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  1. Nice perk, RCL, it will be great, when and if we sail normality again. I’m afraid this displays RCL is getting desperate in these troubling times, the probability of bankruptcy dooms larger every day, dispite their efforts, since there are too many factors RCL has NO control of. Very very sad.... Stay Safe all...
  2. Matt does a great job, in this endeavor, his latest is 14 free things to do on a Royal Caribbean ship. In these these interesting times, we need to add many more special free things to do, when we start sailing again, I’m sure, I missed some.. Pre Boarding covid19 test Daily Temperture checks Virtual muster drill Social Distancing Masks, mask and more mask wearing Shopping and gym attendance via reservation Call me service at shore excursion and guest services desks Bubble shore excursions Breath fresh air without a mask on your balcony in lieu of
  3. I As currently written, masks required outside unless in the pool on the flowrider or on the walking track for a specified time. RCL words not mine. Your company, your policy, my money and time, so RCL cancelled 4 cruises I was on in 2021 and I will cancel my 6 remaining in 2021 under these conditions. If you are OK with this, great, cruise and have a good time. stay safe all
  4. For our last several cruises our group would not have dessert in the mDR, complete dinner in 45 minutes, then walk up to the Windjammer for coffee and dessert... Another new normal.......not for I, 10 cruises in 2021, 4 cancelled so far by RCL and I will final pay for the REAL normal...
  5. So now, in addition to expanded reservations for entertainment, RCL recommends reservations for the Windjammer, I guess the Macho Men will be masked up serving lunch at the Windjammer, oh by the way, no parades, no themed parties, no karaoke, no C or D lounges, masks, social distancing, you can’t leave the ship to walk around a port, you pay for a pre arrival day covid19 test......did I miss anything.....is there going to be a sail away party, galley tours, cooking demonstrations, cup cake making, wine tasting, crafts, bingo, Park West events, any live music around the ship in the lounges, S
  6. This shift effected 5 of my 10 - 2021sailings with 4 cancelled. Today, two weeks later, I received my deposit refunds on 3 of the 4 cancelled sails. Thank you RC. Phil
  7. Junk house i respect your opine and understand RLC no control, over CDC and port authorities.and they want to sail as soon as possibile. As I TA I work hard to keep informed on company news, CEO and press announcements. RCL has stated they want to start with shorter cruises to controlled ports, their words, not mine. As of now RCL is still taking reservations for cruises they know won’t sail due to length or ports like Cape Liberty and New Orleans in November and December plus have people within 4 weeks of sailing have no communications on the conditions they WILL not plan to sa
  8. I’m as Loyal to Royal as it gets, 10 sails scheduled for 2021, with 4 cancelled by RCI, but I feel I’m are getting the Rope a Dope communications suite. You want to KEEP our Loyality in these trying times, be straight up, brutally honest and we will stay with you. We final pay 90 days out, now 25 days out, many of us do not know if we will sail or under what conditions. I very disappointed in RCL, it’s not a WOW experience. respectfully submitted
  9. Brilliance 9/12 now Jewel I have not received new cabin assignment nor price. RCL did cancel all my reservations and dining for the Brilliance 9/12 that the Jewel is replacing with same schedule and ports, same class if ship....why? Brilliance 8/30 as the first part of B2B Miami to Boston.. cancelled. Brilliance 11/7 Reposition Boston to Tampa... canceled. Jewel. 7/3 and 7/15 Baltic and Great Britain...cancelled What a mess in my opine, RCL you are not WOWing me lately, 10 cruises planned in 2021, now 5, I’m leaning towar
  10. So 4 cancellation and a replacement, Jewel for Brilliance on Canada, sail OK, to paraphrase. Don't Worry Be Happy. Yesterday received Cruise Planner cancellation notices for all my plans and dinner arrangements. Not so seamless transition, not a big deal but RCL is well, not WOWING me lately. Safe Stay all....
  11. I believe the rational.... Eliminate Trans Atlantic’s East and West for Adventure, Brilliance and Vision Baltic sails probably have the highest probability of surviving Covid19 issues Jewel is scheduled for technical drydock on Europe April - May 2021 plus I believe with proposed covid19 restrictions in GB by the PM, the Anthem’s Southampton sailing will be impacted. 2020 what a year...5 cancelled cruise and probably more to follow stay safe all
  12. I just got my 5 Dear John Emails from Royal .... Cancelling 7/3 Jewel Baltic 7/15 Jewel Great Br. - A Real Bummer 8/30 Brilliance Reposition - Miami to Boston 9/12 Brilliance Canada - Assume Jewel will replace - Cabin ?? 11/7 Brilliance Reposition - Boston to Tampa A lot of work and planning too be undone, hotels and tours (May not be able to do private tours) Stay Safe Everybody
  13. Goodtime Cruizin, My opine is....you are spot on sir. If they lose half of their loyal Cruisers, there is a problem. So as a long time cruiser with 10 booked this year and a TA for myself and a score of clients, we will take refunds when available from cancelled cruises with FCC as a backstop, even if they become un-useable due to restrictions, but no more cash to RCL until they sail by the REAL not the new normal, whenever that it...... i can believe I just wrote that since I’m as loyal to Royal as it gets, but hey is 2020. Stay safe everyone an
  14. Cunard just released start up schedule, 3 ships, full schedule starting 4/25/2021
  15. Looks like my 10 cruises in 2021 may not happen, four B2B and longer length sails.... TOO much to Ask...... I pay for covid test I cannot Walk Around a Port I must use a ship tour I must wear a mask Sorry RC.... but I will save a LOT of money in 2021, maybe I’ll buy me a new Caddy..... Maybe in 2022 if things get back to the real normal
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