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  1. I am sorry .. I don't think I read far enough... Our cruise is with Princess. Sorry I'll try to be more careful. Good luck..
  2. IDK... We were able to get the military discount and they required a copy of DDT 214. So IDK how your situation would work.. Call and ask all they can say is no.
  3. How exciting .. We will be expecting a report from you when you return.. we are on the Liberty Oct 24.. GO LIBERTY...
  4. Does anyone know what the perks are for booking a future cruise while on board? Do you think there maybe a better deal on Labor Day or would the on board booking be better? Thank you for your answers...
  5. We sailed on the Vision in 2019. I can't remember much about the ship, we have sail several times since. One thing I do remember is the cruise director.. He was the BEST ever. We did so many things that he involved the passengers in. Such a funny guy and great activities.
  6. Sailing on the Liberty in October 2021. I got the survey. Hope that means it is go.
  7. If any cruise was purchased with a non refundable deposit it will remain that way NON refundable either until it is used or expires. I have used the same FCC three times. they issue a new FCC after every cruise cancelled by RCI. And that is ok. I chose the non refundable deposit. I just hope RONA lets my use it SOON. Right now I am betting on November 2021. What do you think ??? Will we make it??
  8. IDK but I booked a cruise three hours ago with RCI . I choose My Time Dining. Prepaid gratuities were not mentioned..
  9. It is every ones personal choice to get the vaccine or not... I hope I am able to get the vaccine well before I sail the first time.. just waiting now. I registered on 12/30.. have not heard a word.. Hubby got his through the VA and has had no problem at all..... EVERYONE STAY SAFE..
  10. We will probably be booking our 5th cruise to Alaska . You will love Alaska.. So special..
  11. I have been hearing RCI may require you to book their shore excursions or stay onboard. I would like to know your opinions. I am considering rebooking after two cancelled cruises but don't really know if I can handle missing walking arounds the beautiful Alaskan ports.. Do you think this may be temporary?
  12. But I wonder ....by Nov. if cruising starts and is successful. if CDC will lift that rule.. then maybe our cruise will be ago. What do you think???
  13. We have one booked for Nov. and it has disappeared I can't decide if I should be worried or not.. It is 15 day..I am hoping all will be changed be Nov.
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