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  1. In 2017, The Eclipse's pizza station in the buffet had an open prep area where they roll the dough. Flour was everywhere. I am highly sensitive, and since flour stays airborne and can land anywhere, I avoided the buffet completely. Truth be told, I probably would have avoided the buffet regardless, due to cross-contamination risk, but it is nice for the desserts they put in the single-serve, individual containers (as long as they are labeled correctly, of course). I recently learned that The Edge has a completely separate gluten-free line in the buffet! I would LOVE that, as long as there isn't any free-flying flour around. Has anyone here been on The Edge as a gluten-free diner? How did it go for you? I hope all of the Celebrity ships start doing this. Does anyone know if they do? I have not cruised since 2017, although I do have one coming up soon, on the Eclipse.
  2. On our last trip on The Eclipse, Murano had a special they offered for lunch. It was available one or two days on a 14-day cruise. We opted to purchase it and loved it. The food was outstanding and the service impeccable.
  3. Does anyone know if Epsom Salts are available onboard or through the butler?
  4. When sailing Suite Class, is there any leeway in requesting alcohol that is no longer stocked by the ship? In the premium package, Celebrity always offered my husband's favorite, Laphroaig Single Malt, but it is no longer on the list.
  5. Has anyone here ever had a butler that was less than the best? We cruise with a couple who almost always sails Celebrity Suite Class, and I have heard only the most wonderful things about it. There's a recent review here where it sounds as though the butler was pretty bad! Of course, there are always two sides to every story: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=645915 As for us, we have had excellent cabin service in our previous sailings (Aqua Class). One of the things I enjoy most about cruising is appreciating the crew, and I am sure suite class will be even better.
  6. Good to know. Embarkation and debarkation for us is in Los Angeles, so I'm assuming all will be well there.
  7. I know that a lot of bars onboard ship close while in port. Is Michael's Club open?
  8. Great tips. I hope we will get even more people posting here. I love knowing that I can leave my carry-on in Michael's Club.
  9. While my husband and I have sailed on the Eclipse previously, this fall will be our first time in a suite. If anyone has any tips to share about how to maximize our suite enjoyment, would you please post them here? Thank you!
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