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  1. Hi Paul, Just saw this, wanted to let you know for future reference that if you book the ritz (any ritz carlton) through a virtuoso agent you can get free breakfast, a $100 food and beverage credit and a free upgrade if available. Some of the hotels will give a spa credit instead of F&B, but it is usually food. If that agent is also STARZ you usually get some sort of amenity as well (fruit platter, chocolates etc.) You can google the hotel name along with virtuoso amenities for more info. Glad you enjoyed the trip! Neda
  2. No, its actually 3,4,5 times odds which is actually pretty good. I was just using double odds as an example for house advantage. Some of the people in the pit count the odds and some don't, it really depends on who you get. Most land based casinos don't count the odds bets though. My last cruise I played for a week and got about 25k blue club tier points for the table play so I think they at least counted some of the odds.
  3. I think min is about $10. The craps table has both the best and worst odds in the house. If you stick with pass line and come bets and take double odds the house advantage is 6 tenths of one percent. If you play the hard ways and one roll bets the advantage to the house can be as high as 17% or somewhere close to that. If you are a blue chip member and can sign chips for free, you can actually be slightly ahead of the house. I sign my chips to my cabin and pay with a 2% cashback card so I end up about 1.4% ahead mathematically (at least during the time the initial buy in is being played). It can be a lot of fun as the same people tend to gravitate to the table every night so you get some camaraderie going .
  4. I agree with you 100%. I actually won't play blackjack at all because of them hitting soft 17 and not allowing surrender. I would sometimes just fool around with a few bucks if I had match plays, but 6:5 on blackjack I won't even do that. I gamble pretty heavily and will usually do $50 a hand minimum with a 1-6 spread, but not with those rules. I always stick to craps on cruises, much much better odds.
  5. Really enjoying this thread as I am contemplating a similar itinerary in the same cabin for 2020 (if one comes available after final payment as they are booked now). FYI on Mount Cinnamon, I've used their day passes several times in the past and booked directly for a lot less money. They used to have an all inclusive option exactly the same as you had for $60pp and would send a car to the ship to pick you up for I think $14.00 for the whole group, it also included breakfast if you got there early enough. We tried it and it was a great change as the views were spectacular. The last time I was there, they just charged $20 per person with no food or beverages, but did include towels and access to the facilities, even with ordering lobster and a few drinks, it was still much less than the $129pp that resorts for a day charges. I haven't been in a few years, so maybe things have changed, but I would definitely try the hotel directly.
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