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  1. Just off fos. 6 in our party. We had mtd and were encouraged to make reservations. Sometimes we did, some times we didn't. They want to encourage reservations at either around 6pm or 8 pm. We never saw the dining room full - ever. They won't let you make 7pm reservation time because it makes it hard to get 2 seatings from that table. My theory is that they want you to sit at the same table every might. If you want a guarantee no wait dining, make a reservation. If you are even a little flexible, don't reserve. Just my opinion.

  2. My wife and I will be embarking on our honeymoon aboard the Freedom for the Western Caribbean on Sept 27 and I had couple questions since I never have cruised before.

    1) When I booked on the phone with Costco they gave us an 8pm seating for dinner. Will we still be able to see shows if our dinner is 8pm? Is there a way to change the dining time?

    2) Booking through Costco gave us some extras how did we make sure we receive them.

    3) Any recommendations for shore excursions. My wife insists on seeing some Mayan ruins in Cozumel.


    Any other tips be appreciated were are early 30's no kids first cruise.




    I am booked on the same cruise and I know about your booking. You need to take your original paperwork from your booking to verify your perks.

  3. We are about to take our very first RCI cruise, previously cruising Princess, Celebrity and Carnival. Because we are RCI newbies, I have been doing alot of research. Here's what I can tell you:


    Specialty coffees are available In the Cafe Promenade. I'm sure there is a fee but I don't know what it is.


    There has been a ton of talk about formal night attire. It seems men are expected to wear a tux or suit. This has been relaxed to allow men with dress shirts and ties and no jacket. Having said that, I don't believe you would be denied service. Non of the men in my group would be comfortable in a polo shirt for formal night though.


    Smoking is permitted in the casino and outside in designated areas on the starboard side of the ship. Hopefully someone else will provide more information.


    I have never cruise Holland America, so I cant help you compare.


    Whatever you choose, have a wonderful trip!

  4. I am an active 61 year old and cruise with my husband, sister and brother in law. I am usually ready to retire for the evening about 11 pm, so I don't burn a lot of midnight oil. Having said that, I found the entertainment on the Equinox to be pretty good. Often there were more things going on between 7:30 pm and 11 pm than we could possibly attend. There is not doubt, there have been cutbacks on all lines, but our group is highly satisfied with our Celebrity experience. The Equinox is a beautiful ship! We will be back on her in March 2016. Enjoy your cruise!

  5. We will be on the Equinox, March 2016. We arrive at 2pm and depart at 5pm the following day. This brings all kinds of interesting thoughts about what will be open after the traditional "it's 4:30 and we all close because the cruise ship passengers are gone". We are thinking of taking some towels, sitting on the beach and watching the sunset.

    Although it is a ways out, i will be sure and post back to let others know how much was really going on after 4:30pm.

  6. But I dread the day that cell phones are widely used aboard ship. One of the nicest moments of any cruise is when we move away from the shore and most everyone puts their phone away. Then I remember how much I enjoyed not listening to other peoples cell phone conversations during dinner - usually when we have docked for disembarkation and everyone is back on their phone. So there is no question, I am an active cell phone user as are all members of my traveling party. But it's nice to have 10 days of "cell-phone silence. Just my opinion.

  7. Our group has done this tour through Celebrity in March 2015. We saw a ton of whales and also dolphins. The tour guides were quick to tell us that it was a bit unusual as we had probably at least 5 sightings. However, I have also done this tour, same time of year, and had only 1 very brief sighting. I would stay away from the "rib boat". It sits very low in the water. This would give you a great experience if you see whales. It doesn't have any protection from the sun, and the seats look pretty uncomfortable. Hope that helps!

  8. I can only speak for my group, but we always look for "primary" insurance. this means if I have to visit the infirmary, I can send my bill directly to my travel insurance company, rather than having to deal with my personal health insurance. My travel agent recommended primary coverage and that's what we always do. I am sure there are more things that others consider, but this works for us. Bon Voyage!

  9. I am one of those girls with horrible cruise hair. I was wearing it short and letting it do it's thing. I have recently grown it out and on my last cruise my hair set a new record for horrible.

    I was researching keratin treatments, Brazilian blowout and others, when I came across a product called "uncurly". It is a do-it-at-home product for getting rid of excess curl and frizz.

    Have any of you heard of it? Used it? Know anything about this one?

  10. Need everyone's advice. Cruising our of Ft. Lauderdale. We usually stay at Embassy Suites but there is nothing available for our March 2016 cruise. We tried the Holiday Inn Express on 17th street last cruise but it was just ok. Now considering Pier 66. What does everyone think? Would the Pier 66 or Hilton Marina be a better choice for 1 night pre cruise?

    Thanks everyone for your help!

  11. I have snorkeled at both locations.


    Coki Beach on the other hand, I was surprised at how good it actually was. There are a few things about it though, most people just snorkel out 20 or 30 feet where it's sandy and feed the fish where huge schools of sergeant majors congregate and miss all the good stuff. If you swim further out along both the right side of the bay and the left the coral gets much healthier and you see a lot more variety of fish. The right side is easier to access and has some good stuff, but you are limited as to how far out you can go because the Aquarium has set up buoys you aren't supposed to swim beyond. The left side of the bay from the beach all the way up to mouth is incredible, lots of big healthy Elkhorn Coral and even areas of some healthy Staghorn Coral which I find is rare to these days in the Caribbean. The left side can be a bit tricky though as waves and currents can push you up against large boulders and Eklhorn Coral Formations. I recommend that you be a good swimmer if decide to tackle it, it's worth it though. The Beach area at Coki is not near as nice as Trunk Bay and will most likely be very crowded.


    When you refer to the right and left side of the beach, I just wan to clarify - the right side of the beach is adjacent to Coral World - is that correct?

    Just want to clarify! Thanks!

  12. We did the Celebrity whale watching tour. It was wonderful! This is our 3rd time doing this tour. The first year we only saw 1 whale. The second year we saw no whales but a ton of dolphin. This year was the hit. We saw many whales, some traveling in couples. we saw sperm whales and melon headed whales. The boat is very nice and we couldn't have asked for more out of this excursion.

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