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  1. I am considering filing a charge dispute with my credit card. It's complicated because I was charged for both cruise fares, when I should have been charged for my own fare only. This was resolved, but it adds a little wrinkle. Plus, we HAVE been refunded for the port taxes and an onboard amenity, further complicating things. I have asked my TA for the exact amount we are each due; it's ~$3K each.
  2. I am in touch with my TA on this, she's doing what she can, but she keeps getting the run around. It sounds like the 'you'll get your refund within 90 days' is just lip service. Obviously, they know it sometimes takes longer, so I wish they'd just set appropriate expectations from the beginning.
  3. I have absolutely zero proof how many pax are in the same boat (so to speak), but, if postings I'm reading on this board, and in response to my post, are any indication, I am far from alone in this.
  4. RCI cancelled my May 2020 cruise, that I'd booked thru a TA. At first, we elected to take the FCC, but, after not seeing any cruises we were interested in (original itinerary not being offered), we elected to take a refund instead (we had already received port taxes and The Key refund). TA made request on 17 Nov 2020, was told it could take up to 90 days, and would likely come in segments. It's been 90 days, and then some, and we haven't seen one dime of the ~$3K each of us is owed. TA checked today, and was told they HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED THE REFUND. This is complete BS, and
  5. Royal cancelled our May 2020 cruise. We initially elected to take the 125% FCC, but with no cruises to our liking being offered, we requested (thru my TA) a refund on 17 November 2020 and were told it would come in bits and pieces, and could take up to 90 days. We had already received a refund for port charges and for The Key, but have not received a single penny for the cruise fare. Day 89, and nothing. I don’t get it. When you book, you are charged in a matter of moments. I get that operations everywhere are affected by COVID, but we’re a year into it, and they haven’t figured out how
  6. Agreed. I don’t believe anybody thinks that being on lockdown (and we’ve been on lockdown in SF Bay Area since mid March) is supposed to CURE covid, but rather, control it, and I do think that MOST people complying with SIP has played a part in “flattening the curve”. People are being complacent, though, and we are experiencing spikes in many places here in US as a result My point is, an increase in positive cases, is not due to increased testing. If a person has the virus, they have it whether or not they have been tested. Much of the time, a person is asymptomatic, and good for them,
  7. Yes, or course, hospitalizations are important, however, testing and positive cases are telling also, because they help us all identify where spikes are occurring, and in what demographic. I do agree that the way that unemployment benefits were calculated is bizarre. To more than double the weekly benefit seemed like such a over-reach. Why on earth they didn’t just add a multiplier to the weekly benefit, such that maybe you got a benefit 50% higher than usual, blows my mind. And now, as you say, some people aren’t incentivized to return to work. All that said, we ha
  8. I completely agree with most of what you said. I 100% agree that we will not be out of the woods on this virus until there is a vaccine. I desperately hope that when a vaccine is developed, it is rolled out appropriately, and NOT like testing was rolled out. I think to view hospitals not being overrun with cases is NOT a way to judge success. Widespread testing that doesn’t result in spikes of cases, is how you succeed. Successfully and safely reopening the economy is how you succeed.
  9. You can use FCC to make a deposit? It was my understanding that you couldn’t. That the deposit has to be made with debit/credit card, and that FCC is applied to cruise fare only (that is, you can’t use it for any Cruise Planner charges, like vroom, spa, tours, bar tab, etc). I’ve never had a FCC before, so maybe i got that wrong. And, if you didn’t use the whole FCC amount, you’d get the difference in yet another FCC, BUT, it expires when the original FCC expires. My cruise agent said that some of her clients are booking cabin upgrades in order to use the whole FCC on one c
  10. Let them get sick...? Clearly, you haven’t been adversely impacted by covid/quarantine. Obviously, more testing results in more positives, but that’s not the point. The point is, why are we still getting so many positives in the first place? It’s because selfish, arrogant people think they are indestructible and the rules don’t apply to them. As for those recovering with antibodies, there hasn’t been enough testing to determine a cause/effect, AND, for those that DO have antibodies, it is not known for how long. 30 days? 60 days? We simply don’t know. What we DO know, is that thes
  11. We got our FCC cert on 12 June for a cancelled 17 May cruise, with travel agent running interference, however, it has the wrong “sail by” date on it, so still trying to get that resolved. Its my my understanding that port fees/taxes, grats, and Cruise Planner charges are to be refunded (we still haven’t received that), so you get 125% FCC on the cruise fare itself, nothing else.
  12. What I meant was, RCI isn’t going “belly up”, as in “out of business”. If things got really bad, financially, they would file bankruptcy/chapter 11/ restructure. They wouldn’t cease to exist.
  13. No, at the VERY worst, they would experience a restructuring.
  14. As of 19 June, nothing yet. Got FCC for cancelled 17 May departure, but it has wrong 'sail by' date on it. My agent is trying to get that resolved. We'd been told that if we opted for the 125% FCC, we'd have to book by 31 Dec 2021, and sail by April 2022. The FCC has a 'sail by' date of 31 Dec 2021. I'm hoping we DO sail by then, but who knows? Not likely to do so until I get a vaccine, and if that's rolled out like the testing was rolled out, we're screwed, and not in a good way. Waiting for credit for port taxes/fees, The Key, and gratuities, will be ~$600 each. Obviously
  15. What is the difference between FCC and OBC? I did nothing, and was supposed to get 125% FCC for my 17 May departure. Final payment had been made. According to their website, I was supposed to have received an e-mail by 22 May. So far, nothing. I booked through a TA; they haven't received anything either. Likely she is going to have to call.... I understand they are busy, but if they can't live up to the commitments THEY, THEMSELVES made, then they need to update their website, so as to reset expectations.
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