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  1. Okay point taken and I agree but it was just to make an exaggerated point. The Edge is nothing like a W hotel 🙂
  2. Yes this is a very good point indeed. I am amazed that so many new ships a being built (still) and the prices have increased.
  3. I am curious to see what people think. I am very loyal to Royal and Celebrity however the new Virgin ship does look very good. Do you think the Virgin cruises will disrupt the market for Celebrity? 😅
  4. I am 28 and it appears that they are trying to make the Edge like a W hotel whilst still appealing to the Ritz Calton guest, this is very hard to achieve. The argument is would a Millennial sail on Celebrity rather than RCCL? I am a Millennial and I would happily sail on both but I feel Celebrity gives a more polished experience however on the flip side RCCL is generally more of a fun experience and has a much younger average age.
  5. Hello all, I am not one to ask pointless questions but about dress codes and such like but here it goes... I know that often on a short 3 night cruise there would be one Chic night but given the strange timings of the short cruise from Southampton to Amsterdam will there be a Chic night? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, What are the rules for someone traveling on with a Brazilian passport on a RCCL ship from the UK? thanks
  7. Hi all I must start by saying I am not a big drinker and therefore the removal of a drink package deal makes no difference to me, I actually might prefer it since the base price of the cruise is cheaper. I have been searching cruises that depart from the UK and Barcelona and didn’t see any all inclusive prices. Have RCCL removed drinks packages? thanks.
  8. Hi all, I have heard that you can move RCCL Crown and Anchor points to Captains club... or vice versa. Basically I have 156 points with RCCL and 102 points with Celebrity but would like to combine. Has anyone managed this?
  9. It bugs me that celebrity and other cruise lines still have game arcades on their ships... They are really outdated now and I’m not sure if they make much revenue these days. Surely they can use the space for something better? :confused:
  10. Hi all, How much are the cabanas? Do you hire them per day or per hour or .........? Thanks
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