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  1. I really miss the coconut smoothie lady that had about in the port area. We looked forward to that but she is gone too.😞
  2. The menu is the same. The only difference is that you can arrive anytime for select. They will seat you as tables become available.
  3. I guess it depends on the excursion. If you are doing a catamaran excursion to a snorkel site, everyone leaves their belongings on the catamaran. If you are doing a snorkel from shore, such as Klein Bonaire, it can be a little trickier. We try to take the minimum with us. We leave as much as possible back in the cabin. Usually the stuff remains on shore and the vendor may or may not keep an eye on it. There are some commercial things you can buy to lock your stuff up and secure to a table leg of tree. There are some on Amazon for about $25. Enjoy your snorkel.
  4. Just back from a cruise and a 3 hour snorkel trip with Dee. Dee and Woodwind are the best. I have done a fair amount of snorkeling and I could not be happier than the 2 trips I've made with Woodwind.
  5. Just back from Key West and took the Echo Catamran. We did dolphin watching and snorkel. We sailed with Russ as captain and Nicki as first mate. It was very disapointing. The dolphin watching was nice, even good. The day was windy and they took use to a "sponge nursery" to snorkel. The wind was strong and the current was strong in the opposite direction. This made it a very rough swim in nearly any direction. I am an experienced snorkeler. No one from the company got into the water with us. When I realized I was getting tired, I headed back toward the boat. After several minutes of swimming, I was not only not making progress, I was being pushed in the wrong direction. And I was getting more tired. My sister was helping me but she was getting tired as well. My brother in law ended up assisting both of us back the boat. Neither the "captain" or "first mate" had paid a bit of attention, let alone attempt to assist. I have snorkeled all over the Caribbean and this is the worst experience I have ever had. There were some very positive reviews for this group but there are some reviews very similar to our experience. It may depend on which crew you draw. Just my experience
  6. Wow! This is great news. We enjoy our cabin and this was a nice benefit!
  7. We are currently looking at Octopus Sailing. We haven't taken this tour yet but are getting ready to book it. Looks good. We are sailing in 3 weeks so I could let you know after that.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your hints and tips. I'm sure you steared us away from some serious pitfalls.
  9. My husband and I usually cruise with another couple. We are considering a cruise as one of 5 couples. Ten people sounds like it could be difficult. I am looking for hints to create a smooth experience. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. We were staying at Embassy Suites the same weekend they were getting ready to board. I think they called it a "bliss" cruise.
  11. Not to pile on, but I have tried leaving my hair dryer at home but the cabin hairdryer is not very powerful and difficult for me to use.
  12. Our group has sailed the Equinox many times. We sail in side by side balcony cabins. We have always asked to have the divider open and it is done before dinner on embarkation day. Hope this helps and you enjoy your cruise!
  13. To answer you question, you will need to walk into the water from the beach and get in a small boat to be noticed out to the catamaran which is in deeper water. I don't know how you get into the catamaran because we got stood up! We arrived at the beach location at 12:30 as instructed. There was no Dolphin and we were told that our reservation didn't go well. We were assured that they were substituting us into a comparable catamaran. Nothing could be further from the truth! We got on a catamaran that was about 1 trip away from the salvage yard! It was awful! They did end up refunding our money but it was a disappointment. On the up side, we saw the Dolphin at the snorkeling site and she is beautiful! Hope that helps!
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