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  1. I canceled March 9th which was right before RCL canceled my late March cruise, called a few times (at least 2 hour wait time) and got the “we are working on it check your email “ talk. Had it in the back of my mind and just got an email two days ago with my credit which is good until end of 2021.
  2. Rochester Hills here, this weather sucks!
  3. It’s like paying to be quarantined with a fantastic view 😀
  4. Michigan governor has extended state of emergency until May 28th which means restaurants, bars, theaters and casinos will remain closed. Many restaurants have delivery and curbside service and we’ve ordered from our small business favorites but I’d rather do the cooking since it gives me something to do. There was a large protest at the capitol few days ago and many of them stormed the building. Of course people want to and need to go back to work but this isn’t going to help flatten the curve. Construction has resumed, golf courses open but no carts and since boating is permitted, our marina opened this week. My husband found out yesterday that one of his coworkers who had a big retirement party in January just passed away from Covid.
  5. Thanks for getting my mind off Coronavirus for awhile and on eggs not having to be refrigerated depending on the eggs, the chickens, washing vs not washing...
  6. Michigan House has just filed a lawsuit against the governor, challenging her authority and actions to combat the virus and of course it’s political as the House is majority Republicans and governor is a Democratic so it’s getting ugly.
  7. Yep, that’s our cleaning and t.p. aisle.
  8. Bourbon and internet and I’m good for now.
  9. Michigan has been hard hit, our county has around 5500 confirmed cases and 584 deaths. I’m filled with anxiety about returning to work as my boss has the “hearding mentality”, he’s a chiropractor and has stayed open without employees and I know he’s not wearing a mask and gloves. I’m planning on telling him I won’t be returning unless we all wear masks, including patients and that we absolutely follow the guidelines. I do xrays, laser treatments and physical therapy exercises so there’s a lot of close contact with patients.
  10. Not just your state but wherever you live in this crazy world
  11. We are in lockdown here in Michigan until May 15th though more businesses such as landscaping, nurseries, construction are now allowed to open. We are excited that the ban on motorized boats has been lifted as well and since we aren’t going on RCL any time soon, at least we can be on our boat as long as weather cooperates! Our spring sucks and just now we are seeing 60-65 degree days. We’ve been supporting our local restaurants ( when I don’t feel like cooking) and quarantine fatigue is setting in but we are following guidelines. I’m healthy and never considered myself immune compromised since I’m healthy but the fact that I’ve got asthma has made me vulnerable. Met my girlfriend today at a park and we walked but so many people out and kind of tough keeping social distancing so I really prefer walking around the neighborhood. I’m not working right but I would spend my lunch hour walking and shopping downtown while buying coffee and lunch, I’ll never take that for granted again as I walked around today wondering how many of these small businesses will reopen...including where I work, We do have a cruise booked in late October but most likely will reschedule for next year. How’s life where you are?
  12. Just like the old posts about lifeguards at every pool, never thinking we’d be talking about elevator guards.
  13. This is the longest my hair has been in years and I actually like how it’s growing out and luckily my highlights are still decent though I’m ready for a touch up. Hubby has got a nice beard starting and he looks like a bad boy, I kind of like it 😏
  14. I’ve been wondering if there’s any security at Labadee, every time we sail away you see workers staying behind. Thought the same about CocoCay but mostly Labadee.
  15. Awww you made my day, thank you. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else but trying to stay optimistic and feel blessed that everyone in our family is healthy and has been able to keep their jobs, except for me. 25% of Michigan is unemployed and luckily my husband is still working, the curve is slowly starting to flatten as long as everyone stays home.
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