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  1. I'm only slightly bitter that I purchased in early January...... 🤪 I wasn't planning on selling anytime soon as I picked it up for the on-board credit, so let's hope it will go back up in the next 10-15 years (I have no doubt things will bounce back)
  2. I'm not booked yet, but I'm on the verge of booking a solo cruise on the Bliss in April. The new policy gives me piece of mind that if things change in the next few weeks I can take the 100% FCC. I'll be a bit more diligent than usual with touching stuff, hand washing, etc. but I'll still be spending time in the spa. I plan to bring Lysol wipes, extra meds, etc, but no hazmat suits 😉 I also plan on booking a balcony, but I've been in a balcony on about 50% of my cruises, so that's not unusual for me.
  3. Thank you 😃 The photos came through perfectly 😃
  4. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation 🌴If you happen to see a schedule for the fitness classes would you mind posting it? Thanks 😃
  5. Isn't that also the ship that is down an Azipod (or what ever it's called)
  6. Depends on what type of vacation I'm planning. On my Alaskan cruise I didn't really care which ship I was on, it was the ports that I was on vacation for. However if it's a TA I'm planning (or just a relaxing getaway), it's the ship & sea days that I'm focusing on. Spas also play a big part in my planning when it comes to solo trips, so chances are I'm never going to sail the Joy solo.
  7. I'd still go. Probably would take a few extra precautions, but nothing elaborate. Have a great Vacay 🌴
  8. The trick is to have 3 shots of tequila before opening that bottle 😉 & yes, you can get a non-alcoholic option. Sparkling Cider I believe. Have a great cruise 😀
  9. Thanks so much for bringing us along, I hope that you have a wonderful vacation 😀 If you happen to see a schedule for gym classes I'd love it if you could post it. Thanks ☺️
  10. There is a curtain between the shower/toilet room and the living/bed part of the room. So if someone is on the sofa/bed they can't see you. Edited... not sure how I missed in your org. post that you knew about the curtain.... Oops 🤣
  11. Just saw this on twitter, looks like the Tsunami threat is over, thank goodness!]
  12. Interesting... I've never heard that before, but it sounds like an HR nightmare.
  13. A cruise can sell out for one of two reasons. The first one would (obviously) be if they were sold out of cabins. But there is also a passenger maximum, which can be reached if alot of people have 3 or 4 ppl in their rooms, and this would leave some cabins empty, allowing for some upgrades to still be available. Good luck, hope you get your upgrade 🙂
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