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  1. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on Summit in September. Duly noted on our reservations. Acknowledgement by Celebrity - zip, nil, nada. But we had a wonderful cruise.
  2. We were on Summit 9/1 to Bermuda, and were assigned a two-top along the wall with the awful 'Alice in Wonderland' chairs (I love that description). Very uncomfortable, the seat was too deep back to front (even with extra pillows), and the chair was too heavy to maneuver once you were seated. After about 1/2 hour of trying to get comfortable, our waitress replaced it with one of the regular chairs, which was much better. And it made it easy to find our table on the nights we ate in the MDR.
  3. the NY Harbor webcam marine traffic map shows her moving at 3.1 knots 2 minutes ago.
  4. DeeDee Sorry I’m not a biker so I don’t know. I suggest you check Bermuda-attractions web site for info about the trail.
  5. DeeDee - last time we bussed back to the Dockyard from Horseshoe, the bus driver was tailgating a man on a pedal bike. That poor guy was pedaling like he was in the Tour de France for at least 10 minutes until he could find a place to pull off. The entire front of the bus cheered when he finally pulled into a store parking area. If that biker had lost control, he'd have been badly injured, at best. Maybe you'd be okay biking around St. George or on the old railway trail, but not on any of the shoulder-less main roads, please.
  6. Log in at cruise critic.com, then go to boards. for more info, there is some discussion about this on Forum Assistance.
  7. Since Wednesday, I had the setup shown in my post #3; could not log out, which I prefer to do when I'm done each day. This a.m., I was logged out, and could not log in thru forums. Like Charles, OldBear and Ready2cruz, I was able to log in on cruise critic.com, not in forums. I almost exclusively use my desktop Mac / Safari.
  8. I couldn't log in earlier today on my desktop (Mac, using Safari). This evening, I could, but now I can't log out, even though the CC screen is showing 'log in'. I tried signing off (twice) by using the drop down next to my screen name, but am still logged in.
  9. Charles - thanks for the link. Public projects do seem to drag on, no matter where in the world they are. (By the way, my comment was a joke)
  10. HCat - your comment made me smile. Hot dogs with the grandkids is just a different version of living your best life.
  11. did they specify July of this year?😂
  12. It's not a bad idea to bring packaged snacks from home and take a few with you when you go ashore. They can be pricey on board. We took peanut butter n crackers, Combos, Welch's fruit snacks, etc., when we cruised with our grandsons last year. They came in very handy.
  13. yes, there are. if you google 'Celebrity Summit elevators', you'll find pics of them. the photos are probably pre-revolution.
  14. I'm enjoying this blog. Thank you, and enjoy your trip. To revisit the pink sand storyline from earlier, here's a pic from the east end of Horseshoe beach. This is about as pink as the sand gets and is most noticeable just at the tide line.
  15. Hi Donut23 - So glad you're getting back to beautiful Bermuda. Have you joined the roll call yet? Come on over. I love tugboats - here's a pic of each of those two beautiful ladies that I've taken on previous trips.
  16. Excellent. Beautiful picture!!
  17. you're very welcome. Hope your part of Lancaster survived the storms and tornados the last couple of nights.
  18. Here's a photo of the moon gate in Queen Elizabeth Park. if you turn left onto Front Street from the ferry terminal, then turn right onto Par La Ville Rd, you'll come to the moon gate side of the park. Go up short flight of stairs to the gate. you can then retrace your steps to the ferry/taxi area, or walk through the park to Queen Street and turn right back to Front Street and the Ferry/taxi area. One good thing about a short stay in Bermuda - it will convince you to go back. Then you can visit the moon gates in Somer's Park in St. George, and in the Botanical Gardens😊.
  19. Radio Thanks so much or this review. Beautiful pics and lots of great info. Can't wait for our 9/1 cruise on this beautiful ship.
  20. We'll also be in Bermuda the same week and have booked the catamaran for Friday morning. We're just going for the ride - not so much for the snorkeling. this is a picture I took on Rising Son in 2009 that shows benches along the side, so you don't have to sit on the trampoline. It can get bouncy when they're under sail, but it is so much fun. Your SIL will have to decide if the benches will be comfortable/supportive enough for her.
  21. Radio Thanks so much for this review. We're on Summit on her Sept. 1 (last cruise of the season) to beautiful Bermuda. Also in a 2A, so I appreciate the photos. We've been on Summit pre- and post-Solsticizing, and are really looking forward to enjoying her new look. The pics of the deep blue water just made me happy.
  22. I had measles, mumps and chickenpox back in the 50's. A few years ago, I had shingles. It was the single most painful experience I've ever had - worse than childbirth, surgery, broken bones and ear infections. One side of my face and scalp were covered - even my hair hurt!!! According to my M.D., having shingles once does not make you immune to getting it again. If you've had chickenpox, please get the shingles vaccine.
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