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  1. We have gone to Alaska two times in May, no rain. Once in late July-- August. It rained 10 out of the 14 days. The islands were beautiful with the clouds lifting after the rain.. I guess I forgot about the rain because ,guess what, I booked again in the rainy season. Leaving next week. Oh well, can hardly wait to get to Alaska, rain or not. Happy cruising everyone..
  2. Thank y'all. I know where to start. Maybe someday we can make all the islands mentioned.
  3. We are finally going to the Southern Caribbean . We don't know which islands are the most popular. Would love to hear some of your opinions. What is your favorites and why? Thank you.
  4. I just can't imagine not wanting to leave the ship in any port any where. Alaska is the most beautiful state. We will be going on our fourth cruise to Alaska in Sept. Sitka-- we went to the bear sanctuary Victoria-- harbor cruise high tea on the grounds at Point Ellice House Butchart Gardens- take the public bus.. maybe two blocks from the port Anchorage- Portage Glacier Up close and Personal. they fish some of the floating ice out and let you touch it. Kodiak has a great craft fair on days a ship is in port with all kind of things made in Alaska and if you have to there is a WM with loads of cheap souvenirs. Homer take the HOHO bus. Go to the Islands and Oceans Visitors Center,,, its free , Great. Go to Two Sisters Bakery YUM If you go to Icy Straits Point .. Go on a bear hunt so much fun.. I hope this gives you some ideas ..
  5. We too are use to Celebrity cruises OBC. if we have OBC as a perk is it NR or refundable ?? I would love to book a ship tour now but I am afraid my OBC will be NR. Also can we book land tours now or on board or do we have to wait until on our land tour??
  6. Thank you.. I think the airport is out. We do have a cc with no transaction fees. We will probably just settle for using it.
  7. You are correct..I saw the info. about the meals but didn't understand it that way. I don't think it was very clear and it did not mention money.. Did you take this land /cruise tour?? We are not big eaters and do not want to eat at the hotels we will be at. Just wondering what you did about meals.. Thank you ever so much for answering this question. That would have been a blow thinking meals were paid for and finding out when we were there.
  8. Does anyone know if you can exchange the USD for Canadian Dollars while at the Vancouver airport?? We will be there three days so I think it would be nice to have canadian currency.
  9. We are on a HA cruise tour in Sept. I understand most meals are included. But some are not mostly the lunch meals. You definitely need to call your cruise line or your TA to get your cruise/tour specific info. Have Fun
  10. 2 months 24 days and 13 hours,,,, then off on a 14 day cruise and land tour of Alaska.. Fourth trip to Alaska .. we love it. MICANBERRA... have a great cruise..
  11. My husband uses one on cruises, it is heavier than a cane but you can use it to sit instead of standing in aline. It really saved us and allowed us to take tours which would have been really hard without it. He also used it standing in line to get into the MD room. We ordered it from Amazon, around $25.00 I think.
  12. I hate to add to your choices but we went on a bear hunt while in Icy Strait. There were six adults.. we had a ball. We did not see a bear but the guide tried so hard to find bears. We trailed by a creek and saw salmon( half eaten) fur on trees and some tracks. We knew they had been there. So I think you will have a great adventure with any of your choices.
  13. Glad you had a great trip..such a sweet looking family ...very nice pictures....Did the free shuttle take you to Creek Street?? or is it in walking distance from the ship??
  14. Thanks to everyone for all your ideas,, they sound great, can't wait to see how many we can get in in one day.
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