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  1. Can't speak to the PH category but in the regular staterooms they just separate the beds and make them up with twin linens. The night tables are fixed. On symphony they move the non closet side night table in between. On Serenity the separation is 6-8 inches. 

  2. I haven't stayed in Deck 8 cabins but have sailed in cabins on both decks 5 and 9. There is a definite dimming of ambient light between Deck 7 cabins and others (or outside on the Promenade deck). That said, I find it plenty bright during the daytime to read without additional light for instance. I have 40+ legs in Deck 7 cabins, it is my preferred area. I value the ability to get outside to see a view quickly, your priorities may be different.

  3. 1 hour ago, kool kruiser said:

    Thanks Stickman. Sorry to say but we have been in an E2 on Deck 8 on a previous cruise. Whilst a lifeboat was in front, it was surprising how much light still reached the cabin which, for us, is the most important consideration. Having said that, the lack of any significant obstruction in the E1s on Deck 7 is really good. Will be an interesting decision, for sure. By the way, we love the loungers and relaxing space at the aft on Decks 8 and above, which we jokingly refer to as our stateroom balcony !!


    Yes, Roy's website is SO helpful...thanks again to you both.


    Happy cruising.


    If light levels are your main concern you should know that the windows on 7th floor cabins are coated to prevent people from seeing into the rooms in the daytime. This coating reduces light levels in all 7th floor cabins. They are not by any means dark but they are noticeably less bright than cabins on other decks.

  4. The bottom of a life boat, will cover about 10% of your window at the top. Know that this cabin is over the casino. If you're an early to bed person and sensitive to noise you might be happier in one closer to midships over the library.


    I have found these to be reasonably accurate.http://www.crystalcruises.com/cruises/cruise-guidebook/our-ships/crystal-symphony/deck-plans


    Look here for "rafinmd"   He has a thread or blog somewhere with pictures of obstructed cabins.

  5. The President of Crystal cruises and spouse are on board. Typically they have a meet and greet at some point, a "special" President's Excursion, and you get a gift. Last July/August Serenity's London to Monaco was a "President's" cruise and we were mailed a very nice wine set. The previous one I was on yielded a shoe packing case, still haven't used it 10 years later. Didn't get the point. I would never book based on it being a "President's" Cruise but I guess to some it would be an enticement.

  6. Wondering if Crystal provides scales upon request? We did a WC with another high end brand and loved the fact that we could request a scale for our room. It obviously doesn't work on sea days, but it was great for a weekly weigh in when we were in port and helped ensure we stayed on track.


    I think some of the Penthouse class staterooms have scales, or at least they used to, but for sure there is an all knowing, all telling good scale in the fitness center.

    I find it easier to control weight gain n a long cruise personally. On a 10 day - 2 week cruise I know I am only going to get a favorite dish once so I tend to go overboard but on a long cruise I know it will come back again and I can more easily manage the temptation.

  7. Lots of questions, I'll try my best. Staterooms are all the exact same size ad lay out until you get to the Penthouse category. On Serenity they are 226 sq. ft. They are the best laid out as far as storage I've ever sailed in. Ocean view on Celebrity Constellation are shown as 170 sq. ft. to give you a comparison. I sailed the 2015 World Cruise with a friend (2 widows off to see the world) and we had plenty of room for all our stuff. We even had an empty drawer. Robes and slippers are provided, I don't know of any rooms to be avoided. I would book the C3 rooms directly off the forward elevator lobby, least expensive, not far enough forward to be bounced around and should be available since you're doing real advanced planning.

    Liquor is top shelf, most common brands, even Talisker single malt Scotch. Wines are more than adequate and plentiful. You will certainly find one you like. All are available throughout the day, throughout the ship. In addition you can request 2 bottles for your stateroom, replenished when consumed. WiFi is usually just ok.

    Entertainment is an area where Crystal excels. In addition to evening shows, there is a movie every evening, 3 50 minute lectures on sea days, computer lessons, bridge lessons, etc.

    Attire is expected to be neat and tidy, you will need a jacket for BTO evenings but a tie is not mandatory. Other evenings can be as casual as a golf shirt and dockers.

    You get 2 reservations gratis for Specialty restaurants (Prego and UmiUma). One can be made for each prior to the cruise. You can go to either one twice rather than 1 each but only 1 reservation in advance of boarding. On 14+ day cruises you get an additional 2 reservations. The 2 alternative dining venues on the Lido deck are no cost for as often as you wish to go but the menu doesn't change. Personally I would recommend trying to dine in the MDR on BTO evenings, some of the best food ever. If you dig around and look for a blog by rafinmd from earlier this year, he posted all the lunch and dinner menus for weeks on end.

    Can't help you with Casino, never go there.

    I would be very surprised if you find any rust and the only worn fabric I've seen is in balcony cabins where people aren't careful with the sheer curtains and the are caught in the sliding glass doors. Maybe an occasional throw pillow that has seen better days but I tend to send them away.

    Best place on the ship? Round loungers by the pool.

  8. I was on the recent cruise that docked in Bordeaux and talked to Scott Peterson about the access issue. He said it was more the electric cables on the bridge rather than the bridge itself that limited access. He said they(Bordeaux) had come up with a solution that involved cutting the power to these wires temporarily as the ship passed through. It is still tide dependent.

