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  1. Our cruise last year flying out to Jamaica and cruising back our proper safety drill was held at 8 the next morning the night before when ŵe arrived they just went over everything over the tannoy and Went through muster station locations etc and to report to them the following morning for a full drill.
  2. All I will say on that front is that the administrators are working very hard with CMV to find a way... Now this bit is just purely my Opinion; If they do find a way and I hope very much that they do I doubt they will be expanding as they were planing to next year and possibly taking a few steps back but at least if they do that it will give them chance to grow again. If it was my advice they were seeking it would be to cancel the contracts for Pacific Dawn and Aria (as for some reason the cost of these was included in their ‘debt’ possibly Carnival had demanded part early payment due to covid?), then to shut down the German Arm Transocean (Theres more competition for small ship cruising in Germany) also ridding themselves of Astor in the Process and Continuing with Just the Columbus and the Vasco (transferring this into full time CMV fleet rather than part time Transocean) and unfortunately ridding themselves of the charter of Marco and Magellan (sadly as these are my two favourites but the most uneconomical to operate) Astoria charter expires this October anyway so she would no longer be their problem. By doing this they would be drastically cutting capacity but would also be operating a more economical fleet. The other option I would investigate is cancelling the charters of everything except Marco and Astor and reverting back to there old marketing strategy of a ‘niche line’ and stop trying to become ‘mainstream’ but for this they would have raise fares considerably to make this an attractive offer to secure funding against as in doing this they would probably loose all but the most Loyal of the passenger base they have built up.
  3. I once asked the CMV MD Chris Coates about the rumours of the Marco being actively up for sale and for me he summed it up the best by replying ‘in this business ALL ships are up for sale at All times wether or not the owners have any intention of selling them is another matter’ and he went on to say these ship broker websites are really just there for the clicks as they really don’t shop online. Also seeing as the owners Global Maritime Group inc are still very much in business I personally don’t think they would be looking at selling up just yet especially as tonnage is not worth much at the moment, It also wouldn’t be in their best Interest as after all the administrators have neither filed for bankruptcy or folded the company, on the contrary they are currently working very hard to find a way to make a restart financially viable with the ongoing Covid situation. They’re giving it their best shot after all CMV was the only company with 87% occupancy already booked for the next year before people started transferring bookings due to Covid. Unfortunately the only reason they were not able to raise the needed loans was that by not owning anything themselves they only had bookings with deposits paid as collateral and lets face it nobody can rely on that at the moment not being sure when things may start getting back on track. The biggest hurdle they will have to overcome is persuading people to trust a company that many people now think no longer exists as most do not seem to realise this difference between being being placed into administration and liquidation.
  4. Yes have done thomson but alas no good for me now as they’re not doing any more ex uk and i cant fly also apart from the dream they’re all abit big for my tastes now (I considered the Columbus as too big) and unfortunately apart from transatlantics (again have to fly) they have never done anything in the 3 weeks plus duration and thats my preference. Still sit tight and wait for further announcements from Fred. All my favourites have gone...Swan Hellenic.... Voyages of discovery now CMV. Maybe its me 🤣
  5. I completely agree and as you could say CMV were Freds Biggest Competition (although now it looks like their matching Saga prices) it would make sense for them to take up the slack. Someone needs to fill the gap i’m relying on it ! And yes so sad to see Spirit and Celebration gone. What i loved about CMV was they never pretended to be something that they weren’t as the MD told me on the anniversary on Columbus last year we want to show people the world who couldn’t see it otherwise and in my opinion thats what they did should have had 67 nights with them this year and i couldn’t afford that anywhere else! Friendliest passengers as well in my experience (being somewhat younger than most) me and my partner have had some rude and snotty remarks on Fred and P&O in the past. Most often Freds Passengers think i’m crew so I tell them i’m the fitness instructor (im a 20 something slightly overweight guy with purple hair, a very obvious limp and a walking stick) 😆
  6. Funny i was having a conversation about this just the other day... IF and its a big If they were to move BW and BD onto cmv’s more successful itineraries I think they could be onto a winner having travelled both CMV and Fred for years the people who will book again are the ones who took CMVs longer more ‘exotic’ itineraries. IE. Their 42 day Amazon trip that CMV have done every year from the beggining or we were booked onto a 25 night canaries and cape verde trip this november these are trips nobody else does. However to attract them they would have to drop their prices abit on these ships not necessarily to CMV levels but not their current £150-250 per night average. This would also help them win back alot of their ‘defectors’ like us who switched as they felt Fred was becoming too expensive and CMV provided much better value for money... I think they could make a success of it after all if it wasnt for COVID CmV would still be going strong after all they were 87% fully booked for next year before COVID struck. And CMV people were loyal on this years Amazon trip 94% had travelled with CMV at least twice before and just over 60% of those had done the same Amazon trip previously. But as i say pricing would be a big factor but dropping fares can be successful Our Amazon trip was £2300 pp for 42 nights or £55 pn (booked 8 months in advance) and it was nearly fully booked compare this to BWs cancelled 32 night Caribbean trip this November when I looked at that in Feb it was £3600pp or £112 pppn also plenty of availability left for IMHO not much of a better product (dont shoot me!) and Freds newer prices are frankly eyewatering So maybe split the old girls off onto a budget arm of Fred? We can dream but there is certainly a big gap that needs filling now. Also Tilbury will be great full for the custom as they’ve just refurbed the terminal. sorry long winded and not very well worded post over! 🤐
  7. Cant see why they would TBH they have a good customer base this side of the Atlantic and with us loosing CMV they will probably be getting alot more if they price the new ships right. Also I’ve come across a few Americans on Fred and with the odd exception they have all said they found the experience to be a bit to staid and quiet for their tastes, not being judgemental just basing it on my experience of meeting people onboard. And Having travelled on HAL a couple of times (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Veendam) HAL is positively active and lively in comparison.
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