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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, wine quality is a big deal. Think I’ll wait and see if there are any deals onboard, if not then MDR or Windjammer since it’s only a 5 night. On a side note, my hubby was so excited because our marina shop was offering a discount on their wine for end of the season, he bought 4 bottles @ $6 a bottle. I’m not a wine snob but one glass last night and omg, worst headache ever. FYI, Lindemans Shiraz 🤢
  2. Will be on Majesty in November and since there’s limited dining options, thinking of purchasing Chefs Table. It’s currently $84 (plus gratuities) per person, four courses with wine pairings. We aren’t the biggest foodies but sure do enjoy a great meal and wine. Guess I’m asking if it’s worth it?
  3. I’ve had a ball buster of a work day, thank you for this. Thoroughly enjoyed this post and I’ve got nothing to add except cheers 🥂
  4. One of the best posts ever, you lucky puck! Glad it worked out for you and it’s a cruise you’ll never forget. Can’t wait for more pictures....
  5. Sounds like will be doing some major liver detoxing when you come home! Anyone who bought the drink package, I’m assuming it’s been extended throughout length of cruise? Thoroughly enjoying your review as always, always wave to you as you fly over my Detroit hometown but I guess not this trip. Will they be giving a final count of passengers that stayed?
  6. So which show did Lisa download and how many LVs did she pack? Important questions here. Love your reviews and thanks for helping me get through the upcoming work week.
  7. Wait, $16-17 for a drink? We usually buy the drink package which covers drinks up to $12.
  8. Thanks for the review, we will be trying her out for the first time in November since the price was right. Does the Windjammer have outdoor seating? Is there room for luggage under the bed, we are also doing in inside cabin. Room have an actual closet and any drawers? Thanks!
  9. We were surprised as well, don’t think that’s the norm
  10. Did the walk of shame couple of years ago to the naughty room and I deserved it, thought I could sneak extra bottle of wine so didn’t even bother to deny or make excuses. Funniest thing was older gentleman in front of me acting all indignant and offended, actually pulled the “do you know that I am diamond plus, how dare you” crap. Worker pulls out bottle of Crown Royal, that shut him up quickly. Rather enjoyable and amusing experience for me but I’m sure those workers get that all the time. We got that bottle of wine delivered to our room 2 days before end of our cruise. j
  11. Apologies to those of you who booked a cruise specifically for Cuba only to be disappointed by the recent turn of events but yay for us. Booked another cruise for this year which was not even on our radar but when I saw the prices I could not resist, Majesty ocean view room for 2 under $900. 5 nights to Key West and CocoCay and honestly just looking for a chill getaway before the madness of the holidays (don’t get me started). Flying out of Michigan so completely happy that airfare is reasonable as well, helps that we are finally able to use some of our Delta miles. The best part is that it’s completely unexpected and totally loving the countdown. This will be our first time on Majesty, first time without balcony (don’t care), Excited about CocoCay for sure and looking forward to Key West after several years, guess I should start Christmas shopping now so I don’t stress about it while on the cruise...... Need that drink package.
  12. Be careful what you post, I would not make it public. This should be between you, a reputable lawyer and RCL. What answers do you expect from here?
  13. We are at the airport waiting for our flight! Was hoping for couple days of Florida sunshine but might not happen. Who cares, officially on vacation! See you on board.
  14. What a great, honest review! We are boarding her next month and just can’t wait. Thanks so much for the shout-out to us Michiganders, we are awesome! Glad to hear that they were so accommodating to your daughter’s dietary needs, I always felt I had to be in charge of picking out my son’s meals as he has food allergies and we mostly ate at Windjammer but good to know about MDR.
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