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  1. We are at the airport waiting for our flight! Was hoping for couple days of Florida sunshine but might not happen. Who cares, officially on vacation! See you on board.
  2. What a great, honest review! We are boarding her next month and just can’t wait. Thanks so much for the shout-out to us Michiganders, we are awesome! Glad to hear that they were so accommodating to your daughter’s dietary needs, I always felt I had to be in charge of picking out my son’s meals as he has food allergies and we mostly ate at Windjammer but good to know about MDR.
  3. Ours would want to be with us 24/7, she’s a very needy Lab. I’m looking forward to a week without her.
  4. Oops! Well, they do have those “sails” at the Promenade every night!
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info. Our set sail pass says 3:00pm boarding so hope to have that first drink in my hand by 3:05!
  6. Curious as to why we aren’t leaving Fort Lauderdale until 8:00 pm for May 5th eastern cruise. It’s the first cruise from Fort Lauderdale after being in Miami port, will it be checked by Coast Guard like it’s done after transatlantic repo cruise? Also wondering what’s the earliest we can board?
  7. Peeing dog thread got me thinking about about a specialty cruise, Furballs at Sea with your well....furball. Let’s make this sweet and simple, would you pay to take your dog on a 4 day cruise? Thinking it would have to be same price as a human including gratuities, just think of the crew and what they would have to endure. We all think our dog is the greatest, bestest woof but let’s be realistic, they 💩, they pee, they shed, they howl (hmmm, reminds me of when my kids were little). I think RCL would make a killing because humans are willing to spend millions on their pets. Simple rules, dogs allowed by pool, in pool , Windjammer, walking track. Want to go to a specialty restaurant? Pay for a puppy sitter. We took our dog to Bark At The Park, Detroit Tigers date where you can bring dogs to a game, I believe it’s done in other ballparks, fun but never again. We love our dog but she’s not our baby, and never ever would we want to spend a time with her on a cruise, we go to get away. Yes I know liability is a big deal and of course no port stops. This isn’t an April fools thread!
  8. So disgusting, what is wrong with people? You want to be with your dog? Stay on land, close to home or don’t get a dog in the first place!
  9. We actually like sitting one deck above the pool and never have a problem finding chairs. First couple times we cruised I wanted to be close to the pool, the music, the action but got over that quickly, let me stare at that ocean and chill for a week.
  10. Read and interesting and horrific article about resorts that are now charging guests extra to reserve a lounger closest to the pool and entertainment area and it got me thinking about how this could be the wave (get it?) of the future for cruise lines as well. Different colored towels....different colored chairs... I hope this never happens but you never know. I say they should do the opposite, find some kind of way to charge guests who put their towels down but don't show up for an hour or more. Facial recognition? Implant a chip under our skin? Please don't take this post too seriously, just sayin....
  11. Hi Andrew, so happy I found your thread , your reviews are so awesome and funny. My godson Greg Pateryn plays for Minnesota Wild, he’s a defenseman. Have a great time, it’s going to be a great week following along especially when I’m at work. Eight weeks until we sail on Allure, one of our stops will be St Maarten and since we’ve done the usual walking and shopping many times, thanks to you we plan on renting beach chairs by Holland House hotel, hopefully meet Shaniqua!
  12. Will be following as I am a vegetarian, I can handle a bit of gluten but not much. Found it was pretty easy finding many vegetarian options so that’s one of many reasons we love to cruise. By the way, you are missing another “polar vortex “ here in Michigan and as a U of M alumni, Go Blue!
  13. Not much of a breakfast eater but discovered muesli at Windjammer and that’s what I really look forward to every morning. I eat mostly a plant based diet but the Kummelweck sandwich is amazing, extra horseradish sauce please!
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