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  1. We were on the Dream in August. We did see people order egg white only omelettes no problem. As I remember, the buffet had plenty of selection of meats and poultry. On sea days, there was also a barbeque lunch served on the pool deck and the chicken was delicious!
  2. Happy Birthday James! Enjoy your day and may you find many blessings this year!
  3. Yoyo, We were just on the Dream a few weeks ago in a balcony cabin. You can always push the 2 beds together - the cabins with the triangle means these cabins have queen beds that cannot be seperated into 2 twins. They are about 167 square feet and have a 40 foot balcony. We found the rooms to be adequate space. There was a sitting area with a small couch, 2 chairs and a coffee table in front of the balcony. 2 closets near the entry door and another near the sitting area. The tv in the room was ancient, but worked - didn't use it much anyway. There was a refridgerator and a safe and a small desk with a chair. The shower was tiny - one of the smallest I've been in. We were aft and found it to be very quiet and very handy to the aft pool and restaurants. The only extra ammenity I found was that we had the suite room service menus - so a little more expanded than the regular room service menu. We used it for breakfast a few times - you can get hot omelettes, not just continental - and our 14 y/o ordered sandwiches every day - he got a real kick out of it. All in all, we really liked the room. It was nice to have the balcony for breakfast. Also, since it was summer, the pool areas were always croweded, so we sat out the balcony to read more than other cruises that we've taken off season. Any specific questions, fire away.
  4. We just cruised on the Dream last month. As mentioned already, Le Bistro has a $15 cover charge and requires reservations. Not sure about making them before you board - we did not eat there. Trattoria had no cover charge and did not require reservations. We ate there twice. First night we just walked in - no lines. After people caught on, it was more crowded. The second night we were seated with 2 other couples as there were no smaller tables available. We had a very enjoyable dinner.
  5. We were in 8070 a few weeks ago - on the port side aft. We really liked it. Great room, nice to have the balcony. Nice storage space. We had an upgraded room service menu also. There is also a nice quiet sitting area at the aft of deck 8. Up one floor, is one of the pools. The restaurants and buffet are easily accessible from this end of the ship. It was very quiet as well. I'm sure you'll love it!
  6. Hi, We are in the group of it doesn't matter. Yes, a balcony is nice, but we go with what the pricing is at the time. First cruise - Bermuda was an obstructed OV - only about $20 more than an inside and our TA talked us into it. Didn't know anything different and liked it - though we couldn't do less. Second cruise to Alaska with a balcony - there a sale on balconies and we got it for not much more than an OV. It was nice for the scenery but it was chilly and we were in port a lot, so didn't get a tremendous amount of use. Another balcony to the Carribean - another sale - this was cheaper than an OV if you can believe it. Mediterranean - took an inside - never missed the balcony or the window. We were hardly in the room as the cruise was so port intensive. Bernuda again - this time a balcony. We were booking last minute and it was the only category available at the time. This time it came in handy as we cruised in the summer and the decks were always croweded - so did a lot of reading on the balcony.
  7. Clerky, So sorry to hear about DH - we will keep you both in our prayers. Last month my MIL was hospitalized the day before we were to leave on our cruise. We did have insurance and like you, booked with an on-line agency. I printed the on-line invoices and those were fine. The insurance company sent a form for the doctor to fill out - one of the questions asked if she was one of the insured was she able to travel on the day the cruise was booked. As she was not the passenger, this was moot for us. We also had to list all of the doctors she had seen up to 6 months before the insurance was purchased. We got copies of the medical records from the ER and a letter from the case worker at the hospital on hospital stationary stating that this was a serious illness and a new one. We received our check within 4 weeks. Luckily, she recovered quickly and is doing great now and we were able to rebook. Hopefully, it will be the same for you.
  8. They did close the pools relatively early - 8 or 9 p.m. including the aft pool. I think the hot tubs were open until 10.
  9. We were on the 8/17 sailing of the Dream and there was no new bedding, though we were fine as we prefer a firm mattress. Also, no action stations - there are no room for them on this ship. For breakfast, there were omelette and waffle stations and lunch had a carving, pasta, and ceasar salad station, but they were at the end of the buffet line and there was not much room around them. They did offer champagne as you boarded the ship and because we had a balcony cabin, we had suite room service menu, which I understand is a bit more expanded than the regular room service menu.
  10. We were also on the 8/17 sailing on the 8th floor in a stern area cabin and never noticed any odors on the ship, though we didn't really spend much time on the promenade deck - so perhaps the odors are confined there. I did note one day there were workman in the a bathroom in a cabin in the 8042-8050 range, but never noticed any odors.
  11. We found that the Italian Restaurant had almost the same menu every night - one beef dish would change to a different beef every night. The Terraces and Four Seasons had the same menu which did change nightly. On our cruise, the Four Seasons was open for breakfast and lunch. La Tattoria was used as overflow seating for the Sports Bar buffet. The Pizzeria also had a buffet breakfast and lunch. Omelet and waffle stations by the pool. And most sea days there was a lunch buffet by the pool.
  12. Isn't it odd - we just came off the Dream and found the opposite. We liked the ambiance of the Terracees, yet found the service slow and disinterested. No one even offered us coffee. The Four Seasons, on the other hand, had excellent service.
  13. Wow, we were just there last week. Saw some cranes working around there. Great video - thanks for posting. We heard from one of the locals that another chain bought it - can't remember if it was the Hyatt or the Hilton. They are supposed to renovate the golf course and build rental villas on the property.
  14. We just returned from the Dream and brought both soda and water on board - no problem. All I saw for Diet drinks was Diet Coke with caffeine, so you probably would be better off bringing your own.
  15. We just returned from the Dream and thought, as you did, dj, about the food in the restaurants and the buffet. I'm surprised to hear about your issues with room service - we had no problems at all. The food came soon after we called- sometimes within 10 minutes, but never more than a half hour - breakfast came at the time we specified, and the omlets were always hot! Maybe different sections of the ship or the times we called?
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