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  1. This July on the Seaside, in the Yacht Club, the people still stayed in the pool drinking. They just hung onto the sides. They blocked the stairs. You couldn’t even get into the pool unless you kept saying “excuse me” and wiggled your way in. The middle of the pool was empty. A float of some sort would’ve been a great idea.
  2. Thank you everyone. I guess I’ll wait until I’m on board. Maybe by then I’ll be able to see the departure time.
  3. If you book an MSC excursion on line, do you have to pay for it right away, or can it go on your account so you can use your OBC?
  4. No, if you’re a woman, shaking it dry means doing the shimmy. No touching involved.
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. So it’s known that the ships sailing the Caribbean in August will be Seaside and Armonia? If that’s the case, we’ll definitely keep the March cruise on Mereviglia because Armonia doesn’t have the YC, And we were just on the Seaside this past July.
  6. The week we have booked is the 21st to 28th. I’m really considering staying with this cruise unless what they come out with in August is something real special.
  7. We have a Caribbean cruise booked for the end of March 2021 on the Mereglivia. I really wanted an August cruise but the 2021 dates aren’t posted yet so to I scheduled the one in March just to be sure I had something. Then I was thinking, maybe the March date would be better. Can anyone give me an idea of what the weather and the seas are like in late March early June?
  8. So sorry. It was late when I posted. I did get the two mixed up.
  9. You’re going to love the jet ski excursion with Fat Fish. We did I it 2 years ago. We drove the jet skis out 4 miles to the sting rays, then got on the jet skis and drove to a snorkeling sight. Then we went to starfish point. Got on the jet skis and rode the 4 miles back. We were 69 at that time and I have to admit, it was the best excursion we ever went on. Make sure you wear swim goggles because when you’re driving fast to keep up with the guide, you’re getting a lot of salt water thrown in your face. Enjoy.
  10. When we were on the Escape Haven we had the least expensive cabin—the spa cabin. It was awesome as far as room size. It also had a whirlpool in the room. The problem with that room was that it wasn’t in the Haven complex. It was next to the spa. LaMuse, their restaurant was also not in the Haven. You had to learn how to navigate your way there. The first night your Butler takes you there to show you the easiest way. Having sailed on the Divina and Seaside I would never again sail NCL’s Haven. Mostly because if their cost and their swimming pool. It was so small and even when the roof is retracted it seems very stuffy and dull. To me, the YC and the Haven aren’t comparable. Just booked another YC on the Meraviglia in the Caribbean in 2021.
  11. We just got off the Seaside a couple of weeks ago. Also sailed on the Divina 1 1/2 years ago. Just booked the Meraviglia for the Caribbean in March 2021. All in the YC. It sounds like you like the Meraviglia just as much as Divina except the feeling of crowds around the ship. I haven’t heard too much about this ship as it’s been in the Med. I’ll have to start watching for more boards on her. Thank you for your nice review.
  12. rojoand8

    Summer 2021

    Thank you. That seems like a lot of their ships be in the US.
  13. rojoand8

    Summer 2021

    Thank you. I’ll just have to keep checking. I also saw that sailing in April that you spotted. Sounds intriguing, but we can’t make it in April.
  14. rojoand8

    Summer 2021

    Has there been any chit chat as to what ships will be doing the Caribbean in the summer of 2021 and when the bookings will open up for them?
  15. We were just off the Seaside in the Yacht Club. Our family wore basically the same to dinner each night which was going to church Sunday clothes. We did not dress up for the elegant nights. A man at the next table wore a different black t-shirt every night that had rock bands on them. Didn’t bother us at all, he just looked a little strange being in his 60s wearing that.
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