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  1. As a special treat to myself 60th year and Mrs Liberal we booked a Princess grill but were happily upgraded to Q5 for the Transatlantic via Liverpool and Iceland in July. Only ever being in normal class and both being vegetarians my take is this. The dining and atmosphere in Britannia is better. Vegetarian and Vegan choices are no different and certainly not worth paying any extra at all. We moved back to Britannia on a free transfer to be with my Mom after the Liverpool leg cracking fun on a table for Eight with new American friends. The stateroom was wonderful and we had a lovely party one night for new friends and the butler arranged it all for us. The "Free" bar was great I swapped all the standard lager beer for Real ale no problem I had as much as I could drink along with 2 bottles of gin and numerous bottles of Rose wine for the party and my ladies. The big tub with the bubble machine was fun and overall the stateroom and balcony was really fabulous. The butler was just great he knew we were just having a fun time and was very happy to make us feel at home he brought us breakfast for the Three of us made Three places with the finest china, cutlery and starched clothes and eating in the stateroom was really special....much better than the QG..in my opinion. Concierge room is very good deck 9 it's the place to listen to rich people ask for ridiculous things honestly! you would think what they were asking for was of national importance and the poor concierge staff have to listen to the drivel.. but its quite well used. Deck 11 Grills terrace is a waste of space and its a bit dingy nothing to see or any advantage so might as well put some more cabins here instead. Deck 7 Grills Lounge is another complete waste of space its a home for the nearly dead I would be tempted to turn this into the casino if I ran Cunard and put more cabins in where the casino is. It serves no purpose and might as well be wiped off the deck plan. So on the whole if you get a lucky upgrade like we did its fun just for the cabin and booze really. Otherwise its a complete waste of your hard earned I will stick to Britannia for sure going forwards if I live longer. Had a great holiday and love Cunard!
  2. Thanks for posting LadyL1 sounds like quite a nasty start to your adventure. I am hoping that you let us know all about your ports of call and what you make of it all. How thrilling to be going to South Africa at this time!
  3. Well I really find the soft pleasant music that is played at the rear decks on Queen Vic to be rather pleasant.I hope they do the same on QM2 adds to the atmosphere. I'm not dead yet!
  4. Agreed that the Coriander meal on all Three queens (for Vegetarians in our case) is outstanding! possibly the finest Indian meal you will find with good choices of beer or wines to go with it. I noticed that several officers used this alternative dining with partners on Queen Victoria last year.
  5. I've been upgraded to Queens Grill but will be not making full use of it due to my Mom being in Brtittania we plan to join her most evenings. But we will be trying out Queens Grill for the first couple of nights 14th and 15th July as our Son is doing the short Southampton to Liverpool trip so he and his girlfriend will sit with Mom then. We are vegetarian so my plan was to ask for the cooks to make us a vegetarian Indian meal One night and a nut roast in pastry with veg, and roast potatoes the next day. Do you think that's OK to ask? Can you get Heinz beans(or other good baked beans not the usual rubbish ones served on Cunard) in QG? for breakfast on good thick wholemeal toast.? (not the usual rubbish thin weak bread served on Cunard) Can you get a good cup of coffee in QG not the usual rubbish etc?
  6. Who is the entertainment manager?Mark
  7. Oh my word there is so much to see and do in St Petersburg . I cant recommend the folk dancing evening however there are better shows on board the ship. Im sure the ballet is fine however we got our choice wrong last year. If you can afford it get the Cunard Volga vintage car trip it was amazing!! You can get Three in the backseat with lots of comfort lots of stops for photos you get a guide for the trip and a driver plus cream tea!
  8. She is a grand ship the Victoria and looks like you have lovely weather in Bergen. Thanks for the photos!
  9. If it does rain tomorrow I could recommend the Grieg museum and lunchtime concert gives you a big musical Norway in a nutshell to take home. You can get a tram or bus from Bergan its on the outskirts of the city but ideal if its wet. That's what we did and its cracking possibly the best thing to do in Bergan.
  10. I have been upgraded twice on QM2.Never on Queen Vic. Once from Deck 8 obstructed to Deck 11 nice view felt very honoured to be upgraded. The second time is to happen shortly.. I booked a Brittania Club cabin on board Queen Victoria last year for this years QM2 Super transatlantic via Iceland Got $450 on board credit each. The very nice Christopher Foy sales and Loyalty manager asked me if I had a significant event coming up which I had as this is my 60th year.Then went into see the travel agent back home who I transferred the booking to on board, she said the promotion meant I could switch the booking to Princess Grill at no cost which I did and we saw an increase to $600 each in on board credit. Then I got a nice email about 6 weeks ago from Cunard informing me that my wife and I have been given a complimentary QG5 upgrade. So my advise would be book in advance on board and get the extra on board credit and be very nice to the sales and loyalty manager! or it might just be a random fairy upgrade thing?
  11. The next time you come to Stourbridge let me know we are happy to put you up for a couple of nights. The vine is a chip shop now and does very well with lots of car parking. Our local is the bird in hand which is a fantastic community pub with great real ales.We live on a new small estate that was once part of the Glass works site,the area has been redeveloped with a glass museum to replace the Broadfield House One(not open yet) and posh loft type apartments by the canal converted from the old works Its quite nice Chemix is still around and Marine Cres is just around the corner.My daughter lives near the Hospital where you may have lived. We have got a new manager called Slavin Billick ex Croatia+West Ham manager(not sure about the spelling) Hopefuly a better season awaits for the baggies! Dave and Elaine Sheppard
  12. A number of great step forwards. I will bring my own sail away flags then... I've still got a couple left from the last time!
  13. Ah Odemwingie what a great player! He got a club cap recently as all ex players are now and a great reception from the crowd he has retired from football now though its a very short time at top.We have slipped back down the league a bit!.2012 was my first time on QM2 we went and found our sister town in New England and all the other new old towns great trip. Looks like you had a great time except for your car damage still a memorable trip and that storm how did Mary handle it? Thanks to your Son for putting that together. We live by the side of the canal near the glass cone which you may remember is just about the last glass cone standing in England.Stourbridge glass should be on the QM2 really its been manufactured here for 400 years maybe we should start a campaign? Im back on board on the 14th for the super transatlantic via Iceland cant wait... thanks again for the film David Sheppard
  14. Wow so what’s the connection to the The Black Country I’m from Stourbridge so was amazed to see your video of Some of our local tourism hot spots.Also I’m s big baggies fan so impressed that you took in a game at the Hawthorns. Boing Boing baggies all the best👍😀🚢
  15. Thanks for the thinking of that Idea Mark Bear and Big Mike do you think that it would be possible in a Q5 room not sure it has a table that 3 could get round, maybe the coffee table? I will ask as you recommend in any case and see if its possible for One night. Thanks for the advice.
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