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  1. We tipped $10 per person, 8 of us. He seemed very happy. He did work for it, we had the drinks package and he was always on the go. Nice guy, we were in the very first bungalow
  2. lol My bad. CoCo Beach :) Must have RCI on the brain .
  3. Def Kennedy Space Center if you have never been before. Go as early as possible, a good 4 hours to visit. Beaches, the pier between Cape Canaveral and CoCoCay is a nice place. At least you can find refreshments and bathrooms.
  4. Never received it on a RCi cruise. Cunard gave us a nice OBC crossing the Atlantic.
  5. 4 ajoing staterooms. 8 bottles of wine. We never paid corkage once.
  6. It's dinner and wine. Usually good fun depends on the staff’s enthusiasm and your dinner guests. We have mostly enjoyed them, maybe 5 time over our cruise history.
  7. We always rent a bungalo or cabana if we can get one, for our family. Well worth the expense.
  8. It's amazing how fast these repairs can be carried out. We pulled into San Francisco in a frigate a little too fast, tore a 12' long hole along the Stbd Aft section just above the waterline. We were so excited, it was only a 4-day R&R visit. We thought we would be there for weeks. The Dockyard had us patched up, painted as if nothing happened and we still sailed on time. 😞 Money talks, I’m sure it will here too. That and an insurance payout to speed things along.
  9. Keep checking back. A month or so before our cruise they released the 5 held back for suit guests that were not booked. They sold those 5 in about 15 mins of being listed. Join your specific meet & mingle for your cruise date. Someone will post on there the moment they go on sale.
  10. We gave the guide $30 each, he split it with the driver.
  11. We always rent one. Well worth the cost for the private hut, loungers and waiter service.
  12. My wife will tell you that i'm cheap. I can't disagree so I'm always on the lookout for a bargain. I picked up a very nice pair of Nikon Prostaf 5 binoculars. I know nothing about them except from research. They are very well made. Best of all they were $32 inclusive of shipping from www.shopgoodwill.com Presently there are 333 for sale there. But do your research first. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Listings?st=binoculars&sg=&c=&s=&lp=0&hp=999999&sbn=False&spo=False&snpo=False&socs=False&sd=False&sca=False&caed=3/12/2019 12:00:00 AM&cadb=7&scs=False&sis=False&col=4&p=1&ps=40&desc=true&ss=0&UseBuyerPrefs=true
  13. There's a review or two if you do a search.
  14. If you do a search there is a full review from our trip. Yes you can leave early, we left around midnight before the last stop at a Cuban Nightclub. We were tired.
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