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  1. Has carnival changed or discontinued their shareholder benefit?
  2. Well folks, I am heading on vacation to get some beach time with the family (and celebrate the LIVERPOOL championship!!!) So here is the last update - at least for two weeks and maybe - who knows. It's been interesting. Feel free to "talk amongst yourselves" As of Date: 6/26/2020 Cruise Fare Cruise Date Refund Request Date Refund Received Date Days since Request Days between Request and Refund TV24
  3. please let me know the date the refund was received
  4. Hello all. So good to see the valve is open at Seabourn. I appreciate all who have made contributions to this thread. I think we got out of it what we wanted...a sense of how fast/slow the refunds were processed and a sense of camaraderie for those of us waiting. As such, I will not be adding any new cruises to the list. I will finish posting any refunds for the next few days. it looks like we have 16 open cruises from 14 different posters. I imagine some of them may have been refunded and the poster just has not gotten back to us. Oh well... As mentioned, I will be heading
  5. Seems like a pretty steady flow of refunds coming in. Hopefully all will be satisfied pretty soon. In reading the threads, I know there is speculation about refunds going to the TA and then forwarded to the customer. In my case, I do not think that is the case,. I am assuming that since the refund on my credit card said "Seabourn" and not "TA.com" (not he real name of course) that the refund come directly from Seabourn to my credit card. Anyway, here is the latest update. Let me know if I did anything wrong. By the way, I am trying to consistently use the date the credit a
  6. Yes. I received the refund of my FCDs about on June 6 and my cruise-fare refund on June 10. Good news for you. Should be soon. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. OOOPS!! As of Date: 6/13/2020 Cruise Fare Cruise Date Refund Request Date Refund Received Date Days since Request Days between Request and Refund u cruzluvers 3/22/2020 3/9/2020 96 n Mauzac 4/5/2020 3/14/2020 91 u TV2
  8. Here's the update, folks. By the way, I will only be updating the spreadsheet for two more week since I will be heading out for a vacation and will not have access to my PC. Hopefully we will see a lot more action in the coming 12 days. As of Date: 6/13/2020 Cruise Fare Cruise Date Refund Request Date Refund Received Date Days since Request Days between Request and Refund u cruzluvers
  9. Yours is a big mystery. I would love to hear if they have provide any information.
  10. I agree it is a mystery. Not sure what the rationale is. But I am pretty sure this is not one group of people sitting in one office building working on one assembly line. If there are multiple groups preparing the refunds, might some of them be in areas harder hit with the virus? Do certain people process certain ships? Do they process by voyage? (I think this might be true. It seems that when a group of refunds come at once, they are frequently from the same cruise date). Does it make a difference if the customer is in the US or elsewhere? Do people who used FCD's take longer than thos
  11. Well I received my last refund today from Seabourn so I am "whole". While I certainly missed doing the cruise, we now have a pretty sizable chunk of money which I had not planned on having. Our budget for travel for 2021 is already put aside (which we may or may not end up spending), so I think we will be doing some significant upgrades around the house. Being house bound for a few months have given me some ideas. Although I do have a trip to Vegas in my mind when I decide it is safe and worth going. And we have had a number of updates for our spreadsheet so here it is. I
  12. Not sure. But my guess is no. Two others with the same cruise date were refunded on the same date. I think the refunds have something to do with cruise date. Maybe even with the ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. The first column shows u for USA and n for not USA. If it is blank, the persons cruise critic profile does not say. 13 of the 61 posts are identified as non usa. of these, 7 have gotten the refund. 10 of the 23 usa posters have received refunds
  14. I agree the communication could have been handled better. But from what I have read, I am not sure other cruise lines handled things much better. Would it affect my choice in the future? Probably not. I will still base my decision on value and itinerary. I have no reason to believe that the Seabourn cruise experience will be anything less than what I have experienced in the past, which I have always found to be excellent. Would I change my choice because it took me 60 days to get a refund and I had not received more frequent updates written by some crisis communications consultant? not
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