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  1. I cruise Celebrity and have cruised Princess and Carnival. I love the Celebrity ships and have found their itineraries to be to my liking. Ducklite and kcgirl, how sad that you have so much time to just waste worrying about what others are wearing or where else they could wear their outfit. What you wear reflects you. What I wear reflects only me. To be sure, I take time with my appearance and dress. I am, however, much too busy having fun on my cruise with my family to spend so much energy worrying about what someone else has chosen to wear or where they bought it. How sad, ducklite, that you felt the need to use such terms as "lowest common denominator" and "feeding trough" to describe cruisers and dining. What I say reflects me. What you say reflects you.


    Happy Cruising!

  2. Turtle Cove is a wonderful adventure! I did it a couple of years ago but here's what I remember -

    You exit the boat into deep water, so both kids would have to be comfortable with that aspect.

    There is a lot of fire coral, which they say will cause your skin to burn if you touch it. It would be good to warn them ahead of time.


    Have a wonderful time! I enjoyed this excursion very much!

  3. I have purchased at both Cardow's and Little Switzerland. My husband bought me a beautiful new semi mount wedding ring at Little Switzerland this past February. Early appraisals look like it's US value is 2 - 1/2 times what we paid for it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy in either of these places.

    Enjoy your special birthday!

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