  9. I'm just returned from the same cruise and found the third closing of the dining room disturbing. To close once a week for added time off for the crew, especially in a popular port where few people are on board is acceptable IMHO. On this cruise they decided to close the dining room on the last day. Of course this was done WITHOUT NOTICE and I think that was the most annoying part.I had planned on a farewell lunch in Monaco since I have visited there many times and was treating it as a sea day. Why can't Crystal announce the schedule in advance? That said, I don't object to this closure as much on Serenity as I did on Symphony since there is still Tastes for a table served lunch. I wish they could solve the temperature problem in Tastes, although to be fair the 108 degrees we experienced in Lisbon is unusual.

  10. Is the offer good for a 13 year old, I remember it as 12 and under but I could very well be wrong. Unless it is a summer vacation or holiday sailing, there will not be any junior counsellors on board to organize activities. I have never seen kids sail free promotions for those times. The do have an array of video games which we convinced them to unlock and allow my grandkids to use when they were the only children on board. That was 6 years ago and rules may well have changed.

    Is it a port intensive cruise? Will you all be off sightseeing most days? Movies and evening shows are generally appropriate for teenagers, some of it may be a little high brow for a 13 year old.

  11. Where are the public hot tub options located on the Symphony, just at the pool, or also at other locations?


    Am enjoying your blog, thank you!



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    On both Symphony and Serenity only by the pool. Symphony has one very large one with wonderful access for old bones; Serenity, 2 smaller ones (6 people each) with more difficult access.

  12. NJBeaglemom. There is a reason why your butter was wrapped in foil. It is a U.S. sanitation requirement so on Crystal butter is served in foil when visiting U.S. (and perhaps Canadian) ports. We mentioned it to our waiter on recent Crystal Caribbean cruise. He assured us that we would have unwrapped butter when our itinerary hit non U.S. Ports and sure enough that's what happened.




    That is really weird, I have never had that experience in a "white tablecloth" US land based restaurant, they must have different rules for cruise ships? As I said weird.

  13. All cabins on Crystal until you get to Penthouse category are the same size when you exclude the balcony. I have 37 legs on Crystal, mostly on Deck 7, none of the views are terrible, never been bothered by noise. Symphony Deck 7 cabins sit above the Promenade Deck by about 4 steps so you are looking over the few peoples heads for the most part and they can't see you in daytime. A relative had an 8th deck partially obstructed cabin recently and liked it better because the film on the window on 7 which prevents people from seeing in when it is brighter outside than inside makes the cabin less bright than those on 8. I never noticed.

    The laundry situation on Symphony is NOT good. There is no laundry on 5 or 7 and the powers that be have restricted access to the one on 10. Everyone is forced to use 8 or 9. Since the number of staterooms on 9 have been reduced and some of them have in suite laundries, you're probably going to end up using Deck 9 facilities.That said if you're a little creative you won't have a problem. If you can arrange dinner for later, all the seniors flock to dinner like it's an early bird special and the laundries empty out. Crystal provides baskets so you can empty out the machine someone inconsiderately didn't attend to! Crystal does provide good irons, ironing boards, detergent, fabric softener and usually spray starch. You meet the nicest people in the laundries.

    Enjoy, you're going to love Crystal.


  14. We are on the Serenity now. There are no Pinot Noir’s available on the all inclusive list. Also the Vina Robles Cabernet is not available. I understand several others normally on the all inclusive list are not available. More later.


    I will be boarding Serenity as you finish your cruise. Any info on AI wines would be appreciated. Hopefully they are running down so they can load up while we're in Bordeaux and Oporto. We especially like the Kracker Spatlase after dinner with cheese, it that available?

  15. I have been taking my grands on Crystal since they were 7&9. The first cruise there was no kids program since it wasn't yet the season. Others have had them and kids had mixed reaction. The year my grandson was 11, they insisted he wasn't allowed to take part in the program for 12-18 year olds. That sounds perfectly reasonable on the surface but there weren't any 15-18 year olds only a couple of 12-14's he had a lot more in common with than 3 year old girls. My then 9 year old granddaughter enjoyed playing with the little ones sometimes. I guess a lot depends on your kids and if they enjoy fine dining, there is no buffet option.

    We have also cruised on Norwegian, regular cabins, with extended family groups. Kids tried kids program and wouldn't go back after first day.

    If your kids enjoy going out to a white table cloth restaurant and trying new things, I think they would find enough to do on sea days to be happy. Port days you will probably be off ship with them anyway. You may not leave your children in the Kid's program and go ashore. There is paddle tennis, ping pong, shuffleboard, golf putting, pool, walking tracks, and on Symphony, outdoor gym equipment that is rarely used. I have always stressed they are not to monopolize these venues when others are waiting and definitely no splashing in the pool. The Lido guys take great care of them as far as making smoothies and virgin cocktails.

  16. Just like many other things, that is a personal choice. I like the menus on BTO evenings and try to set up my schedule to eat in the dining room on those nights. Even though you will not be charged an extra fee on the WC, you will still only be able to make one reservation in each restaurant per leg. Other reservations can be made on board on a space available basis.

    This link will take you to Roy's blog from last year's WC. https://morethangetaways.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/day-via0-tuesday-july-10-2018-new-york/

    He has all the lunch and dinner menus from WC2017 posted.

    I was on WC 2015 and never had an issue getting into a speciality restaurant whenever we wanted. We looked at the dinner manu typically and if it wasn't interesting, asked for a Prego or Silk Road reservation. There is also the sushi bar which doesn't accept reservations. Typically that has seats available by 7:00.

    Enjoy your trip.

  17. Has anyone experienced Crystal providing shuttles in Venice, Dubrovnik and Sorrento.



    Venice was a boat to just past St. Mark's Sq.


    Dubrovnik was a bus to an entry ramp into the old city


    Haven't been to Sorrento

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