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  1. I was on WC2015 and tried for a C3 but couldn't get one 2 years before! They were largely occupied with the extra performers and enricment folk as far as I could tell. I did use the 7th floor laundry and always heard the rehersals from the galaxy below. Once I stepped into the hall and the door to the laundry closed, I could no longer hear the rehersal I knew was going on. Try to get 7034 or 7035, they are over the Galaxy Lobby.

  2. bitob


    Appreciate your comments re: Oceania/Crystal


    We have not been on Crystal before, but have signed up for World Cruise 2020 , and hope to be on board at least once before that


    Food is very important, but on a LONG cruise( WC) ,enrichment activities, shows,etc are definitely big factors.


    Only negative so far is reduced cabin "space'' , as you have mentioned. Our assigned cabin for WC is Penthouse Veranda.


    With a Penthouse, I'm sure you will have no "space" issues. I did the 2015 WC in a window cabin with a friend (2 widows off to see the world) and we had plenty of room. A few suggestions: Buy some of the flat, velour covered metal hangers, have your stewardess remove all of the wooden hangers that take up so much room. I also brought a couple of multiple slacks hangers. I bought a shoe holder that fastened over the clothes rod, it had 12 openings but each one could easily hold 2 pairs of sandals. Men's shoes would take up a whole partition. Bring a device to multiply the electrical outlets (surge protection I understand is dangerous) Ask stewardess to remove all the throw pillows you don't want in your way. We also had her remove the hair dryer and some other similar items we wouldn't use. Buy some heavy duty magnetic clips, the walls are metal and the clips corral tour tickets, notices, invites, etc. We found it was mostly about disciplining ourselves to be neat.

    Enjoy, you'll have a wonderful time.

  3. Originally posted by bitob I know food is very subjective and opinions vary greatly.


    Best food on the ship in our opinion is in prego, trident grill and breakfast buffet

    We will be in umi uma tomorrow night for first time

    I wondered why you had never mentioned UmiUma which is IMHO the best anywhere, you of course may not agree since you say nothing on the modern menu appeals and that often includes raw or semi raw fish as appetizers.

    Probably too late for this cruise but for your future cruises are you aware that (unless they have dramatically changed things very recently) there are items that are always available, shrimp cocktail for sure, and I think plain broiled salmon and chicken breast. I don't know what else except anything that you see on the menu can be served separately. If they are serving asparagras for instance on an entree selection, you can request just a side dish of asparagras.

    It's fascinating to me how different people feel about food. In 42 nights on Marina, aside from a couple in Jaques and Red Ginger, I though O's food was the most boring and repetitous I had ever encountered. I do agree with you 100% that their bread was divine.

  4. We have been invited to the captains quarters for cocktails. This is our first crystal cruise. Can anyone tell us why?????



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    Can be many things. Typically if you have a birthday or anniversary during the cruise they will invite you. If you're in the CP you will be invited. Depending on the passenger loads and Captain's energy they usually work their way down from CP to lesser cabins. Port intensive cruises have less of these parties than many sea day cruises. You mentioned you booked several future voyages as a new to Crystal cruiser, that may be the reason.

  5. This post brings to mind a vague memory of Crystal around the turn of the century serving foie gras, but an hvc (high value customer) complained, and foie gras disappeared. Anyone else remember foie gras on the Crystal menu?


    I think I heard at the time it was discontinued that it was because their HQ were in California and the state had outlawed foie gras. My first Crystal cruise was in 2006 and I think we had fois gras then.

  6. Will Crystal send out info on both what the required immunizations and visas are for this cruise?


    Use your own resources to try to figure out what you need. On WC2015 there was no indication of needing Yellow Fever Immunization; however, everything I read on the CDC said you needed it to land in Barbados after sailing up the Amazon. I contacted Crystal Guest Services and my travel agent called her contacts twice, all swore YF wasn't required. I had a still valid immunization proof so I decided to take it with me anyway. The first thing they asked for was the Yellow Fever proof, before the ticket even!

    If the CDC says you need it, I would make sure I either had the proof of immunization or the letter. I didn't have any bad reaction to the shot.

  7. I am boarding symphony on Friday—our first crystal cruise. We have 16 on oceania, 2 on seabourn, several on celebrity and one on the pg.


    I will post my thoughts on food and probably a few other things.



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    Make sure to try the carpaccio and mushroom soup in Prego and the Nobu specials in UmiUma (or whatever they've renamed Silk Road) The Wagu sliders in the new Silk on the Lido deck are pretty awesome too. Ehjoy!

