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  1. Why so many ships? 29 million Texans and a huge drive-in market from surrounding states adding to that. The ships from here sail totally booked (you can never book a room with one of the extra beds open), and fares are often higher than those from the Florida ports sailing comparable itineraries. Add a robust, diversified economy in the region. $s speak. Plus, they're having to keep on top of the competition. RCI is building a new hundred million $ terminal at Galveston to accommodate Oasis class ships. Disney has re-upped with a long-term contract and is doubling their sailings.
  2. Panorama does have the library bar like its Vista class siblings. If it's like Vista, the room should be close to empty most of the time except when I saw some of the art sales activities going on some days. It will be a perfect venue for your games -- I often saw people playing cards or games there. The bar wasn't staffed anytime I walked by, but there were wine dispensers there where you could get wine by scanning your S&S card.
  3. The Horizons Restaurant is the dining room for YTD on the Vista -- it's the aft dining room, accessible from both decks 3 and 4. We love YTD for the total flexibility it allows. Shortly before you're ready to dine, you can request your table through the Hub app and you will be notified when it is ready (much easier than having to go up to deck 5 to request your table in person). Our waits were typically 5-15 minutes before we received the table ready notification, and this was always at least 5-10 minutes sooner than the estimated ready time when we first submitted the request.
  4. Yes. Search for waterproof card holder on Amazon and lots of examples of these will come up. The Witz brand has worked great for me.
  5. I've used these for years. They work great. I even use it on the ship, I find it easier than using a lanyard.
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