommodated at 7:15 is wise. Do we then double the size of the Galaxy so everyone can be seated at one show? I think this would be a terrible use of limited space.


    While I agree with everyone else that 6 and 8:30 are too early and too late, I think it is not as bad a solution as some make it out to be. When I read that the next Crystal ship will have much larger cabins and single seating dining room I despair of being able to afford cruising in the future. Hopefully a reasonable compromise can be reached.


    Overall I think Crystal does a very good job of offering value in a luxury cruise and am grateful we're down to under 3 months until WC2015!


  5. Norwegian Escape 163,000/4200=38.8

    Carnival Breeze 130,000/3690=35.23

    Celebrity Summit 91,000/1950=46.67

    Crystal Serenity 68,000/1080=62.96

    Regent Seven Seas Voyager 49,000/700=70.00

    Seabourne Sojourn 32,000/450=71.10


    Now how much do we want to bet that the average cost per day would line up similarly. ☺


  6. Got the same Email last summer for the first time. I think the policy was changed at the a same time when you no longer had to see the future sales consultant in order to have the discount applied to future cruises. Both are good ideas IMHO.

  7. We have no direct flights from Ebola countries. Are we to bar flights from all of the European airports where these flights from Africa land? Do you want to bar American citizens returning home, Europeans with business in Africa who then want to come here or just native Nigerians, Senegalese, etc. Seems pretty impossible for the threat presented.

  8. I too was surprised by the not enough hot water comment. I wonder if the poster discovered the little red anti scald button that can be depressed in order to rotate the spigot further towards hot. Over 18 years of sailing with Crystal, I do find the level of competence exhibited by the stewardesses the most variable aspect. Most are good, some excellent and a very few should not be renewed. If early make up is important to you, ask. Can't hurt and might help. I have found when I adhere To a regular schedule and religiously remember to use the make up room signal it is usually done promptly. When I travel with my children and grandchildren and schedules are non existent, it is somewhat more hit or miss. Remember someone's cabin has to be last!

    As to matresses, I have only experienced a truly bad (hard, lumpy, worn out) one once and the egg crate the stewardess brought improved it greatly. I do think this is an area Crystal should investigate but I would still rather be sleeping on a poor mattress at sea rather than the best on land!

  9. First off, let me say this comment is NOT directed at the husband in question here, but it triggered this.


    (Climbing on soapbox)


    As a male who for 21 years in the banking fraternity wore a suit and tie to work every single day, I am getting very tired of comments that read "my husband (and it is always the husband it seems) refuses/will have nothing to do with/ hates/will not wear a suit/jacket and tie when on vacation. Does he really have to? He is going to wear NEAT and TIDY......" Guys, grow up and stop acting like petulant children! If your best friend invited you to a formal dinner at an event, would you show up in a golf shirt and Dockers and embarrass them? I suspect (hope) not! So think of Crystal as your best friend. It is at most one or two nights, so pull up your Big Boy pants, put on a jacket, and stop acting like a spoiled 2 year old.


    (End of rant. Climbing down off soapbox.)


    Thank you!:D


    Where is that like button!

  10. My guess is that 7032/4 etc. are obstructed by the auxiliary crew life boat canisters. I know the gangway storage is in front of 7054 and several cabins forward of that. None of the 7th floor obstructed views are really terrible IMHO.

    There have been some complaints about noise above the Starlite posted here but not many and personally I have never been disturbed when staying in the cabins over the lounge.

  11. 1) It is extremely unlikely Crystal will upgrade you especially not from a C3 to a PH which is where the cabin sqft changes

    2) Talk to the maître d, if you're somewhat flexible he may know of a large table that is going to be missing a couple on the night you are eating in the MDR

    3) My cell always picks up shore based cell service in US ports and is very clear when it's roaming.

  12. It's funny how subjective cuisine is. I found the caviar and smashed chive potato rather bland. I felt the same about the caviar brûlée. I like my caviar pure with just a bit of butter on a baquette. I'm going to have to try Wagyu. that seems to get lots of raves.

    So true. I found the caviar with chive potatoes interesting but the oysters with foam a sacrilege, prefer mine with just a little mignonette. Great thing about Crystal is if you ask for traditional caviar service, they are happy to oblige.

  13. I have traveled twice on Crystal with my grandchildren and concur they do a great job overall. The only small quibble I have is their age groups. They separated the Kid's Club into ages 3-13 and 13-17. The staff refused to allow my 12 1/2 year old grandson play with the video games on the grounds that the room was for 13+ year olds. I don't think any older teenagers are likely to use the facilities and to expect a 12+ year old to enjoy coloring (the scheduled activity) with 3 year olds is somewhat naive. Likewise, they scheduled a sushi preparation experience, delivered a flier to the cabin, and then refused to allow the 12+ year old to participate saying he was too young. In my opinion the age groups should be 3 - 10 and 11+. Essentially elementary school and middle school separation. As I said earlier,small quibble, all in all a good program.

  14. Since late seating is typically less crowded than main, I would think there is a very good likelihood that the maitre d could accommodate you for one evening. I would suggest asking at lunch if possible.

  15. I too have sailed with both O and Crystal. 23 cruises with Crystal, 2 (42 nights) with O. Food is subjective but I think Crystal outshines all O's venues except maybe Jacques and that's close. O's dining room is extremely crowded compared to Crystal and there for both noisier and much slower service. I hate buffets but on a food and Wine Theme cruise, O only served the guest chef dinner in the trough! Drinks are watered down and very expensive. Wine is ridiculous, O was charging $68 plus 15% for Castello Banfi I buy regularly for $8.62/ bottle. Steaks were tough, Italian was boring. Red Ginger was generally good but the spice level varied uncontrollably. None compared to Silk Road if you like Sushi. Jacques was the only place to get a properly served piece of cheese, otherwise not ripe and too cold. The bread on O is outstanding. The staterooms while touted as being larger are very poorly designed and functionally smaller than Crystals.

    O announces bingo, wine sales, etc constantly, Crystal has one very brief noon announcement. The Bistro on crystal is missing on O. I can't say I really felt crowded on O except for the Captain's Welcome when free drinks were offered if you could find a waiter.

    Dress code on Crystal for men is at strictest is a sport coat and slacks. No tie required even, not a huge sacrifice.

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