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  1. I don't buy the excuse that the laundry inclusion error is the result of the marketing team since I brought up the issue with Atlas in December 2020. The Terms and Conditions stated laundry was not included but the FAQs said it was. I questioned my Atlas Voyage Specialist and he assured me, in writing, that it was included per the FAQs. There was plenty of time to make a correction before now. I made a booking in December 2020 on the World Navigator for a February 2022 sailing. I didn't proceed to making a deposit due to: Wrong Terms and Conditions document provided Terms and Conditions frequently updated during the booking process Guest Statement included incorrect Cancellation Statement Conflict about laundry inclusion Husband's last name (same as mine) spelled wrong on Guest Statement All of these issues made us leery that Atlas would be ready and able to provide the promised product. The brochures and descriptions for Atlas sound wonderful which is why I have been following these boards. Atlas still seems to be in the concept stage.
  2. The small deposit will just be transferred to a FCC if I cancel now. After a really long hold with TA talking to HAL, I've been told that there is a 10-day grace period and my booking won't be automatically cancelled today for non-payment. Was advised to wait for an update from HAL on changes and options. I think it is unreasonable that HAL wants payment for a cruise with no identified start/end ports. Has anyone else used a grace period before?
  3. The final payment is due today for my booking on the Eurodam September 12, 2021 cruise which used to be roundtrip Venice. I'm not ready to make final payment for this cruise with unknown start and end ports. Venice was a big attraction to selecting this cruise. Who knows what other changes will be made to the itinerary. Also don't know who picks up the additional transportations costs if moved to ports such as Trieste or Ravenna. Does anyone know what will happen to my booking if I just do nothing?
  4. I was on the Oosterdam in 2019 in cabin SY 8090. The noise from carts rolling in the Lido starting at 4:00 am was awful. The carts kept going bump bump bump bump... I'll never select a cabin under the Lido again or risk getting a free "upgrade" there.
  5. There is an option on Flight Ease to select your class of seats on both the departure and return flights. They do not need to match.
  6. The only thing that is consistent on our Future Cruise Credit tab is the inconsistency. Around 6 weeks ago available FCC was listed for my husband and not me. Couple weeks later it was correctly listed for both of us. Now it is listed for me and not my husband. Called HAL concerning the no longer listed FCC. Rep seemed to understand the issue and put me on hold multiple times while she investigated. Problem was not solved and she wouldn't provide the FCC ID numbers. For that I need to call my TA (Big Box Store) who then has to call HAL for the information. We're also each missing a Future Cruise Deposit. I've contacted HAL multiple times by both phone and email and have not made any progress on resolving. The HAL Reps also don't seem to understand the difference between Future Cruise Deposits and Future Cruise Credits which makes the conversations more difficult.
  7. We were also on the Oosterdam March 21 cruise and selected the full refund option. We received our final payment refund on June 2 and our deposit refund on June 6. Shore excursion refunds were received in March. Many others on this cruise have received their refunds as well according to posts on the roll call.
  8. I am pleased to report that I was successful in both getting through to a Big Box Store agent yesterday and supposedly getting my pending double deposit value FCC associated with an October 2020 cancelled cruise applied to an April 2021 cruise that I had booked in December 2019. There was no need to cancel and rebook the same cruise and lose prior promotions. The agent did seem surprised that my request was approved so results may vary. I figured it didn't hurt to ask.
  9. This is now my fourth cruise canceled. Does anyone know if the FCC can be applied to a 2021 cruise currently booked or does it only apply to new bookings made after today?
  10. Just off the Volendam on a 30-day cruise. The sandwich section was the worst we have experienced. There was technically a sandwich making station. It was rarely manned and had almost no ingredients to choose from. Most often it was only turkey or ham with very few toppings. The pre-made sandwiches had some different ingredients, but were very skimpy except for the large bread, and not consistently made. For example, my husband and I both got the spicy chicken banh mi sandwich. Both included a very thin slice of chicken, one soggy almost see through piece of lettuce. Mine also included one radish slice. My husband's was missing the radish but had two slices of cucumber. No sauce or seasonings to speak of. Options to have an improved sandwich are to combine multiple sandwiches as already suggested or to supplement with additional ingredients from the sandwich worker (if available), the hot line, or Dive. So much for a quick and easy lunch. The chips generally had to be requested.
  11. Around 1:00 today it was announced we would be arriving in Santarem at 5 pm, staying overnight, and shore excursions scheduled for today would be rescheduled for tomorrow. At 3:00 we found out that all shore excursions and shuttle buses would be canceled for both days. During the 5:00 announcement we found out that we will be leaving Santarem at 8:00 in the morning and heading to Manaus. No mention of our scheduled stop in Boca Da Valeria. Found out that port was also cancelled by asking an officer.
  12. We thoroughly enjoyed our crossing on the Koningsdam in April from Ft Lauderdale to Rome. Very smooth sailing and the stop in the Azores was wonderful. Our next crossing is booked on the Rotterdam.
  13. We spent a week in Oosterdam cabin SY 8090 last month. The cabin had a large overhang for the balcony which we definitely liked. However the location was awful for night noise. We heard noise from carts/trolleys being rolled across the lido above the cabin at all times of night. The lido floor above has small tiles so we often heard the wheels going bumpbumpbumpbump. The noise wasn't constant, but made it difficult to initially get to sleep, would wake us up multiple times during the night, and then keep us awake. Thankfully it was only a one week cruise.
  14. Just got off a 7 day NA cruise in the Caribbean. Standard show times were 7:30 and 9:30.
  15. I just got off the Oosterdam on 9/29. For our cruise, the newspaper was called either the USA News or USA Times. One change I noticed was more sports coverage than the NY Times. A small crossword puzzle with answers was included daily. In addition to this paper was something called Today's Games from The New York Times. It included the regular daily crossword puzzle with answers along with a Sudoku. The crossword puzzle took up more space on the page so numbers and questions were much easier to read for me. We usually picked both up in the morning before breakfast from near the front desk and enjoyed reading at breakfast. I know the newspaper was available in other locations but am unsure about the puzzles.
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