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  1. Totally agree, with over 35 cruises under my belt at a fairly young age, but only 14 on O, I can confirm that this crossing WAS different. I would cross the North Atlantic in the Dead of winter, it’s a fantastic experience, so weather doesn’t bother me, nor missing ports of call. The standard of “dress”, behaviour of many passengers as set out above was disgusting. The maintenance of the vessel in some areas was poor and was of some concern. As for LHT’s comments about VIP passengers, we must have been on a different ship. It was more like the Dover/Calais car ferry than an upper premium experience. The only entitlement I saw was queue jumping. I agree VERY UNPLEASANT passengers, with all the prejudice and bad behaviour they brought with them. Altogether an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience.
  2. I know he went from Silversea to Regent, but for me Ray Solaire was the best ever, (apart from the legendary Moss Hills on Silversea). A true gentleman and great performer. He pitched his craft to the perfect level and was always Visible, he didn’t need gimmicks like “strange shoes”, nor did he deluge the public areas with announcements. For me though Nolan or Leslie get my vote, followed by Dottie. The “shoes” however, don’t cut it at all....., but that’s my personal opinion. I’m sure he has a following..
  3. Annoyed? No. Needing a quick and correct answer? Yes..... My advice? Unless you have US region DVD’s don’t take them with you. There now dear, is that better?? 😜
  4. It’s fine, I got my answer directly from Oceania instead. 😎
  5. But is this still only US region DVD’s playing?
  6. Do the built in DVD players on the R ships still only play US region DVD’s? Not the end of the world if they do..... 😎
  7. I believe in getting rid of ALL cruise directors, then we can all enjoy some peace and quiet. 😎🧐😜
  8. We did a crossing on Marina from New York to Lisbon last April on her last cruise before going into dry dock, the most memorable part was the midnight sail away past Manhattan and out to sea. The ship was in good shape and the crew were all happy as many were going home from Lisbon, it was a really lovely trip, the service was good, food excellent and interesting passengers. I would have no problem booking the same trip or any pre-dry dock cruises with O. I would however avoid any cruise immediately post refit on ANY line....
  9. It seems very promising, less “chintz” and more understated in style. I would go back to the smaller ships now. Just one thing, could O also update their afternoon canapés in PH cabins please.....? They really need to offer something different after all these years....
  10. I'm afraid I'm one of those "people" that turns down any invitations these days. Previously, and against my better judgement, I accepted and spent the most boring evening with the most self important and obnoxious people I had ever met. One couple, within 3 minutes of meeting had told me what they did for a living, how wealthy they were, where they lived (pointless as I don't know Idaho) and how many "cruises" they had been on. I really couldn't be bothered listening after 1 minute, let alone a whole meal. The other couple kept bragging on and on about how the Captain and GM invited them because of their "status", another couple had issues with cuttlery and keeping their mouths shut when chewing. All in all it was a bit of a disaster, a wasted precious evening I will never get back, Someone earlier mentioned the wine, it was hideous as was the fact that we all ate so early and were served weak coffee alongside the desert. Mercifully, the "inamtes" were "released" early to go to the "show"....... I escaped in the opposte direction. The beautry of "O" is that they treat you like adults, there really is a choice, so everyone CAN do their own thing. I have no idea how they "invite" people, but I presume their hands are tied as to what their Head Office tells them. So, I avoid any such invites these days and make a polite excuse. I prefer to enjoy the ship as an hotel, I would never expect to be asked to have dinner with the manager or banqeting manager of an hotel I was staying in, so I never understand this need for dining with the "scrambled egg brigade", they must dread it.... I would however love to be a fly on the wall after the dinner ends and the hosts can discuss the latest table fodder!!! I can only imagine some of the stories...... Each to their own I suppose! It's "Your World Your Way" after all...... lol
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