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  1. Yep, we didn't enjoy this on Radiance. Very loud at times.
  2. Recent Alaska cruise, boarded quickly no waiting. In the cabin is a letter congratulating me upon reaching diamond status. Weird, just about Emerald at best. Check my card, sure enough Diamond 🙂 Check with customer services, no it's not a mistake. Congratulations. Wasn't about to argue Unfortunately the rest of my party were all Platinum, so didn't get to enjoy all the perks. Enjoyed a few G&Ts in the various bars during happy hour .. Nice upgrade, now question is will they continue on my next cruise 🙂
  3. We cruised with friends. They took the train both ways to Denali. We did the train / coach combo. We we had a great time. The guide made the trip. Our friends were not happy. People dominated the glass topped carriage. The train staff, college kids would not tell people to leave. They were very frustrated trying to get a seat up there. Then the train rain was slower than the coach. They arrived about 2 hours after us at the ship. They em would never do this again.
  4. In our case we were there on one of Her Majesty’s finest warships. We had a crew of 180 and a team of chefs waiting onboard for their fish supper. We weren’t too popular when arriving empty handed.
  5. I had thought about doing so. But Radiance of the sea is currently on the Alaskan itinerary so thought an answer may have been forthcoming.
  6. One thing that suprised our group of 6 in Caymen was that we couldnt keep the fish! Had not occured to us that we couldn't keep it. I guess we had no clue. We caught Dolphin, king mackeral some other larger fish (15 -25lb) can't recall the type. But there were hotel chefs, in whites waiting for us on the doackside. The Captain of the boat had sold the fish on the way into port.
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me on what night the waiters, chefs and staff do the whole dance around the dining room during dinner?
  8. Lol, I remember those girls. Feet apart, hands behind thier backs standing stock still watching us all. Some of them looked like they were dressed for a club. Didn't like the one behind the desk by the scanner. She 'confiscated' part of one passangers load of gifts for people in Cuba, depositing them into a box under her desk. A little shady.
  9. We tipped $10 per person, 8 of us. He seemed very happy. He did work for it, we had the drinks package and he was always on the go. Nice guy, we were in the very first bungalow
  10. lol My bad. CoCo Beach :) Must have RCI on the brain .
  11. Def Kennedy Space Center if you have never been before. Go as early as possible, a good 4 hours to visit. Beaches, the pier between Cape Canaveral and CoCoCay is a nice place. At least you can find refreshments and bathrooms.
  12. Never received it on a RCi cruise. Cunard gave us a nice OBC crossing the Atlantic.
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