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  1. Hi, To get back to your original question........ I would think that it probably won't get warm enough for the pool until you are about halfway to Hawaii. Of course Mother Nature is in charge of the weather. 🙂 However, I notice you are from Ohio so your definition of warm enough will be different than mine since I live in Arizona. 🙂 I can't help you with sea conditions since I have only sailed to Hawaii out of Los Angeles. Out of 6 RT cruises to Hawaii we have had both very calm conditions and very rough conditions. If you end up booking the cruise I am sure you will really enjoy it. If you have a full day in Victoria BC that will be nice since there is lots to see.
  2. Just spent 15 days on the Royal Princess. Picked up the Medallion at the port, was on the ship just as quickly as anyone who already had their Medallion. Went up to our room....it unlocked the door but of course you still have to turn the handle to open the door. It doesn't "open" your door. Dropped off luggage, went down to Guest Services turned the Medallion off.....got a cruise card and went about my regular routine on the ship. Touched the cruise card to the screen outside my door.....it unlocked.....you still have to turn the handle to open the door. Used the Cruise Card in the casino......used it to get off and on the ship in port ....... just like the Medallion. Don't have any smart devices so, no apps.....no ordering of Medallions in advance......none of the frustration that I have read about with the apps.... Oh, and I didn't have to wear that thing around my neck, on my arm or clipped onto my clothes. Didn't really see what the benefits for using the Medallion, in my case.
  3. Well, they can try to make it mandatory but, that won’t work for us. We do not have cellphones or any kind of tablet. There is no way for us to download apps. We we will be showing up at the port with our paper boarding pass and check in the old fashioned way. There is no reason for us to invest in any of that technology. We use a desktop or laptop computer at home. When we are on the ship we don’t need any access to a computer.
  4. In April 1993, our very first cruise, my husband drove us up that ramp. He dropped me off with the luggage then went and parked the car. A shuttle brought him back up the ramp. Check in for the cruise was directly inside. It was a cruise on the NCL Southward. I will always remember that day.
  5. https://www.catalinaexpress.com/ The above link will answer all your questions about getting to Catalina from San Pedro. As you will see they leave in the morning and come back in the evening. It is around $150.00 for two people. If you decide to book a trip be sure to make the reservation for Avalon......NOT Two Harbors
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