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  1. Does anyone know if they have switched to the new sea day brunch yet on the Freedom? Going in a couple of weeks and wondering.
  2. Sailed both, Conquest twice. Hands down Conquest.
  3. I would check Facebook, there is probably a group for your cruise. Happy sailing!
  4. We loe staying on the Lido. So close to the pools and buffet. Never had any problem with noise at all.
  5. The $5 is a delivery fee if you use the Hub app to order and have delivered to where ever you are on the ship.
  6. Does anyone know who is playing the Piano Bar on the Freedom for December? I know our CD but I wondered if there is a list somewhere for other entertainers.
  7. Crazy of me to think people would stay on topic lol.
  8. Not new, been around for awhile. I don't post a lot though. How would you feel if your question got hijacked? I just asked a simple question and really just expected a fun conversation about what I had asked.
  9. Not real sure how my simple question got so off topic. Good grief people, I just asked a simple question on what cup everyone brings. Can we please stay on topic. Your opinions on how companies run there businesses can be posted elsewhere not on my question. Thank you.
  10. Who wants a lime flavored straw for a mocha get away?? Not me, Seems they could have come up with unflavored ones. I will be bringing silicone straws.
  11. I have only ever taken an insulated coffee cup before. But this time I want to take a bigger one for drinks on the lido. What does everyone take and has worked well? Extra points if you have pics 😉
  12. My only problem with the sugar straws are that they have said they are lime flavored. Not everyone likes lime flavoring and it does not go with every flavor.
  13. Does anyone know if I will need to sign for the cards? I have ordered 3 $100 cards. I read that you have to sign for the $500 ones so I wasn't sure.
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