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  1. I am glad to see this post, I tried to book the Empress for next OCT. I believe . Montreal to San Juan. But reading this thread so far... I don't know... they can't use my deposit from a cancelled cruise until they have my FCC #. which may take 3 months. I still think we may give her a try. We were on the Majesty in Feb. and the cabin was small but we did fine.
  2. I must be reading this post wrong.. I called RCI last night to book a new cruise for next year. My deposit was $900. so I said I understand I can use my FCC from a canceled cruise where my NFD was $900.00 . The agent said I am sorry you cannot use a FCC for deposit on a new cruise. So did I get this wrong. I was disappointed. I am not going to put another $900.out on another cruise at this point . Thoughts please..
  3. OK...... thank you... sounds great.. now to get ahold of my TA.. I have more trouble with them than RCL..
  4. Because of cancelled cruises we need to move a summer 2020 cruise to the spring of 2021. We already have a caribbean cruise in March of 2021 . So do you think we can L&S the March 2021 cruise to 2022? Oh man this is confusing....
  5. Well that is great... I was really worried about never sailing again . The only health problem my husband and I have is bring over 70. We have a lot of trips on our bucket list and a lot of money tied up on future cruises. Thanks for posting. Maybe I'll get a good nights sleep tonight.
  6. Are you still posting about cruises before Sept. 1 We leave from Montreal in Sept. but have not heard anything about cancellations.
  7. USMC VIETNAM --1966-1968 Attended the Veterans Ceremony on the Majesty in February. It was a first out of ten cruises. Very appreciative.. Thank you RCL.
  8. We will not be cruising in Sept. Our cruise will be in Canada for a week. We don't know if the borders or ports will be open or if the tour companies are a go. Then to Bar Harbor..NP is closed . will they be open by then?? Maybe... On to Boston , not good. A few days later we disembark in NY. Don't want to be there in the next year or two. We have a month before final payment.. can't take the chance RCL will not sail. So NO we will not sail this year..
  9. I certainly hope you are correct. Whether or not my problems are solved positively I hope you are able to complete your sailings in August and have a wonderful time. I have heard the Baltic cruise is the ultimate.
  10. The vaccine will definitely be a lifesaver but it will not make a 71 year old any younger. So here is my problem... we have cruised successfully for many years. Now I am out $600 insurance and $1,100 on deposits and can't do anything about it..
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