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  1. My first cruise was in 1976. What I remember from that cruise was that no matter what dessert I ordered, the waiter always brought me 2. He said I was "too skinny!" As I recall the midnight buffet, it was always packed the first night or two of a cruise, then as people got more stuffed as the cruise went along, fewer and fewer people showed up. I just recently downsized and threw away all my old menus I had saved. One of my first cruises (maybe Costa Line?) we had the option of reserving (renting) a specific deck chair for the length of the cruise. And of course the daily newspapers - no
  2. Are you sailing Princess or Royal Caribbean since you have posted this on both boards?
  3. Doesn't anybody here have a Culver's nearby to eat their fried Cheese Curds? https://www.culvers.com/menu-and-nutrition/sides/menu-item-details/wisconsin-cheese-curds
  4. Had the same topic on the Princess board. Got so political and heated with personal attacks the whole thread was deleted.
  5. Enjoy your cruise! Remember there are thousands of people on cruises around the world right now who are NOT getting sick!
  6. Fort Lauderdale is not in a foreign country.
  7. Being reported by whom? It would be helpful if people would identify their sources with so much misinformation out there about the subject.
  8. We're booked on the Ruby Princess Aug. 15 also. Are you sure you're looking at the right schedule? There is only one sea day, Sun. Aug. 16. Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier is only from 7am to 1pm. Be sure to join the roll call for our cruise!
  9. When I signed up on a roll call on Feb. 13, it showed 3 members. Another member joined on Feb. 16. While the roll call itself shows up, the number on the reference still shows only 3 members. I am wondering since the original person starting the roll call has not been back, if they are maybe just checking the first page and not seeing that some others of us are going also.
  10. No, you can have any attitude you want. You can't control what other people say or do, only your reaction to them.
  11. Do you get the bottles of water from a bar? What about International Cafe?
  12. Thanks everybody! It's always good to get information from people who have actually "been there/done that!"
  13. Thanks for the info. I assume Holland America doesn't actually own properties in the Yukon (i.e. Dawson and Whitehorse) and they just put you in a regular hotel. So the vouchers would probably only be good at these hotels? I wasn't sure how many restaurants might be in these more remote areas.
  14. Looking at doing a Yukon & Denali Cruise tour this summer. I see they offer a meal plan for the land portion. Has anybody here used it? I'm wondering just what it covers, I'm sure you won't be able to just go into any restaurant and order anything. It seems very cheap, having been to Alaska three times before (but never to the Yukon) and I know how expensive things can be there.
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