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  1. Hi! So I have read on some forums that sometimes, once you board, a notice is in your room that a port change occurred. When and why does this usually happen? How often? Has this happened to you? I would prefer Ocho Rios so I wondering if I should NOT book. Montego Bay excursion and just wait until I board. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ours is docking in Montego Bay, at least according to my docs and itinerary I booked. Maybe they have a couple of different routes on a rotation or they made a last minute change? I'd love to do Dunns, but it is a long drive from Montego Bay. They offer a Dunns Express, but I imagine that to be a 1.5 he drive each way and only 1 he at the falls, which does not appeal to me.
  3. Good day! I am wondering if anyone has done the River Tubing from Montego Bay through MSC'S excursions, or if there is a tour operator that you recommend for river rafting or tubing (not Martha Brae, too calm 🙂 when we are only in port from 1 to 7 p.m. I assume final boarding is at 6:15 ish. AND, in some facebook forums, the ships sometimes arrives late in Montego Bay, so that would affect things too. I would really want to do tubing, rafting, or falls - most tours I've checked out online are morning or 12:30 departures, and Shoreexcursioneer site says we are not in port long enough for their excrusions of that type 😞 Any advice or assistance please? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I got the info from MSC's website regarding having to book theature for Armonia.
  5. HI! I messaged MSC earlier today on whether the Armonia had free Gelato, smooth bar, and movies. They messaged back that movies were all free, but Gelato and smoothies were a charge. So if you could confirm, were all Gelato, smoothies, and movies free or maybe it is only for particular sailings? Thanks in advance!
  6. I was thinking of renting Budget from MIA and dropping it at a drop off location near port , 89SE 2ND ST. Hopefully they have a shuttle from there to port, or I guess we cab it. But it seemed easier to rent a car for the day to get around rather than cabbing or ubering. Bud89 Se 2nd Street, Miami, FL, 33131, US
  7. Yes, they want more kids to cruise, thus the incentives, but should definitely enhance or add, not take away. Heck... I played minigolf on my cruises before I had a kid! However, I asked in a Facegroup group to see some daily planners, and it looks like MSC does an amazing jobs with activities each day, better than any other line I had cruised in the past, so it may be a non-issue this first time with them. Still sucks thought, minigolf is the only golf I do 🙂
  8. Our first MSC cruise coming up on Armonia out of Miami and I wonder what the kids club is like? Do they check them in and give us a beeper? I don't really feel comfortable if my 10 year old is wondering a ship in his own. Plus do they schedule many activities and games throughout the day? Can the kids also participate in teen activities? When we were at an All inclusive resort, kids club was too young of a set and the kids around 10 and teens hung out in games room and doing teen club games and activities. Also, what are the daily activities for adults like? Games, free classes, etc? Any info appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I read in another review that minigolf was taken out! Not impressed as my son was looking forward to that in March. Additions.... not take aways 😞
  10. Really? Their website still has it on deck 13. Any other changes from their deckplans there? No Minigolf sucks as we look forward it that.
  11. I am looking to rent a car and wanted to know what time to drop it off and get onto the ship, for Armonia out of Miami. Can anyone advise what the earliest time we can get onboard please? We sail in March. Thanks in advance!
  12. The fins are all wrong for a baracuda. Definitely looks like a shark.
  13. Which area did you snorkel to see the shark? Thanks in advance!
  14. We are going on our first MSC cruise in March and it is funny, we were advised on a post that MSC nickel and dimes less than other lines, but so far there is a charge for umbrellas, a charge for the steam room, I can only imagine what else will come up that is normally complimentary on other lines......
  15. Nobody has joined the roll call yet. Would love to see who else is going. We have not cruised in 8 years and never on MSC. Checking out shore excursions for our ports, not via MSC. My last cruises years ago have been on RCCL and Carnival, and roll calls were huge. It was great getting to know some people, and on my Mediterranea Cruise, all of our excursions were booked together, so it was a great experience. Any takers for March 23? Roll Call is available for signup, as well you need to signing up for Meet & Mingle. Pop questions: Their policy is nothing, not even tine wine other lines allow. So, if I actually packed some pop for family (probably a case) and a liquor bottle for me (the only one who drink), in your experience, how often do they confiscate?
  16. I hope so, but I doubt it. This is an extra cost it seems. Do you know the cost? We booked Fantastica.
  17. It has been years since we've cruised. The nickel and diming seems to still continue from what I've seen. On my previous cruises, when the steam room actually was working, it was free. You go to the spa, get a free locker key, and can use the showers, steam/sauna/whirlpools located in spa area. Does anyone know if this is free for the MSC Armonia? Thanks in advance.
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