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  1. Downloaded, worked well. Ordered our Medallions. Most of the other stuff is not operable, maybe because 1. Haven't made final payments. 2. Cruise is 216 days out But it knew me w/o signing in, cool
  2. The last lines point out the problem, if we can't walk off and explore, we can't meet and spend.
  3. If we could get the vaccine shots here in South Florida, I'd pack my masks and make the 55 minute drive to Port Everglades. Anything from 2 - 7 days would be fine, just open the casino like normal. 🙂
  4. Well if Princess goes with Princess only excursions, no walk offs, that will be a disappointment in some Ports (St Thomas, Sint Maarten, San Juan, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao come to mind) as we have been on many of the excursions and have no desire to repeat any. We would usually walk off and explore the towns. Might as well close down Havensight and then other's shopping havens. What would be the benefit to each port besides the small number of excursions? How would it help the local people make a living? Mind you, I can chill on the ship pretty well, haven't gone ashore in the Princ
  5. Looked at the prices for the 11/30 Enchanted 10 day cruise on the website, did a "booking" for a balcony using the BSE package. Price was so-so. So I emailed my Princess Planner and asked her what she had, saved almost $1100 (for two) over the website price and we were eligible for a $100 Casino credit too. So we booked it, good enough. I really wasn't expecting that much of a drop in fare, but I'll take it. Also from the search on the website, stateroom availability wasn't huge. Not sure if they are holding back rooms or not.
  6. Nothing new from my friend. He's home with his family and I'll leave him be for a while. They have some catching up to do. I looked last night early and only the Majestic had any movement. Gives me something to watch along with the Sky in the Med
  7. Don, My friend said if Princess starts up again he would go back. As a post up said, they can make much more money as a crew member than they could at home. I think part of the real question would be, how do they get back to the ships, will airline flights be back in play? His normal assigned & preferred ship is the Regal and it is in the Med, off Cyprus at the moment.
  8. What nationality is he? I know that Princess is working to get other crew home via flights as Manila's airport is open and has connection with some countries. The problem is whether there are any scheduled flights to say, Japan or China, etc. It sounded like the remaining nationalities were less than 25 per nation. Mighty expensive charter
  9. My friend who came off the Regal onto the Island and came home said that crew with contracts would be paid, but he was unsure of happens after they disembark in Manila. He also said that crew whose contracts had expired would continue to be paid up to disembarkation in Manila. He has not been charged anything to use the internet and uses Messenger to keep up with his family and that's how we "talk". Believe me if he was being charged for the internet I would not have heard near as much from him
  10. Off the Island? My friend came over from the Regal.
  11. Counting cruising around the east coast of Florida waiting and shuffling crews, we started talking on March 12th, the trip home started on April 23rd and they arrived in Manila and disembarked on June 20th. So a total of 101 days overall, with the journey home taking 77 days. Never once touched land. I would have gone crazy.
  12. The Island is disembarking crew as I write this. My friend aboard is on a tender heading to shore. Their long journey home is just about complete. Other nationalities besides Filipino will be sent home as soon as travel (air flights) can be arranged.
  13. The Island is disembarking crew as I write, my friend is on a tender heading to shore. His (their) long journey home is over. I'm so happy for him and the rest of the crew. Hopefully they can get the other nationalities home soon enough. One crew from the Pacific Princess came over before they got the word on the testing. Now the homecoming can begin. I'll post again if I hear anything more. Thanks for following and that's all I got .... for now
  14. Ok, was off for a few days in North Carolina. Just got done talking with my friend and he updated me with some Island info and Crown info. The Crown has begun disembarking crew members. Filipino crews are going of in 300 crew count groups. Other nationalities are being set up for disembarkation. Seventeen Thai crew were flown home so far The Island - Swab tests were administered and results are due back tomorrow (our Friday). If they are cleared then the same procedure will be applied, 300 crew at a time by nationality then smaller groups of other nationalities. For the
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