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  1. The Promenade deck is blessedly free of deck chairs, I imagine to facilitate walking. There are several traditional teak sofas on the rear of deck 7 where the deck is wider. In addition Crystal does not build cabins that use the aft sections of the other decks. Decks 8 - 10 (8-11 on Serenity) have various tables and chairs and loungers.The Lido deck has copious seating both with and without shade. The Sun deck has seating (usually not used) in addition. I don't think you will miss chairs on Deck 7.

  2. 43 minutes ago, C-sea said:

    Hi calliopecruiser,  

    How do you know when the show band is playing a dedicated genre? I love Dixieland Jazz too!


    They feature it  in Reflections as part of the evening entertainment section.


  3. 8 minutes ago, FlyerTalker said:


    Some of the "technical" comparisons:


    Crystal Symphony:  Length 781ft   Displacement:  51044  Max Pax  848

    Crystal Serenity:  Length 820ft  Displacement:  68870  Max Pax  980

    Regent Navigator:  Length 560ft  Displacement:  28550  Max Pax  490

    Regent Mariner:  Length 709ft  Displacement:  48075  Max Pax  700

    Regent Voyager:  Length 677ft  Displacement:  42363  Max Pax  706

    Regent Explorer:  Length 734ft  Displacement:  54000  Max Pax  750

    Some other "technical" comparisons:

    Ship                                                  entry level cabin sq. ft.

    Explorer                                                       219

    Mariner                                                        252

    Navigator                                                    300

    Splendor                                                      219    

    Voyager                                                       300


    Serenity                                                        226

    Symphony                                                   202

    Given all Regent cabins have balconies (additional sq. footage) where Crystal's don't but for those of us with a less than robust bank account the dramatic savings are appreciated. 

  4. 18 hours ago, jashah said:



    I found a cruise in the Mediterranean in summer 2020 that is perfect for our family’s plans but connecting rooms are already sold out.  Thus, I am looking at future years but the same itinerary is not available.


    Does anyone know how often Crystal rotates their itineraries if at all?



    Did your travel agent verify this or are you doing an online mock reservation? Crystal blocks connecting rooms to save them for those families that need them. What category are you looking for? If you can get 2 adjoining balcony cabins, the separating panel can be unlocked. I believe that some of the 9th floor (Symphony) or 10th floor (Serenity) redesigned cabins can be made adjoining by closing the door to the hallway. Those would be far above my touch but perhaps worth considering. I just reserved a 2020 family cruise looking for a triple connecting to a double at E1 level. Not easy! We did manage to get adjoining cabins so we'll have to put on a robe before running between rooms. 

  5. On Crystal, caviar is generally served in one of 2 ways. The traditional service is with blini (or other bread) and a selection of condiments to be added as you wish. These are hard boiled egg yolk, egg white, sour cream and chopped onion. Add what you wish and enjoy. The newer modern version is served as a blob on what they describe as a chive potato cake. I initially rejected this service (as we are all wont to do when faced with "change") but on further reflection it may be the better way to serve it. 

     As for taste, caviar is mostly salty. The sensation when each egg pops in your mouth is exciting. If you order a single serving, it's very small, you won't be wasting much if you decide you don't like it and you can always send them back for more if you do. 

  6. 55 minutes ago, MalbecWine said:


    We don’t sail Crystal for the food but when when others tell us that Oceania has excellent food Crystal should be at par with them or better.



    If they tell you that, question their taste buds! No comparison. Jacques is the only venue that comes within shouting distance of Crystal. 

    I do agree someone has too heavy a hand with salt in most soups but it goes back to at least WC2015 that I've been complaining about it.

  7. I am about to embark on #32, most in E1 cabins. Symphony is better than Serenity because the cabins are 4 steps above the Promenade Deck and the railings are open so the view is less affected. The rooms are somewhat less bright due to reflective coating on the windows on Deck 7. Deck 8 E1's will be brighter. Personally, I prefer Deck 7. 

  8. For Umi Uma you can sit at the Sushi Bar and get anything on or off menu from there. If you are there when they open, you are assured of making the show. I have always found the Sushi Bar to be great entertainment.For Prego, you may have to sign up for a late reservation and go to the show before if possible. The best menus in Waterside are always on BTO evenings, if you don't mind missing lobster,caviar, raw oysters, etc. you can usually get into Prego on those evenings. 

  9. 13 hours ago, MalbecWine said:

    .  Oh, my mother would’ve killed me with an untucked shirt.  


     My mother would have killed me for going to the city without gloves! Want to try that one out on millenials?



  10. Posted on Crystal Family page on Facebook this morning that Captain Reidulf Maalen lost his battle with cancer this morning at age 73. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Never again will we hear "hello, it's me again"   

  11. I have only sailed once in Deck 5 Cabins since the unobstructed view isn't worth the extra money over Deck 7 but it certainly wasn't noisy. The only time I would recommend avoiding deck 5 is when sailing to Antarctica since they now put up the metal shutters as a precaution.

  12. As everyone else has said, the only reason to book a President's cruise is because you want to go on that cruise. That said,both of the President's Cruises I've been on have had gifts for passengers. Last year (London to Monte Carlo) it was a very nice corkscrew set, I guess since we had 2 overnights in Bordeaux.The other gift (light years ago) was a zippered, plush lined plastic bag to pack shoes in???????? They usually schedule a meet and greet as well as a special excursion. 

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