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  1. We have a cruise November 6. I don’t think he had to show paperwork for this but he had it available. He also suffers from severe asthma so had he prescription meds in hand as proof also. Sounds like the rules are shifting somewhat.
  2. He did go to the clinic at the Convention Centre and did not have an appointment. He did have to go through 3 spots before getting vaccine but there was no issues. He arrived about 10:45 am and was finished at 11:30 am. No issues at all.
  3. Well my sister just gave me an update. He got his third dose in Montreal. No problems at all. He had all his paperwork and conveyed all went well. I have no other details at this point. He is thrilled that he will be able to cruise now. Thanks for all the info and help getting this to happen.
  4. Thanks for all the info. My brother-in-law is going to Montreal on Wednesday to see if he can get a third shot. He is the only one out of the 4 of us that is deemed “unvaccinated”. He really wants to go on the November 6 Reflection cruise.
  5. Thank you for posting. I assume the clinic has both Moderna and Pfizer?
  6. Please let us know how this goes. My sisters husband is going to try calling some pharmacies in Quebec to plead a case to get a third shot. We have have a cruise booked November 6 and waiting for the US to release what will be deemed acceptable with mixed vaccines is getting hard. We only have a short window if he is to get a third shot. His first cruise was February 2020 and he loved it. He kids he killed the industry when he just discovered he loved cursing.
  7. I am fully vaccinated with AZ. I was on the hunt for my second dose to be AZ as I anticipated this would be an issue for travel due to the limited studies. My first dose was given at SDM in the burbs of the GTA. They did not get doses of AZ for people to get a second dose. I had to search locations where the initial pilot was taking place. Found a clinic in Toronto for my second dose. I don’t doubt AZ mixed with mRNA has a robust immune response but Canada was an outlier in this. It is now up to Canada to convince other countries this is a valid vaccine. People that stepped up and got vaccinated to help all of Canada know they did the right thing but can’t help but feel second class to those that had the benefit of getting two doses of the same vaccine. This will be sorted in time but for some it feels to be taking a long time.
  8. Had investigated flying to Alberta to get a third dose as cheap flights on Swoop or Flair and direct flights but Alberta is a disaster right now. I believe a PCR test is required to enter Canada and that cost is more than flights return to Alberta. Still holding out and will see.
  9. We have the November 6 2021 Reflection booked. 2 cabins. My husband and I are fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca so good. My sister and her husband are second cabin. She is fully vaccinated AstraZeneca but her husband is AZ/Pfizer. Was hoping for travel this would be sorted or Ontario would allow a third dose. Still hoping but that hope is fading. There was so much attention earlier that people doing the right thing would not be hindered with travel. Still waiting to hear if CDC will alter their stance with allowing vaccinated international travel early November.
  10. I recently spent close to two hours with a Celebrity rep who checked with a supervisor on process. To have the FCC transfer done an email with specific details of the FCC and who it is being transferred to needs to be sent to celebrityrrs@celebrity.com (Celebrity resolutions). Hope that helps.
  11. Drinks & more work for 7 and shorter cruises. Mini bar is limited. One small wine of red and white. Decent wine. The 2 bottles per person delivered to the room was low end. Wine tasting was so so. My husband enjoyed the replenished Pringles 😃. Enjoyed the large bottle of Evian and the $50 casino credit per person was fun. Both people in the cabin have to have the Drinks and More package to have it replenished daily.
  12. We had a very slow rollout. The pace has improved and demand still outweighs supply. Canadians (mostly) are eager to get vaccinated. I fell into the group get the first vaccine available which was AstraZeneca. I now will be due for my second shot is 3 weeks and am sure the remaining supply will be depleted. Will probably be Pfizer for my second shot but would have preferred to be offered the same. I really want to be on our November cruise and want to be fully vaccinated! I hope Celebrity sticks with the vaccine requirement so we can enjoy as close to normal cruise experience.
  13. We currently have a 15 night Eastbound Panama Canal booked for November 13 2020. They have two 15 night Panama Canal itineraries for 2021: October 12 and October 27. The issue is we have a 7 night on Reflection booked (with others) for November 6 2021. They do have a 15 night Panama Canal April 2022 but they will not let me move to that date. I know they have a policy of 4 weeks to the year but in essence they are forcing me to cancel one or the other. We will keep our November 6 2021.
  14. There was a new travel alert posted on the Celebrity site today and new protocols to be put in place soon. Should be released later this week. I think some of these new protocols would address concern of quarantine and repatriation. I have asked my insurer very specifically if I covered and the answer is yes. Cruise is viewed as mode of transportation and not a country or region.
  15. We have 5 cabins booked for March 23 sailing. I think some of want to go and others not. I am hoping we can balance cabins and possible names changes to accommodate if only one person in a cabin wants to cancel.
  16. Thanks for this as very helpful. I was going to call my insurer to clarify this morning. We are 10 girlfriends that are due to be on March 28 5 night Infinity. This have been in plans for close to 2 years. Our worry is not getting the virus but quarantine. We are waiting until the weekend to decide go or no go.
  17. We had the “Drinks and More Package” on our October Summit sailing. We had a few hiccups too. Room steward didn’t seem to know we had the package so wouldn’t restock. We had to go to GR and speak to them. At that point they also reprinted our sea pass to indicate PALL PLUS. We are 10 girl friends on the March 23 Infinity in 5 Concierge cabins. I am at least more knowledgeable of how now to address having the package and issues. When they run out of items when they know how many have purchased the packages and fail to offer alternatives that just doesn’t feel right.
  18. I am sailing on the March 23 2020 Infinity. Looks like we are sailing this time but it was chartered 3 times previously. We were offered price protection on alternate sailings and $100 OBC each time.
  19. We have just booked Reflection for November 2021. Is it still Cellar Masters bar on this ship or Craft Social as on Equinox? TIA
  20. We have a cabin like this booked on the Revolutionized Summit November 2020. I am trying to determine where they put the new larger flat screen tv. We were on the Summit in October in a Concierge regular layout balcony cabin. I understand this cabin will not have the oversized chair but still stumped on imagining some of the layout.
  21. Thanks for the great review. We are on the Summit next year doing the San Diego to Fort Lauderdale cruise.
  22. We recently upgraded to this package for our October 26 Summit sailing. Apparently this upgrade is only being offered for 2019 sailings so far. We had the classic as a perk and had upgraded to Premium sometime ago. When you board your cards need to be reprinted to say PALL PLUS. Inform your room steward you both have the Premium Plus so they will restock mini bar. The 4 bottles are low end. One white and one red per person. We managed to switch to white. We didn’t end up doing the wine tasting. For casino credits see cashier in casino and you will get instructions. I think it was well worth the upgrade cost and we enjoyed the mini bar and casino credits the most.
  23. To be honest we did not request changes in selection for minibar. We loved La Crema wine and happy with the vodka and Heineken. I used the Evian everyday also.
  24. Just off the Summit Saturday and we upgraded to the Drinks and more. The upgrade must be done prior to sailing, not offered onboard. They refer to it onboard as the premium plus package. A couples of things to note. You need to go to guest services to have your card reprinted. The cards will have PALL and once reprinted will say PALL PLUS. Both must have upgraded for mini bar. All things included in mini bar but inform your room steward you have the upgrade. Ours did not know and wasn’t restocking. We got that fixed. Your wine will be delivered and will be two red and two white unless you specify. They are not great choices in wine (low end). To add your casino credits just visit the casino cashier and they will be loaded with instructions. We did not end up doing the wine tasting. For the minibar and casino credits we thoroughly enjoyed this package.
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