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  1. I’ve been requesting CPAP supplies for 20 years and I’ve never had a problem!!! It is always there!
  2. Call them and they will supply you with Distilled Water and the proper extension cord. I’d suggest bringing some duct tape so you can then tape the cord to the carpet so you don’t trip over it!
  3. The “mini fridge” that is in every room, is actually just a cooler. It’s always worked fine for my medication pen and keeping soda, etc cooled. The sharps container is quite small. My pen would not fit in it, but it held my lancets fine. It’s about 3”x7”. Ive never seen a sharps container in the public restrooms or at the port. I know some restrooms in the airports have them.
  4. I read your whole review!!! unfortunately my daughter keeps her in a glass bubble because she is so afraid she’ll be glutened. Last week she went to Girl Scout Camp and the counselors forgot to go get her GF snack when the rest of the group were doing s’mores! She was left out and felt awful. It’s hard being a 9 year old girl whose constantly left out. Thank you for listening to me and sharing your story.
  5. Gatordad, thank you so much for doing this review! It makes me feel so much better about taking my granddaughter on a cruise! Now I’ve just got to talk my daughter into it. Of course to add another problem her youngest son has severe autism, so we need to look for an Autism at Sea Cruise! We have time though! thank you again!
  6. I have been sailing with a CPAP for 20 years now. Before I cruise I call special needs and request distilled water and an extension cord. They have ALWAYS been in my cabin. Three years ago I started requesting a sharps container. It has always been there as well. I also have severe food allergies and I let them know that ahead of time. My first night at dinner, the head waiter comes to my table immediately to make sure the wait staff is aware of my allergies. I order my meals ahead of time and they are prepared separately. I’ve never had a problem. what is this medical fridge some of you are speaking about? Is it in place of the one in your room? Unless one has a larger room, where would it be placed?
  7. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year. I would love to keep cruising with her and I’d like to know if your daughter has been able to eat in the dining room with no cross contamination issues. Do they cook her food in a gluten free kitchen using all gluten free utensils? We are terrified to let her eat anywhere except at home for fear she may be contaminated by gluten. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have an updated list of Cruise Directors? Specifically I’m looking to know who is on Adventure of the Seas this summer.
  9. Is there a page like this for current Cruise Directors? Thanks!!!
  10. Our August 31st Cruise on Adventure also had a change with the same letter. We’re going to St John first, then back to Bar Harbor which means we have to go thru customs again!
  11. I received a Royal Up email today, 16 days after my final payment and 74 days before my cruise, 8/31 on Adventure of the Seas. I’ve got an interior cabin (quite a concession for me as I’m an aft balcony snob), however I had planned to go alone and refused to pay the double rate for a balcony! Now my cousin is joining me, so we’d enjoy a bigger room. The bids are: $50pp Promenade; $100pp OV; and $300pp Balcony. I’ve never done this before, so do I bid the minimum or more to get the best chance? Thanks!
  12. Thank you Bob! By any chance do you know how to add to a signature? I’m trying to update my signature and I can’t find how to do it since they changed the site!
  13. Does anyone know anything about Sucel Anderson in the Diamond Lounge on Adventure? Male/Female, etc?
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