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  1. OMG She is Beautiful. Thank you so much for the pictures
  2. First I want to Thank you for all your pictures and post. It has been fun following along on this amazing trip. Ours is over a year away and I am already excited. Enjoy your last night on the ship even with having to deal with customs. I'm sure all of you will have some fun. I see on Ship Tracker you are close to NYC so hopefully you will get into port early, get through customs quickly, and get back on to enjoy the ship. Thank you again and safe travels
  3. Thank you so much for doing this live review. I'll be following along. Have a wonderful time and safe travels.
  4. Thank you for your pictures and post. I'll be following along. Safe travels and calm seas are wished for you.
  5. JillK, a quick question for you. when you first booked your cruise did you see your Air Perk anywhere on your confirmation or summary . I don't see it anywhere - Not even on the Amenities Confirmation. Should I contact them? thank you
  6. Yes I've joined the roll call. More will join as we get closer. And we will be on that race track ourselves.
  7. Does anyone have know if the pools are going to be able to handle the large number of passengers? I know the Encore is a sister ship to Bliss and Escape and haven't read anything negative. We were on the Escape in April to Bermuda but it was to cool for the pools so I really can't compare. We are going to the Panama Canal in November 2020 on the Encore and would like to be able to use the pools without feeling crowded. (the pools on our Epic 2019 cruise were so small it was disappointing and unusable, unless you wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with others) Thanks in advance. 😀
  8. Good Morning bragstarr, we are also booked on the Panama Canal cruise in Late November with 2 other cabins of family members. We also got the 20% off perk + the free air + 4 perks. So we are very happy with what we paid. Can't wait to see all of the reviews once the Encore hits the water.
  9. We booked our cruise today and have taken the Free air promotion. A quick question - hopefully someone can help. We got our NCL Confirmation and we do not see the Free Air listed anywhere. The only thing I do see on this confirmation is under PROMO CODES at the top - it says AIRPROM2. The only other thing on there is the Transfer fee. Should I call NCL agent or is this normal . Just thought it would refer to the airport chosen etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for all of the responses and suggestions. I am sorry that I am vague at what cruise line we might be traveling. I can say it is going to be 1 of 3. NCL, RCCL, or Celebrity. We are at the beginning stage of planning ( my in-laws won't give me a straight answer of when and where. LOL) I thought getting some insight on B2B would help with the planning and hopefully can ease the in-laws minds/stress level when speaking to them. Thanks again for all of your help.
  11. How does B2B cruises work? Do you have to repack and get off the ship? Or do you have to get off and check in again? Can you have the same cabin? We are thinking of doing this with my in-laws but concerned it might be to much for them if you have to get off and on again. Will be thankful with any help or suggestions.
  12. we are sailing on NCL Epic and wondering which port it docks at and if it is in walking distance to the Skyride to Paradise Point. thank you
  13. Yes she is. I just saw on the Marine Traffic map she is moving. Yahoo for everyone onboard. Happy Sailing.
  14. You will enjoy every minute. Cruising is so much fun. Hopefully we meet up. We are traveling with a large group for my sisters 50th anniversary.
  15. Any word on what is going on??
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