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  1. We just came back the Caribbean and a wonderful day on Barbados. We did a private transportation to Accra beach just for some sun and beach time. We were disappointed that we hadn't planned on going out with the turtles. The vendors are right on the beach and the going rate early in the morning was 25 dollars but dropped as the day went on. The seas were calm that day and it looked like a reasonable swim to where the boats were anchored.

  2. Select dining consists of dining in the main dining room at whatever time you choose. If a table is available, you will be seated immediately. If there are no tables available, you will be asked to wait, much like a regular restaurant.

  3. Just returned from S Caribbean. I would recommend that you consider Coki Beach in St. Thomas. There is excellent beach-entry snorkeling here. When I was just learning, I loved beach entry snorkeling. That way, you control how far out you go and the depth of the water. You can start out in water that you can stand up in. It can help you build your skills while keeping the risk low. This is a particularly good spot and there are a lot of interesting fish to see. Enjoy!

  4. My husband and I went to Coral World and we spent about 2 hours. You could certainly spend more time, especially with children. There are some wonderful hands-on exhibits in which the children can touch the animals. I have been to a number of large sea world type settings, but I still found Coral World very enjoyable.

  5. jiffy: The funny thing is that the turtle ecosystem (sand with turtle grass) is different from the colorful fish ecosystem (rocks or coral with lots of food for them). What about going to Coral World, where you will see turtles, colorful fishies AND seahorses, then snorkeling next door at Coki?


    This is my favorite things to do in St. Thomas. Coral World is a lovely facility with nice hands-on opportunities. They have a website where you can see pictures of the lovely marine life. It sits right on Coki Beach. This gives you the opportunity to experience both places if you want. The snorkeling at Coki Beach is very good, especially for beach entry. Sadly, I have paid a ton of money for snorkeling excursions and not seen half of what I saw for free at Coki. Enjoy!

  6. We traveled in the 4x4 around the island. We saw sugar cane fields and sugar cane processing plants. We traveled to the interior of the island and saw some lovely homes. We stopped at Bathsheba which I think is fabulous! The surf is rough and the area is strewn with boulders the size of houses. We walked through this area and took some amazing photos. Our driver was very good at pointing out the native wildlife along the way., I know there was more but that's all I can remember right now. We are taking this tour again on our March 6th cruise. I can give more info after that if you would like.


  7. We are 2 couples and we cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. We have stayed each year at Embassy Suites and it suits us well because we have a snorer in our group who usually stays on the sleeper sofa. Unfortunately, they are totally booked. We are looking for a replacement. We would like something in that same general area, within walking distance to the Harbor Shops. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  8. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner but I will try to post for what ever help it might be. There are 2 different whale watching excursions. One is described as being in a rib boat (ROA6.) A rib boat is an inflatable, uncovered boat and you sit quite low in it, close to the water. If you see any whales or dolphin, it is an up close experience. There isn't much support to the seating area. We found this out before we took our last excursion in Dominica and did the other Celebrity whale watching excursion. We saw the rib boat and we were glad we didn't do that one. It just looks hot and uncomfortable. The other excursion, (RO18). This is in a more traditional boat. It is good sized, double decked, and covered. We were able to move around, from sun to shade and back again. Enjoyable! We did not, however, see any whales. We did see some dolphin and the crew did their best to make sure everyone got to see and photograph them. I hope this helps anyone considering these 2 excursions.

  9. Hi! I am not a bingo expert but I'll try to help a bit. Bingo sessions are held many times throughout the cruise. I believe it is every day, usually multiple times. Each session is several games. When we play, we usually buy a $20 package. It gives you multiple cards for each game. The last game in each session is an escalating jackpot. If it doesn't get won in so many numbers, I believe 42, then it pays out like a regular game. Games pay something like $100 - 300 depending on how many winners. It's always fun. Hope your wife enjoys her bingo!

  10. Hi! We have been to this island many times and it is very beautiful. The joy of this island is in its scenery. It is a rain forest with many waterfalls, rivers and hot springs. You need to travel away from the port to take advantage of these things. The port area has shopping but not really stores. The shopping area is more of an open air market. You can buy some locally made jewelry, some shells, some wood carvings and such. Depending on your interests, I would suggest doing a tour here, perhaps to the hot springs or waterfalls. You won't find enough shopping at this port to really take up much time. Enjoy your day on Dominica!

  11. I bought simple inflatable buoyancy vests to use for off-shore snorkeling and this thing has paid for itself many times over. I do swim but would not consider myself a strong ocean swimmer. This allows me to relax more in the water and I would highly recommend purchasing one to take with you for shore snorkeling on your own. Your fiance will thank you!

  12. But I have been here and took a last minute excursion that we got right at the port. This is a town I don't have a great trust in. You have probably already done this, but perhaps Trip Advisor might be another place to research the dive shops you are considering. Regardless, allow plenty of time here for transportation. Some folks on our excursion probably missed their ship as they got stuck in traffic trying to get back to port.

  13. We hopped a tour right outside of the port area and I am sure we paid them in US dollars. I also have a vague memory of making a purchase while on this tour and I am pretty sure I just used regular US currency. Hope that helps!

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