  8. I went the other way, 42 days on Marina after many Crystal cruises. Itinerary driven but enhanced by the reviews of the food for sure. What a disappointment! Red Ginger was my favorite but it pales in comparison to Silk Road. I thought Jacques was good, on a par with Crystal's MDR but with the same menu every day one couldn't always eat there. The Steakhouse was boring, you can get steak every night on Crystal and if you ask ahead any particular cut you want. The Italian was ok, no carpaccio or mushroom soup but not terrible. I am not a fan of buffets anywhere so I won't comment on that, I do love having lunch at Taste on Crystal, informal but table service.

    I'm sure you will not be disappointed in Crystal's food choices, especially since wine and spirits are included. The staterooms are smaller on Crystal in most cases but are so much better organized that I felt we had more room on Serenity than Marina.

  9. I did WC2015 and received a total of 4 transfers, home to airport, airport to ship, ship to airport, airport to home. I was able to deviate and fly to Florida early to visit with family before the cruise. I was able select a transfer from FLL to their home or from their home to the ship but not both. I thought this was very fair but they lived closer to FLL and the port of Miami than some hotels which probably impacted Crystal's largess.

  10. This question would apply to both Symphony and Serenity, but I'll tuck it in this thread. Where can I find the additional perks for penthouse/suite guests - private car transfer, that sort of thing? Doesn't seem to be on the rooms/fares tab where I would expect to find it.


    Go to Crystal's home page, select "cruises," select ship you want, select room category, scroll down to amenities. Hope this helps.

  11. They should be working now. I usually do the menus and Reflections first thing but between delays of putting them on Press Reader and my early tour I didn't get them posted until late yesterday evening. They should all be working now through the 21st.




    Yes, thanks all is well. Haven't been on a cruise in 18 months and still have 100 days t wait. How do you spell desperate?

  12. Yes, there are utilitarian totes in the closet on embarkation. Very strong but IMHO not very attractive, Most seem to use them for dragging laundry to the laundry room. Unless it has changed recently, at embarkation on cruise 2 a more permanent tote is awarded.

  13. I did WC2015 in a category C, no problem for me. If you can get the 7034 or 7035 grab it and save the most. They are right off the elevator lobby (you won't hear anything) giving you easy access to the Promenade deck and the elevators to Palm Court. Not far enough forward to be really rocky in heavy seas. Enjoy

  14. I copied below from the Crystal web site. June 26, with a 3 PM departure could be a BTO; June 27, in port until 10 PM would never be. Are you sure you're looking at the correct cruise? No sea day on current web site.

    Jun 26, Tuesday


    Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

    7:00 AM

    3:00 PM

    7ufgIxtXgqpmroH8OYZ05B4jNBxgFQvzQhcWKMQF26CoKN5BYWaPGxTajRZLAWFzHqTwy2FaPSb6HlIPpoYOMAdEtwli+fP9+rTHw5XGA0FdJoRAAAAAElFTkSuQmCCJun 27, Wednesday


    Juneau, Alaska, USA* *

    9:00 AM

    10:00 PM

  15. You most definitely DO NOT have to have Cellular data turned on to text, only cellular service. As someone said, our texts no matter who the carrier is are charged at a minimal per text charge as part of our plan. One danger though is if someone calls you and you answer, even if it is a robocall, will cost much more.


    With at least some plans, and maybe all, you don't have to answer the call to get charged. Just having it ring initiates the charge. We forward our calls to a home phone which has a service to convert voicemail to text and send it to us.

  16. Slightly off topic but if I read your post correctly, I'm POed at Viking corporate again.

    Called yesterday to book a 3 generations, 3 stateroom ocean cruise for 2019 (2 teenage HS girls). Got an OK then a call back with Viking rep telling us no, that management says they never approve under 18 on Viking Ocean (yes, I've read their policy which says they reserve the right to limit under 18s). Amazingly, the same rep said 9 years!!! was the lower age requirement on river.

    Somewhat confounded because we saw and talked with teens on our recent Viking Sea Homelands cruise, an ocean cruise. I think Viking corporate management leaves lots to be desired. Consistently inconsistent.

    I have no problem with a corporate age policy being established as I don't want a Celebrity/Disney experience, just that they do not tell repeat customers a consistent story denying that no under 18s ever allowed on ocean.


    Book Crystal, I've been taking my grandchildren since they were 8, always a great experience. The only downside you may wish to consider is whether they enjoy a 90 minute fine dining experience. Three of my four do, anxious to try new things, the fourth doesn't like to eat. We let her bring her device and watch movies quietly.

  17. Or you could try Emailing OBGS (on board guest services), I did last month. I immediately received a confirmation that they had received my Email and informing me I would get a reply within 72 hours. 240 hours later I received an email telling me they had to contact the ship. Another week later and I received confirmation. My request was just to increase the reservation size from 8 to 9, we're a family group with 4 kids so table size really isn't an issue. Seems like an awfully long time for a trivial request.

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