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  1. I have a question on obtaining the extra pages needed for the visas. What is the easiest way to obtain the necessary pages? Thanks for you help!


    Larger local Post Offices are designated passport offices. They have the necessary forms and are generally helpful with quirky requirements. Alternately you can pay extra and have Pinnacle do it as Keith posted above.

  2. "Wherever you go... there you are." is not a frivolous statement. We bring ourselves EVERYWHERE we go. So if we are positive we will concentrate on the positive and if we are negative... well... we've all seen the results of that. It's all about attitude folks.




    All very true but where is our video and why are you wasting time reading these posts instead of working?😄

  3. Thanks.


    Latsyrc - what month did you do your crossing to Miami? My concern is that we are booked for our crossing in December. Of course the waters could be calm in the warm, spring or summer months, but I'm specifically interested in information about crossing the Atlantic in December, when it will be winter and colder. Anyone?


    Thanks for the help.






    December 9, 2012 and relatively the same time in 98. Southern Atlantic TA are generally in the Thanksgiving to Christmas time frame. Short of a freak late hurricane I would think it should be smooth.

  4. If you are going to book the air on your own - I love love love this tool...




    You can put in multiple city pairs and a range of dates and it will give you all of the options. (ie JFK or Hartford to Fort Lauderdale or Miami).

    You can filter out how many stops (if any), long layovers... and sort by price, departure time, etc.


    You can't book with them. But they will give you the best fares possible. Then go to your TA or online travel site or the airline's site and book there.


    I agree, fabulous site but let's no tell anyone else! LOL booked $800 round trip EWR/Copenhagen for July. Haven't seen anything close.

  5. Toscana may have more items listed but at least on Marina it was all tasteless. Red Ginger isn't worth of mention in the same sentence with Nobu! Marina's dining room was OK but extremely crowded and VERY slow. You just can't serve everyone at the same time properly. Personally I would rather put up with eating a

    Little earlier or later than I'd really like in order to have a better overall experience. Wine prices were obscene! They were charging $65 for a bottle I had bought a case of for $8.69/ bottle the week before I left. Cocktails were watered and expensive. Jacques had the only properly served cheese on the ship.

    The itinerary and price would have to be very special to lure me back.

  6. The last several years I waited weeks for mine from Society and it never comes - when I order online - it comes quickly. I get plenty of other mailings from Crystal so who knows.


    Always a enjoyable day when it comes.


    After waiting 6 weeks or so, I order one. The Society copy arrives the next day. Will try to wait them out this year.

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