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  1. You are correct: Can I reject the upgrade after it is accepted? No. Once a bid is accepted, the card you used to register your bid will be charged immediately. The upgrade amount paid is final and non-refundable. Royal Caribbean does not charge a fee, however, the card issuer may charge a foreign processing fee.
  2. you can always reject the offer once you know the room and location.
  3. If I was RCCL I would just refund your trip and ban you from all their brands. You will cause too much trouble whilst on-board as your attitude is already negative and for what??? Most people only write negative reviews like others have already highlighted.
  4. Something I haven't seen for a while, only on celebrity.
  5. This is a nice touch!! I will not read anymore reviews as some people are so negative its crazy.
  6. This is a good point and I have never previously purchased a DP. There are more seats than ever before which isn't a bad thing ! How did you find the Indie overall?
  7. we have been allowed D drinks in the MDR and been refused D drinks in MDR...
  8. sadly we will be D+ after this next cruise...
  9. hi all, I am sailing one the Independence at the end of this month and noticed there is 20% the drinks package. Is this 20% off drinks package deal a good one? It's is currently £41 per person per day for the deluxe package.... Can you get a better deal once on the ship?
  10. Thank you. I no longer take negative reviews seriously. I have always found RCCL decent overall. Of course there is room for improvement but nothing is perfect.
  11. Hi CC. I am due to go on the Indie at the end of June and was wondering if anyone has recently sailed on her and if so what was it like? Is it still in good repair? Food okay? Service? Etc
  12. Celebrity and RCCL offer the best overall cruise experience when you compare against size of ship, price, quality, ENT etc
  13. I just struggle to see when the Chic night would be but yes I am asking for dress code purposes. I might not take my tux.....
  14. Well a cruise on Viking or Windstar looks mighty boring...
  15. Totally agree about kids not being an issue on Celebrity. Sometimes were are only about 100 or so which is totally irrelevant.
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