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  1. It's coming up for me. But I am in Canada not sure if that makes a difference with the website.
  2. I think we might be on the same cruise (April 3 - 10) and we were surprised that final payment was due that early. I don't remember them being that early. We are a group of family and friends that rebooked from last April and really hoping we can go. but also want to be safe. We also feel once cruises begin and are successful - not only us but everyone will feel more at ease. This is a scary thing and does not seem to be getting better. Yes we love cruising but want to be healthy and have everyone around us healthy. We are also hoping they change the deadline. It should be 60
  3. I also received the email. When I checked my summary the insurance was added to our rebooked cruise. I figured it was because we did have the insurance on the original cruise and to get FCC for the insurance amt. portion we would have to purchase the insurance again. I was upset when I read "Please be advised that your credit can only be used if you have travel insurance added to your reservation". It sound like you can ONLY use your FCC if you purchase their insurance. That is certainly different than what they presented. I can see if you had insurance on the original reservat
  4. My FCC didn't show up when I looked online but when we called a NCL Rep to rebook for next year she could see it and our refund of the travel insurance. If you are ready to book, I would call - Wouldn't hurt to try again I'm surprised that when you called they told you to be patient and didn't say they could see it.
  5. I am also worried about all of this. As much as I LOVE to cruise, I want to cruise healthy and safely. We had to cancel our family trip for this month and rebooked for next April. We also have a November cruise planned with my Mother & Father in Law and my sister and brother in law. At this point I don't know if that cruise will happen. Then I wonder what medical documentation we will need. These are all questions that will be answered in time and WE don't have control over it. Stay healthy, well, and safe everyone.
  6. We rebooked 5 cabins and we did not have to give an additional deposit. We used our FCC and got the 20% discount. Not sure why you were asked for more $$ I'm sure your FCC was more than enough to cover the deposit.
  7. I was booked with American Airlines and they changed my flights. I called and said those flights won't work and I wanted a refund. They told me because they changed the flights I could request a refund. You have to do the cancellation first (I did mine by phone) and then the refund online. It was less than a week and I got my refund to my CC.
  8. I am also on the April 12th out of New Orleans with many family members. We are waiting for the official announcement.
  9. Good Morning Bonnie1222, there is a "backdoor" way to see the pictures without being a member. Hope this helps. * Click on Cruise Lines * in the drop down menu click on Norwegian * Click on the ship you want (Norwegian Sun) *Click on the deck you want to explore (Example: deck 4 Biscayne) * Scroll down and you will see a tab "Cabin Pictures" * Click on Cabin Pictures and that will bring up all the pictures for that deck and it's sister ship Also if you want to see what is above and below your cabin before you choose it. Scroll down to the bottom
  10. Good Morning. Hopefully this will help you. There is a website that has many pictures and videos of different ship cabins. These pictures and/or videos are posted by all of us that have sailed. The website is https://www.shipcabins.com/ at the top of the page you can choose the cruise line and then ship. Hopefully this will help your friends make their decision.
  11. Exactly. The staff are the ones really suffering. Will they get their pay? but NO tips. They count on this $$ to survive. I feel for them. They work hard!
  12. Does anyone have any idea where all of the ships will dock during this suspension? I can't think of any ship yard that would be big enough or have enough dock space for the length of the suspension. I'm sure they will be doing deep cleaning, repairs, etc. The ships should be shiny and clean when they are back up and running.
  13. Just my Thoughts. But, I can see many stressing over this, especially if the cruise is in a week or so. I don't know about your medical office but ours is very hard to get an appointment quickly. It states you need to have it filled out within 7 day of travel. Packing and traveling is stressful enough. Now you have to worry about a form and if it is filled out correctly.
  14. Thank you for providing this information. My sister and her Husband are cruising in April and did not get the letter. I will forward this information to them. Thanks again
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