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  1. Just of the Reflection had a CC. We had no bottle of wine/champagne. I found the tote bag stuffed in the bottom of a drawer, could have been left from a previous cruiser as far as I know. No pillow menu. To top it off, we had the worst room steward we have every had. Late to do morning service. Late to do evening turn down. Even had to ask for towels one day. Did it ruin my cruise? of course not. I enjoyed the foot stool on the balcony. I would only book a CC if it was cheaper. I see absolutely no value in it as it exists today.

  2. Having read this post I will give you my view of my recent Eclipse sailing, one we have done for many years.

    There is not massively anything that glaringly detracts from the enjoyment of the cruise but if you have sailed over a number of years there are certain “that’s unusual”. I will give a few examples, fewer staff around the pool and pool bar, cuts of meat that would not have been near the MDR menu even four years ago. I enjoy a nice malt whiskey and upgraded to the premium package, however not all bars stock the premium whiskey. In the past not a problem the barman would have it next day or even go to another bar and get it. Not this time they are not allowed to stock them.

    I also noticed that when folkes were ordering cocktails the spirits used were low cost unbranded cheaper brands.

    Another area where X has been clever is that there used to be an assistant steward, (I think that the recommended tip per day was $2.50 not sure). The assistant is no longer, but his recommended tip remains in the total daily recommended amount charged, very creative.

    We have two cruises booked however we spent a week in an hotel in Sarasota and the experience has made us perhaps rethink our vacation plans. My brother is trying to persuade us to try Siversea or Seabourne and to be honest that may be the way to go.


    This describes my last cruise on Reflection. Some of the cut backs are less noticeable but they are there. The service in the dining room, IMO, is at an all time low. The lacks of an assistant waiter is bad. It has just added more waiting time in the DR. Less entertainment going on in the evening. Take a Compass, mark out all the "up charge" stuff they want you to do, like wine classes, and see what is left - not much.

  3. You might consider Embassy Suites on 17th street. It meets most of your needs. There is no airport shuttle, however taxis are plentiful and fare from FLL to Embassy suites is about $15.00. Embassy Suites has free wi fi, hot breakfast in the morning and a beautiful pool area. They also have a manger's reception that starts at 5 or 5:30 pm that has snacks and drinks for free.The Harbor Shops is an easy walk. There is a Publix, a liquor store and tons of good restaurants. On the morning of the cruise, they have vans going to the port for about $10/pp.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Sorry you didn't get a prompt answer. I'm not an Aruba expert but I can share some information. Right on the main street in Aruba are several restaurants. Both of them are elevated and open air. Very easy walk back to the ship from there. On of them is Iguana Joe's. The other I can't remember. They are across the main street from the port.


    You can also leave the port area, make a right and walk down toward the renaissance. There are a number of lovely restaurants down in that area. If you check Trip Advisor for Aruba and search for restaurants, it will bring up a map with the restaurants marked on the map.


    Hope that helps. Aruba is a wonderful island and I'm sure you will find something for dinner.

  5. Just off Celebrity Reflection and we did this shore excursion in Aruba. It is a one way catamaran to Pelican Pier with 2 snorkel stops along the way. The catamaran portion was nice. Snorkeling mediocre. Lunch was a chicken leg, some ribs, a quarter ear of corn, some macaroni salad and baked beans. It was served on paper plates with plastic silverware. It was not a stellar lunch. It wasn't the worst shore excursion I've done, but it was disappointing.

  6. A couple points of information about Klein Bonaire -


    Probably not a good place if you have never snorkeled. There is no snorkel equipment or instruction available on Klein Bonaire. It is a small uninhabited island that is surrounded by reef. It is unimproved so there are no bathrooms, snack shacks or other amenities.

    You walk up the beach and snorkel back with the current. There are specific areas marked to allow you to get in the water and over the reef. You should enter and exit only at these marked points. Because of this, you can't just stop and get out of the water. You have to go to the next marked spot to safely exit. For some people this makes it a more difficult snorkeling spot. It is very beautiful. Enjoy Bonaire!

  7. The M class cabins and suites need a major overhaul. If the Ocean View Cafe is like the Solstice class ships, that would be great. The regular cabins could use the cabinets above the bed for additional storage as well as the major overhaul, including the bathrooms.


    Good news. We are regular Celebrity cruisers and this August, rather then go on the Summit to Bermuda, will sail on Royal's Adventure of the Seas for a change of itinerary and a new experience. The Summit sky suites need work. We will be in a suite on the AOS- so I hope the accommodations are great!


    We did Adventure of the Seas last year and really enjoyed it. Our group loved the promenade rather than the atrium. Our next cruise is on Reflection - looking forward to going back aot Celebrity. I am sure you will enjoy AOS!

  8. I would like to add my 2 cents. We started cruising on Princess, then went to Celebrity with a Carnival cruise or 2 thrown in. We liked Celebrity but got drawn to RCI for an itinerary change. We have been on Freedom and Oasis and are trying Adventure later this month.


    I found the availability of food after 9:30pm to be pretty sad on RCI. Celebrity has a limited selection available in their buffet into the wee hours. They even have fresh pizza available along with salads, veggies, and of course, cookies and other desserts.


    After this cruise, we will go back to Celebrity, partly due to WJ and it's early closing. We like the idea of a bedtime snack and Sorrentos and Promenade Cafe just don't cut it.


    Royal Caribbean, I hope you are listening. This seems to be a pretty hot topic.


    Happy Cruising everyone

  9. Here are my thoughts. We are also a group in our early 60's. We like the beach and water sports with some history and island exploration thrown in. Just looking at the ports, I prefer the 2nd (RCI) itinerary. However the Celebrity on-board experience will be much more like Princess than the Royal Caribbean. Celebrity has a more sedate feeling. Less announcements. Royal Caribbean is a more "fun" experience. Lots more announcements, somewhat more activities like the belly flop contest or hairiest chest contest. A lot depends on what you enjoy. Whichever you choose I am sure you will enjoy!

  10. I have been to St. Thomas many times and I have not had that experience there. I have had that experience in some other ports - Grenada for one. I don't think you will feel any intimidation in either Havensight or Crown Bay. Walking through the Havensight port can be a little crowded but not intimidating. Enjoy your cruise!:)

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