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  1. 48 No wife No kids No cruising enthusiasts near me Not caring about it
  2. Yeah @twodaywonder . In a way, I had a feeling that Sky Princess could be some kind of... like... an impersonation or how ever you want to call it of the 2012 Celebrity Equinox with the spirit she had back then. If Sky comes a bit close to that experience, I will be very fine. The service I had on Equinox in 2012 is unrivaled, might only come back if I should one day be able to do Silversea or something like that. However, just gimme some really great food, and I will forgive if my cabin steward does not know my first name 🙂
  3. Oh well, sounds a bit odd, no? I am very much into production shows, and during my last cruises I did choose Anytime Dining (or whatever the cruise line called the freestyle version of dining) so that I was free to avoid lines / queues or bad seats in the theater... But then again... I do miss meeting the same people at the same table every night. Something you hardly get when you dine freestyle. Now that is what I call a first world problem...
  4. At what times are the production shows taking place on Sky Princess? Do they perform every show twice per night like on Celebrity?
  5. The thread was brought up by a total Princess beginner who was afraid Princess could be Cunard-ish @MissP22 Subject is solved.
  6. I am finding the S-Class Revolution partially unsuccessful @richsea . That is why I have now shied away from going on my former all time favourite ship Equinox. The style mix and the partially not renovated staterooms feel ridiculous to me... Looking forward to testing out the World Fresh Marketplace versus Oceanview Café.
  7. Happy New Year y´all and thank you for contributing to my thread. Actually, it is the "Sky" itself that enabled Princess to catch me after all. She seems to be the first more contemporary Princess ship, and even though she is huge, I empathize there will be a very relaxed vibe on that ship, especially during my specific cruise. Celebrity Edge seemed a bit like "poser´s dream of a money trap" and did not make me happy at all, except for the really great buffet restaurant that had gone back to better Celebrity days and the production show that got my cell phone shaking in my hand when the bass set in. But well, it was her maiden voyage, I do not know what she is like in "everyday cruise life". I will love that balcony cabin up there on Aloha, midship. That is for sure.
  8. Thanks @richsea I will join the roll call before 2020 starts 😊
  9. I am booked with no reasonable opportunity to step back from that. @momrox1 @dog I will prepare my mindset towards a veeery relaxing experience with some healthy boredom included and make the best of it.
  10. I recommend the following YouTube channel for extensive and authentic research about Sky Princess. Helped me a lot. "Cruise with Ben & David"
  11. I am booked @Wishing on a star - no going back 😊 . Well, unless I am ready to throw away about 700 bucks of cancellation fee - and I am not 😎 It´s been some time since I could go on a 10 day cruise like I did back in 2012 on the Equinox. I will surely enjoy the relaxation once I have re-adapted myself to the feeling that I have been missing since then. Miracles happen, Princess might become my new favorite cruise line 😅 Looking forward to sit far up there on my balcony, a thing I have been missing for years, and see the exotic islands coming closer in the morning.
  12. @Oceansaway17 About everything was bad on Anthem OTS during that cruise. I loved my Single Balcony Stateroom, that was the highlight. But apart from that... Longest queues I have ever seen on any cruise ship, not just for the MDRs but especially for Customer Service, for Shore Excursions and for Two70 shows. A fellow cruiser estimated one queue being about 70 meters long on one night. Public displays hardly worked. Coca Cola machines were out of order like every second day. Shore excursion disembarkation was completely unorganized or at least seemed like that. All the crew seemed overworked and tired, nobody smiled. And that public announcement in the buffet restaurant telling us we should hurry to leave our breakfast table so that the next guys can use it - that made me decide that RCL itself is dead for me until further notice.
  13. @CruisingIsBest NYC might be in the higher 50s in the beginning of November. I consider that the perfect climate to hang out over there. Who loves sweating in the Subway or riding CitiBike in the 80s 🙊 And aren't the first two days on a new ship discovering days, anyway? I might need to slow down my inner speed on that trip, but I guess as we are talking about November, I might even prefer that and use it for a slowdown towards Christmas time. I'll be kind of fine.
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