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  1. But I wonder ....by Nov. if cruising starts and is successful. if CDC will lift that rule.. then maybe our cruise will be ago. What do you think???
  2. We have one booked for Nov. and it has disappeared I can't decide if I should be worried or not.. It is 15 day..I am hoping all will be changed be Nov.
  3. We also are booked for Oct. 2021...Montreal to San Juan. One year today we will hopefully be somewhere between Florida and Haiti. I don't suppose it is winter there but right now where I live it is 22 so that is winter.
  4. Has anyone ever received a perk when booking a RC cruise??? We have been cruising around 15 years and have booked three RCI cruses and have not been offered any perks. I don't remember ever seeing them offer perks when booking. Someone posted they booked with a reduced deposit but I have not seen that. Just wondering ..
  5. Really .... That is what my TA told me.. I guess I will call RCI book, then have my TA pick it up. Thank you
  6. My TA said RCI was honoring the FCC for a new deposit. She said they were requiring the port taxes and fees be payed when I book the new cruise. I have not booked the new cruise yet so I really hope that will happen ...who knows.... I don't want to pay the taxes and fees now but that is what I was told.
  7. I cancelled my cruise 10 days before RCI canceled, if only I had waited, if only. OK here is my problem . I want to rebook and I am not comfortable putting another $900 down for the new deposit when I have a FCC of $900. waiting in the wings. My TA said RCI is honoring the $900.00 for the new deposit but I have to have the new FCC voucher number. So I am waiting 3 + months for the FCC number and the cost of the new cruise is almost going up everyday.. Is waiting my fate or does someone have an idea to help me?? To anyone that replies , thank you so much.
  9. I am glad to see this post, I tried to book the Empress for next OCT. I believe . Montreal to San Juan. But reading this thread so far... I don't know... they can't use my deposit from a cancelled cruise until they have my FCC #. which may take 3 months. I still think we may give her a try. We were on the Majesty in Feb. and the cabin was small but we did fine.
  10. I must be reading this post wrong.. I called RCI last night to book a new cruise for next year. My deposit was $900. so I said I understand I can use my FCC from a canceled cruise where my NFD was $900.00 . The agent said I am sorry you cannot use a FCC for deposit on a new cruise. So did I get this wrong. I was disappointed. I am not going to put another $900.out on another cruise at this point . Thoughts please..
  11. OK...... thank you... sounds great.. now to get ahold of my TA.. I have more trouble with them than RCL..
  12. Because of cancelled cruises we need to move a summer 2020 cruise to the spring of 2021. We already have a caribbean cruise in March of 2021 . So do you think we can L&S the March 2021 cruise to 2022? Oh man this is confusing....
  13. Well that is great... I was really worried about never sailing again . The only health problem my husband and I have is bring over 70. We have a lot of trips on our bucket list and a lot of money tied up on future cruises. Thanks for posting. Maybe I'll get a good nights sleep tonight.
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