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  1. On St. Thomas, there is a place called Coral World. You can google it as they have a pretty nice web site. You can do a sea lion swim there. There is a small entrance fee to the facility, which is a small marine encounter facility. Our group did the sea lion swim there. It was very enjoyable. The sea lions are rescues. They appear to be well taken care of. The staff was terrific!

  2. I travel with my husband, sister and BIL. We are 58 - 63 years old and travel without children. We have cruised RCI, Celebrity, CCL, and Princess.

    I think our favorite cruise line depends alot on what we're looking for. If you are looking for lots of activities, lots of noise, lots of announcements,and tons of things to do, RCI is a great line. If you travel for the ship, Celebrity is my favorite but I also love the Freedom class on RCI. I also think the length of the cruise can make a difference. We recently did a 7 day on Oasis of the Seas. It was filled to capacity plus, due to many 3rd and 4th passengers. Despite traveling in October, there were a ton of kids on board. If we do a 10 day, we see much fewer kids on all the lines. Food is subjective. If you love a leisurely quiet dining experience, Celebrity can be a better line for our group.


    It depends on what we are looking for.

  3. Our group of six has a cruise booked departing San Juan March 207. I was a little surprised at how much more expensive the airfare and hotel stay is in San Juan compared to Fort Lauderdale. It didn't keep us from booking the cruise - the ports are wonderful! Just thought I'd throw cost factor into your decision.

    Happy Cruising!

  4. We are much more comfortable with a flight around noon...however...this past May AA changed our 12:00pm flight to 10:30am...we self disembarked and were easily at our departure gate (including doing the mandatory agriculture check) just before 9:00am. Our TSA pre-check didn't help as they had just closed that designated line...but all worked well with this earlier than usual flight time for us..


    Enjoy AOS we did and just waiting for RCI to open the bookings for May 2018 to book another B2B.


    Thanks so much. I appreciate this info!

  5. Cruising on AOS March 2017. How early can we book a flight home and be assured of making it? This is our first cruise out of San Juan and the flight options are very limited. Looking at possibly booking a 10:50 am departure. Would that be totally insane?

  6. Well, we are 2 couples. For Ft. Lauderdale departures, we like Embassy Suites. We are looking at Embassy Suites in San Juan as well. Not quite as concerned about price as safety and convenience. Any thoughts about this hotel? It would just be one night for pre-cruise.



  7. Simmy, welcome to Cruise Critic!


    Here's how it works generally. If you want to take your own luggage off the ship, just keep it in your cabin. Your departure time will be provided to you the night before. Usually they will tell you what time you must be out of your cabin and when the self disembarkation people can begin leaving. The only rule is you must be able to handle your luggage independently. There is no one to assist you.



  8. Our group has cruised many times but we are considering a 10 day on Royal Caribbean which departs from San Juan. We are looking for any helpful info including:


    *Where does Royal depart from in San Juan? It seems there are 2 different ports


    *What hotels would you suggest near the port?


    *Are there any particulars about the area that we should be aware?


    Any and all info appreciated!

  9. I have been there once and loved it. It is quite a beautiful beach and superior to Labadee, imo. I have stayed on board for port days. The ship is somewhat quieter but there will be other passengers on board - how many depends on the port. Casino and shops closed. Many who stay on board use it as a "pool" day.

    Enjoy your cruise!

  10. We just finished the 10 day alternate cruise to yours on the Equinox. We had our overnight in St. martin. I also found it a bit disappointing. I thought I would really enjoy having 1 day where there was no pressure to get back to the ship. Given my choice in the future, I would also pass on an overnight and vote for another port.

  11. We are doing the 7 day Eastern in October on Oasis. I'm trying to figure out the formal nights. Some posts say the first formal dinner is day 2. That is Nassau. It seems that formal night is usually on a sea day. Is it actually on Nassau day? Thanks in advance!

  12. Ft. Lauderdale is a very easy town. The Airport and cruise port are quite close together. We usually stay at eh Embassy Suites on 17th Street. It is less than 10 minutes from the airport and less than 10 minutes to the cruise port. A cab is the way to go. Embassy Suites does have a shuttle to the port and I believe it is $10 per person. You'll find alot more suggestions for cheaper hotels on the Florida departures board. Enjoy!

  13. My vote would be Margaritaville. Our family of 6, (all adults) just did this and it was pretty nice. Folks were drinking but it was all very respectable. We had fun. We went first thing in the morning. Hubbie and I left at lunch time. The rest came back later. There is food service there as well - a little pricey but the food looked wonderful! It is so close to the ship you could go back to the ship for lunch and return to the port area. There are some terrific videos of the port area on youtube. Those helped us get a feel for the area. Whatever you do, enjoy!

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