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  1. considering a cruise on Celebrity (first time!). Does anyone know how big the showers are in the Concierge class cabins? I usually cruise royal and know I can count on a tub/shower in a junior suite. Can't tell on the Concierge class stateroom. Looked at the drawing, and it's not clear how big the shower is. Thanks so much!
  2. Was on the Jira out of Budapest on Dec 10 to Nuremberg. We were told we could board anytime on Dec 9; if our room was ready, so much the better, but we could leave our luggage and then go back out again, as we were overnighting on the boat. As it happened, because of tours we took, we didn't attempt to board until around 8:00pm, and FINDING the boat was a nightmare. Viking rep told us where the Jira as docked, but when we cabbed it over there, that wasn't the case. We wandered up and down the street, in the dark, looking for the Jira (there were several Viking boats in the area). When we finally found it, there was no ramp nearby, only many cement steps leading down to where the boat was docked, so we lugged large suitcases down the stairs and onto the boat. Once we found it, life was good. IMHO, there should be a rep(s) ON THE STREET where the ship is docked, keeping an eye out for passengers and assisting them in finding their boat, and helping with luggage. This was my first experience with Viking (my first river cruise, in fact), and I expected more.
  3. Hi Fran, would you be willing to share the contact information for the transportation company you've used? As you stated, it might be nice to have that arranged ahead of time, just in case flights go sideways. Thank you, in advance.
  4. I am glad to hear that some of the craftspeople/vendors accept credit cards. I use ccs for nearly everything when travelling, as the exchange rate is optimal, and, has already been noted, it's safer for everyone, both at the time of the purchase, and afterwards. That said, I will be prepared with local currency in small bills, as well. Local tour operators, hotel housekeeping, and other hospitality workers prefer tips in their currency, so I like to accommodate that too.
  5. Can anyone tell me what the taxi fare would be from BUD to the Hilton Budapest City? Do the taxis perhaps have a fixed rate? How about Taxify? Do they do airport pickups? Anybody know how much they charge for same route? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, Booked on the Viking Romantic Danube on 10 Dec out of Budapest, and I'm flying in, alone, for a couple days beforehand, arriving late afternoon on 6 Dec. I want to stay at a Hilton (using points), and not sure which location to choose. There is one on both the Pest side, and the Buda side, of the river. Pest side is City Center; Buda side is in Royal Castle District. I will be taking some tours on my own before my friend joins me on 8 Dec., and prefer it when the tour company picks me up at my hotel (I'm not very good at navigating unfamiliar spaces, so the less time I have to spend on my own, the better). Tours will be of major sights, maybe a foodie tour, that kind of thing. The tour websites always say something along the lines of 'pick up from centrally located hotel', which is pretty vague. Is there a Christmas market in the area? Would love to visit one at night, if possible. That might come into play on my decision. With those two things in mind (tours and proximity to Christmas Market, if there is one), can anyone make a recommendation as to which hotel is best? I'm inclined towards the Pest location, but would love to hear from others who are experienced with this area. Many thanks, in advance. Happy to answer any questions/'fill in the blanks' if more info is needed, in order to make a decision.
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