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  1. Look into the program Autism on the Seas. They have a wonderful program that they do on cruise ships. They even supply an aide who travels with you to help out with Autistic clients and their siblings.
  2. We will be on the Getaway October 22, 2020 sailing. Are y’all saying that when we dock in Livorno, we then take a shuttle to the train station and then have to take a train ride into Florence???
  3. LOL 😂😢😂🤪😢😂 They are mighty hard!!!
  4. Looking forward to meeting you next year! We do have a page for our sailing, please join us! i guess we still have to deal with the stick to you shower curtains as opposed to the space capsules?
  5. Hope you’re having a great time! I’ll be on that TA cruise next November and would love to hear all about your cruise. What did you do in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria? Are there lots of activities on board? How is the weather? Thanks!
  6. We will be in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria around November 10, 2020. what will the weather be like? I’m assuming too cold to swim?
  7. Our Transatlantic in November 2020 just got changed from Barcelona to Tarragona, also. However we are on the Rhapsody and they are shuttling us down for free.
  8. What hotel did you book near the Pantheon? I’m looking for a hotel post cruise. Thanks!
  9. counsdr


    I’ve never been to Rome and paid no attention in History Class, so I’m not sure what are the best things to see in Rome. I’ll spend 2-3 days there post cruise. Should I just do a Viator tour? We dock Nov 1, 2020. What will the weather be like then? Thanks!
  10. Looking for a Hotel pre cruise at the end of October 2020. We’d like to stay between $170-200/night. Centrally located near Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Coliseum, etc. Elevator needed. Our TA recommends Hotel Traiano, but it doesn’t get great reviews on the travel sites. Has anyone stayed there or have any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. Our TA is looking into the Hotel Traiano pre cruise. It’s not getting great reviews on travel sites and I wonder if anyone has stayed there?
  12. We took my grandchildren on Freedom at 3&5. The little one was potty trained, but would get busy and forget. We told the staff that he needed to be reminded and if there was a problem his sister would help him. They said that no one could go in with him! 'Needless to say he had accidents because he got busy or his sister couldn’t take him (he is very shy and small for his age). They gave my son in law a phone and they called him to pick my grandson up and on the 3rd time they said don’t bring him back! The next year he was fine! Good luck!
  13. Ohhhh! That’s a wonderful price! Can each person in the room fill one? is that the loyal club price or regular fee? Thanks!
  14. We’ll be on an 11 day Mediterranean Cruise on the Getaway next year, can anyone tell me what they charge for this service? Thanks!
  15. Can I make international calls on the Getaway with WiFi calling or do I have to buy an international calling package and use it in port? I’m so technologically challenged!!! We’re going to be on the Getaway in October 2020 doing a Mediterranean cruise and then a transatlantic.
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