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  1. Whoooops. I always took Equinox for my favourite cruise ship since I sailed on her two times in 2012. Seeing what X plans for her in regards to Revolution, that matter appears to me as an about-to-change issue. Last cruise was the maiden voyage on EDGE, and I quite much loved her, but also found her to be bland and massively lacking atmosphere. I simply do not find that ship relaxing. So, if they morph Equinox into something in between, where shall I turn to on my next cruise? If the Equinox Revolution does not blow me away, I catch myself in this very moment thinking about trying other cruise lines. Pity,
  2. Some cruise lines have options for solo travelers, yes. Celebrity does as well on the EDGE. However, NCL is, as per my latest knowledge, the only cruise line that treats solo travelers as valued guests. For example, on the Getaway the area for solo travelers is separated by exclusive key card and located in the best interior portion of the ship. The area has its own lounge venue and very beautiful (even though tiny) staterooms.. But then again, you can´t compare NCL to X. And even if you wanted to, the solo staterooms on EDGE are located in a quite poor location on the ship. And I believe (not sure) the surcharge is still not really low. I do understand the economical planning behind surcharges for solo travelers, however in times where everybody shouts "I am a victim of discrimination" I like to point out that I feel the same thing for solo travelers who do not go solo because they want to but because none of their friends and relatives are into cruising or whatever got in their way that made them go on their own. But as I said before, when I´m not appreciated as a guest and this concept works for a cruise line, the reality is that I cannot go undiscriminated. Have to face it and go for oldschool ways of traveling instead.
  3. Though I found some downsides for me, which were specifically the app, restricted areas for events, still a little lack of top notch service and the on board prices, EDGE was a major success for me. But I had a very good price for a very good stateroom, I was just really lucky (still not sure if I did not catch some kind of error fare or something). I would go back in a minute, and I would love it. BUT the prices are just too high, higher than on some ultra luxury cruises. And for solo travelers like me, the surcharges are discrimination at its purest, as I am not one of those who CHOOSE to go alone. I will not go again before I find reasonable prices. And if that means I can never go again, that will be the way it goes. Been there already, felt right that way.
  4. Personal impression from my side (I repeat personal!) is that a lot of people were expecting miracles to happen. And well, from my personal experience on the Edge, miracles did happen. Especially that OV has become an incredible place to be in, even more than in the best days of the Oceanview Cafés. But if people had expected that this ship could eventually fly and that they would have their bellies buttered in Bordier butter - well then, the ship is a total loss, I agree.
  5. This was in the Theater. Eden was always very relaxed and emotionally tender so to say.
  6. No worries guys, never have I seen a ship or other resort in my life with more opportunities to hide away from the noise of the day. In fact, this ship has more chairs and sofas than my favourite furniture store...
  7. What a trip that was. 4 Days felt like 2 weeks. What a ship. Oh my... What a lousy app. I am officially flashed. Think I got lost in Eden. This is not a 100 % positive opinion, but if you are financewise lucky enough to not have to think about some +2000 $ , you freakin have to go on this ship. It is not perfect, but it is heavily mindblowing. VIDEO0096.mp4
  8. I go for ""not enough" pool chairs over "pilchard box feeling" any given day.
  9. Will be on Celebrity Edge in 10 days. Very excited to go.
  10. Don´t throw me overboard, but I appreciate this procedure. In the past, pool towels often flew around all over the place with no assigned guest in sight. The let-me-call-it-abuse of pool towels is also a cost factor in cleaning, buying and, besides that, not too good from an environmental perspective.
  11. Morning fellow Edgies Has anybody seen the room service menu yet? I always forget to use complimentary room service even though I definitely should. Celebrity used to give away the best Crème brûlée I knew, and I wonder if that will be the same on EDGE. However, I am interested in all of the menu. So, if anybody has a photo / scan - I´ll be very happy to see it
  12. I wonder if they will leave the pool chairs in this RELATIVELY relaxed order, or if, in real everyday cruising, they will add some dozens of pool chairs to them to maximize guests pool expenses... This photo looks astonishingly relaxed.
  13. Well, I meant to express that I stopped doing Celebrity because, as per my personal experiences, they lowered the standards in the last years. Foodwise, servicewise... Only prices seem to have gone upwards. In case I find these things improved, I will surely be satisfied.
  14. That is another category again. My booking confirmation says "Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom". Picture below. It is advertised as one of the most spacious standard rooms, so I might not even have a clue yet how big it will actually feel. Mighty big, I hope . So, thank you for your good wishes . If only I had more time in it.
  15. Also on board on 1st Dec. When you are reporting live from EDGE, I won´t have to. Very much appreciated
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