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  1. Holding out hope that p&o will be doing a full world circumnavigation in 2020 as no one else seems to be Cunard are doing australia and back on the qm2 and south america on the QV Fred are sending the Balmoral around south america And although not released yet i have it on good authority that CMV are doing south america too typical as 2020 is a big year for me and OH and for years we have said that we'll go on a world cruise then to celebrate and there simply isnt one at the moment so p&o are our last hope! Although thinking about it my hope of a p&o world cruise on the Oriana may be pushing it abit far lol ( go on give the old girl a fast run round the world like she was built for before you get rid of her p&o!):p I have to say I was amazed that Either Fred or Cunard were not offering a round the world as its been a mainstay for them for years! And why suddenly is everyone going round south america instead i mean sure one ship used to do it a year from the uk but all of them? ( Maybe the brits want to invade argentina en mass) ;)
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