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  1. According to local news media, huge source of outbreaks here in Michigan are high school students who play sports and of course, any family or friends who become exposed. Everyone 16 and older will be eligible for vaccine next week so hopefully our numbers will go down. Once the temps go up more restaurants will offer outdoor dining so that will help as well.
  2. I’m just thinking about the crew trying to reinforce the mask mandate, you know that there’s going to be those that walk around with masks below their nose or face and will argue and ignore the rules. I think the first several cruises passengers will be on their best behavior but you know eventually it will happen.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I want to try the Conundrum white
  4. Ahh I’d love to be sitting in Vintages right now
  5. I remember multiple conversations about Caymus wine, we’ve been on many cruises and I haven’t been able to part with my $$ but now I get it. I celebrated getting my second vaccine with a bottle, finally tried it last night, it’s fantastic. Since we haven’t been spending our money on dining out I thought I would splurge and I’m glad I did. I know that an expensive bottle of wine doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better but I really enjoyed it. I toasted to new beginnings (my husband quit drinking so I had the entire bottle to myself, yay me), health and happiness and hopefully to cruising next
  6. November 2019 Majesty of the Seas, seems like a lifetime ago. I was so excited to book my first solo cruise end of March 2020, I never followed CC and the news so much and unfortunately cancelled couple weeks before RCL did, so I’ve got airfare and cruise credits. Just got an email from them stating I’ve got until April 2022 to book cruise that sets sail by September 2022.
  7. Whoo, this is what I need right now 🍹
  8. Took me a minute, kept scrolling for a rum runner recipe 😂
  9. As much as I'd love to get away, I know I wouldn't have a good time so guess my mind is made up, don't know what I was thinking when I posted 😔. We are entering the dreary winter season so the thought of getting away sounded good but will look forward to next year. Thanks for the suggestions, we do plan a three week Florida rode trip next November to scope out retirement options, Naples is on our radar. Guess we will make the pilgrimage to our formal dining room after all.
  10. Forgot to ask, what are you doing for Christmas?
  11. We would have been sailing on our first Christmas cruise but, oh well. We’ve been staying safe and since our family decided to do their own thing this year for the holidays, my hubby suggested taking a road trip to Florida and staying at a hotel on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Since we are in Michigan, we’ll be driving at least 20 hours to get there. We’ve both got two weeks off so time isn’t a problem. I’m a bit nervous, we are both healthy but I do have asthma which is mostly under control with my inhaler. Would you? Meals would be carry out or outdoor dining. My other question for y
  12. No more restaurant stewards ..... which for us means the one who completely ignored us until the last evening . Now the waiters we’ve had for the majority of our cruises have been phenomenal and that’s what has made our dining experience memorable.
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