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  1. I took my granddaughter on her first Crystal cruise at 7. She too loves to dress for dinner and loved the attention she got. She does not throw tantrums in public and would have been removed immediately for any misbehavior.

    You might want to look at the affordability of adjoining 7th floor rooms on the Symphony or if you prefer a balcony, you might like 8058/8060 or 8059/8061 which combine a balcony cabin with a limited view. Connecting doors can be left open flat against the wall. I am leaving Sunday for 2 glorious weeks in 7054/6 with my children and grandchildren. If you would like pictures or have any specific questions I can get answered for you while I'm onboard, let me know.


    Caryll.Schenker @ gmail . com (take the spaces out)

  2. TravelBerlin,


    Thank you for your frank reply, the points are well taken.

    Like the others, I look forward to whatever improvements will be made during the dry dock, with or without martinis.


    In particular, since no mention has been made of any planned improvements to the staterooms, I do hope Crystal does take note of some of the very specific points made in the reviews regarding less than Crystal standard issues, notably in housekeeping and the typically high standards of cleanliness and comfort in the rooms. Perhaps Keith may surface some of these concerns to Crystal management?


    With the current shorter back to back itineraries, the ships are often fully booked, not uncommonly with 4-person occupancy (2 adults, 2 children) in staterooms. This does add to the general wear and tear. The Serenity was in excellent shape when we left it in May, but it's a newer ship. However, I did note that the room stewardesses had to work doubly hard to clean the rooms thoroughly after each short cruise, in preparation for the next lot of cruisers boarding.


    Maximum capacity in any Crystal stateroom is 3 and one had better be a small child. You even have to sign a waiver that you understand it is not appropriate for an adult. Additionally, it is EXTREMELY UNCOMMON to find triple accommodations. 7/126 cabins Symphony 7th floor, 14/130 8th floor.

  3. I believe it is left over brewer's yeast with spices added. Seems to be a taste you're born to or else ychh. Being from Philadelphia originally, I often get the same reaction to scrapple.


  4. I was on board Serenity TA from Barcelona right after Taste opened. At that time there were no advanced reservations and availability was excellent. I believe you can now make 1 pre cruise reservation and further reservations on space available basis. There is currently no charge, however in 18 months there is always them possibility of the "convenience charge" rearing its ugly head. Both Keith and rafinmd have posted menus. The concept is tapas like small plates.

    I know people are passionate about dining times but I can't recall anyone who was ultimately unable to get what they desired. Certainly I would expect that Crystal will clarify both dining and cabin selection well before payment deadline.

  5. I too read those reviews with trepidation since the Symphony is my favorite now that Harmony is gone. I have not been aboard in 2 years but will be in 3 weeks. I will look carefully and report. Having reread the reviews, I think they are most likely whiners. Complaints seem to be more about cabin size and 2 seatings at dinner allowed to spill over to other things. I have never been on a ship that didn't have some rust around window fittings, look where it lives! The reviewer who booked Crystal and then complained Princess was cheaper is a prime example. If you don't think there is value in an all inclusive experience, DON'T BOOK CTYSTAL. If you can't get by with 200 - 225 sq.ft. cabins, DON'T BOOK CRYSTAL. If you must have dinner at 7:30 only, don't expect the bars and entertainment to be the same experience as for those following the traditional dining schedule. Some people just like to gripe!

    OK will get off my soap box and will report back in August how home away from home is doing.

  6. Yes it would be reversed if it is really southern hemisphere, i.e. south of the equator. If you're looking at the normal Lisbon to Miami crossing that is all still north of the equator and would be the same as far as sun direction as the northern crossing. It is however much warmer and you might welcome a balcony with less sun.

  7. For all of you who object to a 20% deposit on booking, check out the Viking site. Viking is apparently requiring Full Payment 18 months in advance and charging a $100/pp fee if canceled.
    A little off topic but could someone explain why GB cruisers forfeit their deposit if they must change plans? Is it truly forfeited or can it be applied to a future cruise?
    Thanks, Caryll
  8. I have never stayed in one of those cabins but was surprised one afternoon in the laundry room to hear the singers and dancers practicing. It was very clear in the laundry room but total inaudible in the hallway outside the laundry. My guess is they sound proof the passenger areas but didn't bother with the laundry room.


  9. Welcome to Crystal, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip.

    Be sure to read Keith's sticky for first time Crystallites.

    I would recommend you select a set dining time since it will not only give you the opportunity to dine with other singles but also put you in tune with the timetable of the ship.

    Have you considered the whole Quebec to Miami b2b? In my opinion one of the best deals for years on Crystal. The Amtrak trip up the Hudson and Lake George is a treat even for those who don't mind flying.



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